Top 100 Best Elementary Schools In Australia

best elementary schools in Australia

Best Elementary Schools In Australia- The education system in Australia is one of the best in the world. The high standard of living, friendly environment and of course quality education are some of the reasons international students love to study in Australia.


Elementary education is very important, it forms and establishes the foundation for any form of learning that will ever take place in the life of an individual. If you desire a great and secured future for children, it is important that you let them attend the best elementary schools.

In this article, we have compiled the list of the best elementary schools in Australia. The best elementary schools in Australia are in 3 categories: Independent schools, Catholic schools and Government schools.

Best Elementary Schools In Australia

Independent Schools In Australia

Independent schools are also known as private schools. These schools are privately funded and run its affairs independently.  Independent schools could be owned by an individual, a religious body, an NGO or a foundation.  These schools have a board of governors who are selected independent of the government and they usually have a system of governance to manage their independent operation. However unlike most countries, the Australian government provide some funds to independent schools. These funds are called need-based funds and it makes up 40% of the total cost needed to run the school. The remaining 60% is gotten from school’s fees and tuition.


Parents have various reasons for fixing their child in an independent school instead of a government-owned schools. Some of the reasons could be; overpopulation in government-schools, inadequate facilities in government schools and some other reasons. Independent schools usually come with high cost of tuition unlike government schools. In Australia, independent and Catholic Schools make up about 34% of total schools present.

Below are the Independent Elementary Schools in Australia:

List of Independent Elementary Schools in Australia

  1. Sydney Grammar School
  2. St. Aloysius College
  3. John Colet School
  4. Presbyterian Ladies College
  5. Haileybury College
  6. Abbotsleigh
  7. Huntingtower School
  8. Camberwell Girls Grammar School
  9. St. Andrew Christian College
  10. Ballarat Clarendon College
  11. Al Hikma College
  12. Knox Grammar School
  13. Northcross Christian School
  14. Brisbane Grammar School
  15. Coogee Boys’ Preparatory
  16. Arkana College
  17. Scotch College
  18. Camberwall Grammar School
  19. Pymbe Ladies College
  20. The King’s College
  21. Waverley Christian College
  22. Meriden School
  23. Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary School
  24. Fintona Girls’ School
  25. Arden Anglican School
  26. International School of Western Australia
  27. Hale School
  28. Barker College
  29. St. Francis of Assisi Regional Catholic Primary School
  30. Korowa Anglican Girls School
  31. Christ Church Grammar School
  32. Ascham School
  33. Wenona School
  34. The Scots College
  35. Fitzroy Community School
  36. Trinity Grammar School Kew
  37. SCEGGS Darlinghurst
  38. Christ Church Grammar School
  39. St. Aidan’s Anglican Girls School
  40. Somerville House
  41. Loreto Kirribilli
  42. Lighthouse Christian College Cranbourne
  43. St. Catherine’s School
  44. Brighton Grammar School
  45. Oakhill Drive Public School
  46. Preston West Primary School
  47. Newington College
  48. St. George Christian School
  49. Reddam House
  50. Westbourne Grammar School
  51. SCECGS Redlands
  52. St Peter’s College
  53. Tangara School for girls
  54. St. Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls
  55. Mosman Church of England Preparatory School
  56. Anglican Church Grammar School
  57. Kambala
  58. Tintern Grammar School
  59. Roseville College
  60. Chrysalis Montessori School
  61. Firbank Grammar School
  62. Al Noori Muslim School
  63. Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School

Sydney Grammar School


The school is an independent boys-only school located in Sydney. The school operates in three campuses: Darlinghurst, Edgecliff and St Ives. The school runs an academic curriculum for children between kindergarten age to year 12.  The school offers a liberal and prevocational type of education which is evident in its academic structure. The academic departments in the school include Classics, Design and technology, Drama, Economics, English, Mathematics, Music, Science, Modern languages and Visual arts.

For more information about Sydney Grammar School, visit https: // www.

St. Aloysius College

This is also a boys-only school located in New South Wales Australia. It was established in 1879 and it adopts the Jesuit tradition in its academic curriculum. The Jesuit education places more emphasis on the acquisition of skills and techniques and also formation of personal formation in terms of attitude, character, attitudes, etc.

For more details on St. Aloysius College, visit https: // www. staloysius.

John Colet School

John Colet School is a coeducational independent school located in Sydney, Australia. The school offers an academic curriculum for children from kindergarten age to grade 6. The school in addition to its academic curriculum offers some extra-curricular programs such art program, philosophy classes, Sanskrit, Choral singing.

For more information about John Colet School, visit https: // www.


Presbyterian Ladies College

It is a girls-only school located in Burwood, Australia. The school which was established in 1875 is one of the first girls-only independent school in Australia. The academic curriculum is for children from kindergarten age up to grade 12. The school is one of the best elementary schools in Australia.

For more information on tuition, admission and others, visit https:  // www.

Haileybury College

Haileybury College offers holistic education to boys and girls that balances out academic achievement with character, resilence and leadership development. Pupils from this school take up best positions in universities in the UK and other parts of the world. Aside academic activities, the school also offers extra-curricular activities that helps build up the pupils.

For more details on admission, tuition and others, visit https: // www.

Catholic Elementary Schools In Australia

The Roman Catholic Church in Australia provides education services within the Australian education system. The church has established primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions in different parts of Australia. The management of the operations of the catholic schools depends on the Catholic parish, diocese or archdiocese.

Below are the Catholic elementary schools in Australia:

List of Catholic Elementary Schools In Australia

  1. McAuley Catholic Primary School
  2. St. Christopher’s School
  3. Holy Cross Catholic Primary School
  4. Holy Family Catholic Primary School
  5. St. Kevin’s College
  6. Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School
  7. Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Primary School
  8. St. Joan of Arch School
  9. Emmanuel School
  10. SHORE-Sydney Church of England Grammar School
  11. Perth Individual
  12. John XXIII College
  13. Loreto Mandeville Hall
  14. Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic School
  15. St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School
  16. St Francis Xavier’s Catholic Primary School
  17. Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Government Schools In Australia

60% of the Children in Australia attend government schools run and funded by the Australian government. It is very compulsory for children between age 4 and 17 to attend school in Australia. Education in Australia comprises early childhood education, primary or elementary education, Secondary or high school and tertiary education (universities). Government schools in Australia is open to Australian citizens and permanent citizens at no cost, i.e. tuition is free.

List of Government Elementary Schools In Australia

  1. Yarwun State School
  2. Serpell Primary School
  3. Matthew Pearce Public School
  4. Beverley Hills Primary School
  5. Artarmon Public School
  6. Beaumont Road Public School
  7. St Ives North Public School
  8. Oakleigh South Primary School
  9. Rowena Public School
  10. Hornsby North Public School
  11. Glendal Primary School
  12. Sydney Distance Education Primary School
  13. Murray Farm Public School
  14. Pymble Public School
  15. Oberthur Primary School
  16. Beecroft Public School
  17. Cammeray Public School
  18. Pinewood Primary School
  19. Carlinford West Public School
  20. Balwyn Primary School
  21. Epping West Public School
  22. Sunnybank Hills State School
  23. Woollahra Public School
  24. Epping Public School
  25. Canterbury Primary School
  26. Kentucky Public School
  27. Floreat Park Primary School
  28. Eastwood Public School
  29. Waitara Public School
  30. Annangrove public School
  31. Ashgrove State School
  32. North Rocks Public School
  33. Chatswood Public School
  34. Hurstville Public School
  35. Indooroopilly State School
  36. Roseville Public School
  37. Birralee Primary School
  38. Nedlands Primary School
  39. Rainworth State School
  40. Lindfield East Public School
  41. Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School
  42. St. Margaret’s Anglican Girls School
  43. School of Isolated and Distance Education
  44. Doncaster Gardens Primary School
  45. Gordon West Public School
  46. Bajool State School
  47. Warrawee Public School
  48. Mount view Primary School
  49. Ermington Public School
  50. Cherrybrook Public School
  51. Spensley Street Primary School
  52. Donburn Primary School
  53. Brandon Park Primary School
  54. Neutral Bay Public School
  55. Lindfield Public School
  56. Camberwell Primary School
  57. Linden Park Primary School
  58. Burwood East Primary School
  59. Kapinara Primary School
  60. Randwick Public School
  61. Mont Albert Primary School
  62. Balmain Public School
  63. Dunoon Public School
  64. Camelot Rise Primary School
  65. Wheelers Hill Primary School
  66. Charlestown South public school
  67. Laburnum Primary School

Last Word

Now that you have the list of best elementary schools in Australia, its time to make a choice. Start up a great future for your kids by enrolling them in one of the best elementary schools in Australia.


Frequently Asked Questions

Education is not free for international students in Australia. You will have to pay for tuition both in public and private schools.

Australia is a developed country with a lot of opportunities. Studying in Australia will open you up to great knowledge and profitable skills. Also Australia being a developed country will open you up to a lot of career opportunities.

A child is supposed to start out elementary school at age 6 and by age 16 or 17, He/ She is expected to graduate.


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