Easy-to-get Scholarship Programs for International Students

Scholarships for International Students in Canada

Scholarship Programs for International Students – International students who wish to study through scholarship programs usually have a hard time as there are few scholarship programs that pay all expenses for students to study abroad.

There are a lot of scholarship programs that offer huge discounts in tuition fee but this is not of full benefit to people who need the scholarships. There are fully funded scholarships that include all expenses, including tuition waiver, living expenses and a possible stipend.

This article about scholarship programs will also list the easiest scholarships for international students, most of them being fully funded.

Scholarship Programs for International Students

  • Fullbright Scholarships
  • Humphrey Fellowship Scholarship Program
  • MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program
  • Harvard University Boustany Scholarship
  • Bell Fellowship Scholarship Program
  • IBM Fellowship Scholarship Program
  • Vanier Canada Scholarship Program
  • University of Alberta Scholarship Program
  • Trent University Scholarship Program
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships
  • Clarendon Scholarships, UK
  • Rotary Foundation Scholarship Grants

Fullbright Scholarships

This scholarship program is for students who are already students of any university in the United States but seek financial aid in going for a postgraduate degree. Excellent students who graduate from any university in America and wish to pursue a Master’s degree or doctorate degree on scholarship, the best option is the Fullbright scholarships.

The Fullbright scholarships are given to any student regardless of their nationality. This means that the four thousand beneficiaries are from different parts of the world. The scholarships are given out every year, covering all expenses including tuition, books, living expenses, and medical insurance.

Humphrey Fellowship Scholarship Program

The Humphrey scholarships are for international students who wish to undertake leadership lessons, sharing very valuable knowledge to the students. Annually, the Hubert Humphrey Scholarship sponsors about 200 students. These students go ahead to make groundbreaking achievement locally and internationally, helping to address pressing national issues.

The students are taught alongside other American students, helping students to create a valuable network due to varying nationality.

Visit Humphreyfellowship.org to know more about the scholarship program.

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program

The Mastercard Foundation Scholarship program focuses on African students. According to the organizers, there are lots of students whose talents require that they pursue greater things. However, most of these students do not have the financial strength to do so.

In order not to lose some of Africa’s potential leaders to incompetence caused by lack of funds, the Mastercard foundation scholarship offers scholarship awards for international students covering tuition, text book costs, accommodation, and a lot more.

There are also various institutions that applicants are allowed to choose from.

Visit mastercardfdn.org to know more about the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship for international students.

Harvard University Boustany Scholarship

In order to be eligible for the Boustany MBA scholarships, applicants must have excellent academic records. This scholarship is available for international students, but students from Lebanon have the upper hand.

Students must have their GMAT scores, a clear passport photo and CV. These are the requirements for the Boustany scholarship. To apply for this scholarship, applicants are required to send the above documents (GMAT scores, CV, passport) to this email address: [email protected].  

Visit boustany-foundation.org to know more about the Harvard University Boustany Scholarship.

Bell Fellowship Scholarship Program

Named after a late professor of International Health at Harvard, the Bell Fellowship program is open for international students as well as American students. This scholarship is for international students to pursue post graduate programs and has sponsored eighty postdoctoral students since its inception.

Applicants must be very interested in population studies and have strong leadership qualities. A strong academic record is also required to make sure that students are worthy of the scholarship award.

To know more about the Bell Fellowship scholarship program, visit here.

IBM Fellowship Scholarship Program

The IBM scholarship program is for postgraduate studies; for students who wish to pursue Master’s or doctorate degree. This scholarship is open for international students. However, students cannot apply for this scholarship directly.

All applicants have to be nominated by a member of the faculty who should have a PhD. At the time of nomination, applicants must have three years left in their program. This is so that the fellowship will cover the last two years of the program. Applicants that are from American embargoed countries are not eligible for the scholarship.

There will be no change of course of institutions during the duration of the scholarship award. The student email address given by the university must be used for application throughout the application process. Click here to know more about the IBM Fellowship Scholarship Program.

University of Alberta Scholarship Program

According to the University of Alberta, more than $34 million is spent on scholarship programs every year. The University of Alberta has scholarship program is divided into different categories. There are scholarships for international students as well as Canadian scholarships. In the University of Alberta, a huge 20% of the students receive scholarships every year.

The categories of scholarship are: Admission based scholarships, international student scholarships, regional scholarships, Golden scholarship, May Quon scholarships and many more.

The admission based scholarship is a type of UAlberta scholarship that you do not need to apply for. Students who apply for admission into the University of Alberta are automatically evaluated and the admission average determines eligibility. If you are qualified to receive this scholarship, you will be contacted by the University of Alberta.

Categories of Scholarships in the University of Alberta

International admission scholarship in the University of Alberta gives excellent students the opportunity to get a $5,000 CAD financial aid. The regional scholarship aid also gives students who have excellent admission average up to $5,000 CAD as financial aid.

The Gold standard scholarship the top gives students in all faculties up to $6,000 CAD.

If you do not know the category of scholarship you fit in, fill the single scholarship application form here and the University of Alberta will match you with the perfect scholarship.

 There are scholarships in the University of Alberta that are worth a lot more than the ones mentioned above. Some of them are the President’s International Scholarship that gives students with very high admission average (undergraduates) with student Visa permit up to $120,000 CAD, a scholarship aid that can continue for four years.

The May Quon scholarship is for students with high admission average who declare themselves in need of financial aid in the first year of their undergraduate program. Students who are from China could receive up to $100,000 CAD, a financial aid that can continue for three more years apart from the first year.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are some answered questions you may have about scholarship programs for international students.

Can international students get full scholarships?

Yes. It is rare for international students to get fully funded scholarships from the government of the foreign country they wish to study at. Fully funded scholarships are usually provided by the government of the beneficiary’s country of origin. However, there are institutions in certain countries that provide fully funded scholarship programs for international students. One of the fully funded scholarship programs for international students is the Rotary Peace Fellowship program.

How can international students get scholarships?

The best way for international students to get accepted into scholarship programs is by contacting the finance section of the institution they are attending. This way, they can be informed of the scholarship programs that are affiliated with the school. Most of these scholarships offer tuition discounts or tuition waivers only.

What is the easiest scholarship to get for international students?

The Fulbright Scholarship program is considered the easiest scholarship program to get for international students. This scholarship is offered to more than four thousand students every year, and everyone is allowed to apply. This means that the scholarship awards are given to various students from almost all countries of the world.

How do you get 100% scholarship?

In order to get a 100% scholarship, follow these steps:
Start by looking for scholarship programs funded by your country. The competition is usually lower and many students get fully funded scholarships.
Read hard if there are any exams
Apply carefully. Some candidates get screened out because of errors in the application.
Make your scholarship cover letter unique and excellent (Do not use templates)
Always be on the lookout for other opportunities.

What grades do you need to get a scholarship?

This factor is determined by the Scholarship providers and can range from 3.0 to 4.0 for most scholarship programs.

Which country has cheapest education for international students?

Here are some of the countries with the cheapest education for international students:


There are so many scholarship programs for international students especially those who want to pursue undergraduate courses. Some of these scholarship programs require that applicants be residents of certain places or reach certain academic height to qualify for scholarships. There are other scholarship programs that are not as tough on applicants. This post helps by listing the scholarship programs for international students.


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