Top 285 Best Elementary Schools In Canada

Best Elementary Schools in Canada

Best Elementary Schools In Canada-As an immigrant in Canada, it can really be a tough time trying to search out an ideal elementary school in Canada for your child. Most especially if you are new in the country with lots of things to settle like accommodation, job and some other important things. This is why we have compiled the best elementary schools in Canada to make the search easy for you. The schools are in three categories depending on your preference; Boys-Only Schools, Girls-only Schools and Coeducational Schools.


So, Let’s begin:

Best Elementary Schools In Canada

Here, we will be looking at the best all-boys, all-girls and co-educational elementary schools in Canada and the reasons you should enroll your kids in these schools.

18 Boys-Only Elementary Schools In Canada

  1. Upper Canada College
  2. Royal St. George’s College
  3. Northmount School
  4. The Sterling Hall School
  5. North Point School
  6. St. Michael’s Choir School
  7. Sacred Heart School of Halifax
  8. St. Clement’s Early Learning School
  9. Linbrook School
  10. St. Michael’s College School
  11. Selwyn House School
  12. St Andrew’s College
  13. Upper Canada College Private Boarding school
  14. St. George Vancouver
  15. St. Peter’s ACHS College School
  16. Robert land Academy
  17. Crescent School
  18. Niagara College Toronto

 4 Reasons Your Son Should Attend Boys-Only Elementary Schools In Canada

  1. Boys are free to express themselves in a boys-only environment.
  2. Your son will get to learn in an environment well-suited for him, this is because boys learn at a different pace than girls.
  3. Curriculum is tailored to boys’ aptitude and learning IQ.
  4. The creativity in the boy-child is released and more enhanced in a boys-only setting.

19 Girls-Only Elementary Schools In Canada

  1. Havergal College
  2. Branksome Hall
  3. St. Clement’s School
  4. The Bishop Stratchan School
  5. Hawthorn School
  6. St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School
  7. St. Margaret’s School
  8. Elmwood School
  9. North Point School
  10. Trafalgar Castle School
  11. St. Anne’s School
  12. The Study
  13. The Linden School
  14. Academie Jeanne d’Arc
  15. Balmoral Hall School
  16. Miss Edgar’s & Miss Cramp’s School
  17. Holy Name of Mary College School
  18. Agate Private School
  19. Crofton House School

4 Reasons Your Daughter Should Attend Elementary Schools In Canada For Girls

  • The Girls-Only education environment allows girls to be able to truly express themselves.
  • Girls are able to develop strong communications skills.
  • Girls are able to develop strong leadership skills.
  • Your girl child get to learn better in a relaxed environment with peers of similar feelings and interest.

248 Coeducational Elementary Schools In Canada

  1. Trinity College School
  2. Lynn-Rose Schools
  3. The Country Day School
  4. The York School
  5. St. John’s Kilmarnock School
  6. Académie Ste-Cécile International School
  7. Sunnybrook School
  8. The Clover School
  9. Albert college
  10. Hudson College
  11. Prestige School- Toronto Campus
  12. Cambridge International Academy
  13. Fieldstone School
  14. Rosseau Lake College
  15. Delano Academy& Delano High
  16. Bond Academy
  17. St. Michaels University School
  18. Crawford Adventist Academy
  19. Clanmore Montessorri School
  20. Académie Marie-Claire
  21. Central Montessorri Schools
  22. College prep International
  23. HongDe Elementary School
  24. Startford Hall
  25. Hillfield Strathallan College
  26. Westside Montesorri School
  27. Oakwood Academy
  28. Villanova College
  29. New Haven Learning Centre
  30. Northstar Montessori Private School
  31. Junior Academy
  32. Académie St-Laurent Academy
  33. GlenOak Academy
  34. WillowWood School
  35. St.Jude’s Academy
  36. Banbury Crossroads School
  37. Trafalgar Ridge Montessori School
  38. Somerset Academy
  39. TMS
  40. La Citadelle International Academy of Arts and Science
  41. The Hill Academy
  42. Academy for Gifted Children-PACE
  43. The Maples Academy
  44. Southpointe Academy
  45. Rowntree Montessori Schools (RMS)
  46. TFS-Canada’s International School
  47. Kendellhurst Academy
  48. Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning
  49. Westmont Montessori School
  50. Glenlyon Norfolk School
  51. Rothesay Netherwood School
  52. Park Street Education
  53. Windsor Hall
  54. Académie de la Capitale
  55. Brookes Westshore
  56. OMS Montessori
  57. Enquiring Minds Montessori
  58. Peel Montessori School
  59. Prestige School-Richmond Hill Campus
  60. Niagara Christian Collegiate
  61. Blaisdale Montessori School
  62. Century Private School
  63. Kenneth Gordon Maple wood School
  64. Brighton School
  65. Richland Academy
  66. The Rosedale Day School
  67. White Rock Christian Academy
  68. River Valley School
  69. Vincent Massey Academy
  70. Esprit Academy
  71. Trillium School
  72. North Toronto Christian School
  73. Houghton Academy
  74. De La Salle College
  75. J.Addison School
  76. Nile Academy
  77. Aspengrove School
  78. Kaban Montessori School
  79. Avalon Children’s Montessori School
  80. Lycée International de Calgary
  81. Resurrection Christian Academy
  82. Central Baptist Academy
  83. Wesley Christian Academy
  84. Astolot Educational Centre
  85. Island Pacific School
  86. Magnificient Minds
  87. Bishop Hamilton Montessori School
  88. Academie Providence
  89. Claren Academy
  90. Ashwood Glen
  91. Peoples Christian Academy (PCA)
  92. Oak Bridge Academy
  93. Queen Margaret’s School
  94. Sathya Sai School of Toronto
  95. Children’s Garden Nursery School
  96. Calgary Changemaker School
  97. Lycée Claudel
  98. Académie Westboro Academy
  99. Kanata Montessori
  100. Oxford Learning Academy
  101. Walden International School
  102. La Villa Montessori School
  103. ACK-Autism Centre for Kids
  104. Pickering College
  105. Holy Trinity School
  106. Signet Christian School
  107. Star Academy
  108. Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate
  109. Ottawa Christian School
  110. The Mabin School
  111. Waldorf Academy
  112. Mississauga Christian Academy
  113. Glenmore Christian Academy
  114. Agora Prep
  115. Vianney Academy
  116. Richmond Hill Christian Academy
  117. Rotherglen School-Oakville
  118. Arrowsmith School
  119. Kempenfelt Bay School
  120. Mulgrave School
  121. TFS-Canada’s International School (West Campus)
  122. Wildwood Academy
  123. Rundle Academy & Rundle Studio
  124. Dewey Institute
  125. Bannockburn
  126. ABC Montessori
  127. Alcuin College
  128. Dearcroft Montessori School
  129. St. John’s-Ravenscourt School
  130. Pythagoras Academy
  131. Glarea Elevated Learning
  132. Kells Academy
  133. Collingwood School
  134. Blue Mountain Wild School
  135. Montessori Learning Centre of Pickering
  136. Royal Cachet Montessori
  137. Durham Elementary, Durham Academy and G.B.M.S
  138. The Learning Common
  139. Play Island Explorers
  140. The Priory School
  141. Sherwood Heights School
  142. Country Garden Montessori Academy
  143. Polaris School and Centre
  144. Bayview Glen
  145. Alexander von Humboldt German International School
  146. Progressive academy
  147. Cornerstone Montessori Prep School
  148. Maria Montessori School
  149. The Dalton School
  150. Blyth Academy Downsview Park
  151. Ridley College
  152. Kings Height Academy
  153. Fern Hill School-Burlington
  154. Ashbury College
  155. Howlett Academy
  156. The Giles School
  157. CGS (Children’s Garden School)
  158. Meadowridge School
  159. Little Owl Private School
  160. Wheatley School
  161. Agate Private School
  162. AIM Without Limits
  163. March Academy
  164. Aurora Montessori School
  165. Meadown Green Academy
  166. The YMCA Academy
  167. Fredericton Montessori Academy
  168. The Claremont School
  169. Sudbury Christian Academy
  170. Alive Montessori & Private School
  171. Sunrise Montessori School
  172. Trillium Waldorf School
  173. Edelweiss Private Academy
  174. Queen’s Collegiate
  175. Kingsley Primary School
  176. Summit Micro School
  177. Mindwerx4kids Day School
  178. Oak Learners
  179. Mentor College
  180. St. George’s School of Montreal
  181. Aurora Preparatory Academy
  182. Community Life Christian School
  183. Fern Hill School –Oakville
  184. Unionville Montessori Private Schools
  185. USCA Academy
  186. Brockton School
  187. King’s Edgehill School
  188. Montessori Jewish Day School
  189. College Bourget
  190. The Toronto Heschel School
  191. Guidepost Montessori
  192. Turnbull School
  193. MacLachlan College
  194. Sidney Ledson Institute
  195. King’s College School for Bright and Gifted Children
  196. Olivet School
  197. Peak Centre Academy
  198. Hatch House Montessori School
  199. Blyth Academy Orbit
  200. Montverde Academy
  201. Calgary Waldor School
  202. Crestwood School
  203. Unisus School
  204. Pear Tree School
  205. ArtsCalibre Academy
  206. Emmanuel Christian School
  207. Trinity Montessori School
  208. Sacred Heart School of Halifax
  209. Halton Waldorf School
  210. The Gow School
  211. Richmond Hill Montessori Private School
  212. Carrey International Education Inc.
  213. Carmel New Church School
  214. Newton’s Grove School
  215. Brampton Christian School
  216. Holy Family Achievement School of Académie Ste-Cécile
  217. Rundle College
  218. TEAM School
  219. Rotherglen School – Mississauga
  220. École Montessori
  221. Calgary Academy & Calgary Collegiate
  222. Seneca Hill Private School
  223. The Children’s House Montessori School
  224. Burlington Christian Academy
  225. Fern Hill School- Ottawa
  226. Foothills Academy
  227. Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School
  228. Guiding Light Academy
  229. Heritage Academy of Learning Excellence
  230. Quo Vadis Elementary School
  231. Kawartha Montessori School
  232. Toronto French Montessori
  233. Braemar House School
  234. Hitherfield School
  235. Kuper Academy
  236. Lower Canada College
  237. Glen Briar Academy
  238. Lycée Français de Toronto
  239. Kingsway College School
  240. Scholars’ Hall
  241. Oakville Christian School (OCS)
  242. Toronto Waldorf School
  243. Humberside Montessori
  244. German International School Toronto
  245. The Dunblaine School
  246. Revel Academy
  247. Fulford Academy
  248. Town Centre Private Schools.

4 Reasons Your Child Should Attend A Coeducational Elementary School In Canada

Below are some of the benefits of attending a coeducational elementary school in Canada:

  • The child can easily interact with the opposite sex without issues.
  • Coeducational school is a diverse environment which exemplifies the real world situation, students are thus prepared for the real world.
  • The coeducational system prepares the child for adult life.
  • The child develops more confidence in relating with others including the opposite sex.

Final Word

Now that you have learnt about the best elementary schools in Canada, it’s time to make a choice. Settle your kids in the best elementary schools in Canada on time and get your career started on a great note. I wish you an enjoyable stay in Canada!

Frequently Asked Questions

Elementary Schools under the Canadian Public School system is free. In fact, it is mandatory for children under the age of 18 to attend school in Canada.

Every child in Canada whether born of a citizen, permanent resident, refugee, asylum seeker and other immigrants have access to free education.


Once your child clocks age 5, you can register him/her in the kindergarten class.


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