Top 10 Best Edmonton Public Schools In Canada

Edmonton public schools in Canada

Edmonton public schools in Canada – Are you interested in going to Edmonton Public Schools? Then, you have come to the right place. This article is for you. In this article, you will be a chance to see the top 10 best Edmonton public schools in Canada.


Edmonton public schools are a great place to go. The well-organized structure of the school speaks about its effectiveness. Before listing the top 10 best Edmonton public schools in Canada, you need to know a few things about Edmonton Public Schools in Canada.

Edmonton Public Schools description

Located in the largest province and capital of Alberta, Edmonton Public Schools is recognized as one of the best in Canada. As a public school division, Edmonton Public Schools admits all students who meet age and residency requirements set out in provincial legislation. 105,000 students attend Edmonton Public Schools and there are over 9,700 full-time staff equivalents.

Alberta has been honored for its educational excellence, ranking number 2 in the world for both reading and science scores, and in the top 12 for math. Schools in the district offer a variety of unique programs such as varsity sports, special art programs, French immersion programs, and AP courses.


Reasons For The Establishment Of Edmonton Public Schools

Edmonton Public Schools’ vision is to transform today’s students into tomorrow’s. Student achievement is encouraged through high-quality learning opportunities, supported by actively engaged students, parents, staff, and the community. The core values ​​of responsibility, cooperation, equity, and integrity support the school in achieving its vision and mission.

History of Edmonton Public Schools

Edmonton School District No. 7 was established on February 3, 1885, under the Northwest Territories Department of Education and is the oldest school district in what is now Alberta.

Very quickly, new trustees established the foundation of the Edmonton Public Schools, and plans were made to build the Edmonton School. As the school system’s dream came true, financial problems began. How would the teacher be paid? Very quickly, student fees were waived in favor of free education.


In the short term, a subscription model was used, but most of the funding was paid for by the founders. After fierce debate and voting in 1885, the school system was given taxing authority, ensuring that the cost of a public school was borne by the community and therefore available to all children. This was the first time that a recognized form of local government imposed taxes on residents of the Edmonton community.

Reasons Why Edmonton Public Schools Are The Best

Edmonton is the largest and capital of Alberta Province. It is rich in artistic, sporting, and cultural opportunities. Students can take advantage of snowy weather with winter sports or explore the lively city center with various museums, sports stadiums, and festivals.

Students can choose from a variety of sports programs at each school. Sports Academies in Baseball, Dance, Elite Athletics, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, and Softball are also available.

In addition to academic arts options such as graphic arts and improv, students can choose from extracurricular activities such as drumming, performing arts, and concert choir.

Students at Edmonton Public Schools have access to facilities such as ice rinks, swimming pools, curling arenas, golf courses, and private fitness facilities. Additional facilities include computer labs, drama theaters, music labs, language labs, invention design studios, large gymnasiums, food labs, and art studios.

The schools’ top sports programs have also produced Olympic and professional athletes.

Top 10 Best Edmonton Public Schools In Canada

To make the choice easier for you, we have listed the top 10 best public schools in Edmonton

  1. Grandview Heights School
  2. Millwoods Christian School
  3. Earl Buxton School
  4. Windsor Park School
  5. Stratford School
  6. Mount Pleasant School
  7. Westbrook School
  8. Old Scona Academic High School
  9. Lillian Osborne High School
  10. Meyokumin School

Grandview Heights School

Grandview Heights High School is ranked 11th in Ohio. Grandview Heights High School is ranked number 427 in the National Rankings. The AP attendance rate at Grandview Heights High School is 78%. The total minority enrollment is 9%.


Millwoods Christian School

Millwoods Christian School’s programming provides a Christian education that helps students achieve their academic goals and spiritual growth. All Edmonton Public Schools programming is based on the curriculum defined by Alberta Education. Students enrolled at Millwoods Christian School will receive the same high-quality education offered in all of our programs.

Benefits Of Millwoods Christian School

  •       Increasing understanding of the Christian faith
  •      The development of spirituality through self-reflection and prayer
  •       Develop citizenship and leadership skills
  •      Opportunity to grow in an academically strong learning environment

Earl Buxton School

Located in the Riverbend area (in Rhatigan Ridge), Earl Buxton School primarily serves children in kindergarten through sixth grade from the neighborhoods of Rhatigan Ridge, Henderson Estates, and Falconer Heights. The school strives for excellence by providing students with the opportunity to be critical thinkers, team players, and lifelong learners who are culturally, and technologically aware, curious, and creative. The Earl Buxton School Board takes a very active role in supporting the school and parents are encouraged to volunteer. Students explore the program through high-quality learning opportunities that are engaging and challenging to develop lifelong learners who can embrace diversity and succeed.

The Earl Buxton School is committed to building a community of students who are responsible, productive, and engaged citizens within the global community. Earl Buxton’s staff focuses on the development of the whole child and takes a character education approach using the six character traits: Reliability, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Caring, and citizenship to create a safe and caring environment.

Windsor Park School

Windsor Park is a kindergarten through sixth-grade school with approximately 180 students. The school serves the Windsor Park community and is a school of choice for many students who live outside the community boundaries. The school has a strong partnership with the University of Alberta and is home to the University and Community Early Learning Center for children ages two-and-a-half to six years old.

All students receive music lessons from a qualified specialist. Instruction in French as a second language is provided to all students in grades four through six. The faculties value diversity and foster open communication and trust among stakeholders to ensure the success of all students on their learning journey. Programming is enhanced through a wide range of experiential learning opportunities, extensive access to new technologies to support knowledge creation and sharing, and a wide variety of extracurricular programs.

Stratford School

Stratford School encourages and supports all children to reach their full learning potential.  It is committed to providing opportunities for children to reach the highest levels of academic, creative, and life skills.

Mount Pleasant School

Mount Pleasant School is a Kindergarten – grade 6 learning community where students, educators, and parents work together to provide high-quality education through the Cogito Alternative program. The Mount Pleasant School District provides learning experiences that not only help students develop basic skills, competencies, and attitudes, but challenge them to succeed. Mount Pleasant provides these experiences in a safe environment through caring educators and staff in collaboration with the community, school board, and administration.

Westbrook School

Westbrook Elementary School nurtures a diverse community of lifelong learners who demonstrate trust, responsibility, respect, care, and a sense of belonging. All students in grades four through six receive a French as a second language (FSL) program and all students in kindergarten through grade six.

Old Scona Academic High School

Old Scona Academic School, often referred to as Old Scona or OSA, is a secondary school located in the Old Strathcona neighborhood of Edmonton, Alberta. Old Scona is one of the oldest high schools in Western Canada and a leading academic center for students who want more rigor and challenge in their studies. The school’s stated purpose is to provide academically minded students the opportunity to grow in an intellectually stimulating environment and is recognized as one of the top academic high schools in Canada. It is a small university secondary school with a population of about 340 to 360 students.


With a full population of approximately 360 students, the Old Scona Academic High School campus fosters a close-knit community where students get to know each other and are well supported by our staff. Old Scona Academic has something to offer any budding young mind who nurtures the quest for knowledge, understanding, and the opportunity to perform at their best in everything they do.

Lillian Osborne High School

Lillian Osborne High School is a high school in the Terwillegar community of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, serving the southwest of the city. The school is operated by the Edmonton Public School System and is named after Edmonton’s first female head teacher.

Meyokumin School

At Meyokumin School, all students have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills. Students have many opportunities to participate in leadership activities such as AMA Safety Patrols, Microwave Aides, Student Mentors, Beverage Container Recycling – Green Team, and Spirit Day announcements.


These are the best Edmonton public schools in Canada. I believe you have seen the right one for you in this article. Thank you for reading.

There are 212 public schools in Edmonton

Kindergarten isn’t mandatory in Alberta and most other provinces

89 school days per semester

There are no tuition fees charged for elementary, junior high and senior high schools for children of international students


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