Best Engineering Schools In Kenya

Best Engineering Schools In Kenya – There are several Engineering schools around the world, that offer a great deal in the field of Engineering. Mostly in the western and eastern parts of the world. These schools are nothing compared to what we might have here in Africa. Talk of the likes of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Nanyang Technology University, National University of Technology, Stanford University and many others.

These universities are rated to be the best when it comes to Engineering and also have their specializations in the field o Engineering. They could be difficult to gain admission into, however, they are also great engineering universities in Africa one could consider. 

We all know that the pace at which technology is rising is greatly a necessity, technology is been incorporated into our everyday life, which is why technology is solely part of our lives. 

Engineering and Life

Innovative technology today has been a great deal of our everyday life, food, health, transport, etc. These innovative ideas have impacted greatly since the inception of science and technology. Thanks to great engineers who worked to provide us with great facilities.

Engineering is a discipline that applies science and mathematics to solve problems. In other words, Engineering is a field that applies technical-scientific knowledge and the physical resources to design and produce materials, structures, machines, devices, systems and processes that meet the desired objective under specific criteria. This step by step process must be specific to meet a certain goal.

They are several areas of engineering, today we see several people call themselves engineers of specific fields. Just as we have Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Bioengineering, Aerospace, Marine engineering, Geological engineering, Computer engineering and many others. If we continue we might not stop discussing, all these fields are out there to make engineering simple and understandable.

Importance of Engineering

Since the inception of Science, it has come to man’s notice that we can barely do much without all these innovative technologies and there are more to live, that is why man today can travel to the space, innovative health technologies have been invented, Cars, aircraft, civil structures, Chemicals and other to make man life better.

Many countries around the world today have gone digital, as technology is taking over the world, China, Japan, US are far in the future where they barely can do without technology. Innovative ideas are created almost every day. That is why the need for engineers is on the rise. The fact is man can barely live without the engineering field.

Kenya and its Colleges

With over 60 million population recorded in 2020, Kenya remains one of the countries with conducive environmental factors to sustain hum living and development. Kenya is an East African State with one of the most resorts, having so many attractions in the county. It has been recorded that the country has been inhabited over 20 million years ago, this was as a result of the early human fossil found in 2018.

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya which adds to the urban cities of the country. Kenya holds a lot of National parks, which is its second-largest source of foreign exchange after agriculture. Nairobi national park is the largest game reserve which hosts several animals most popularly, the white Rhino. Many foreigners travel to Kenya for its beautiful landscape and game reserves.

Though Kenya is equally striving due to its poor distribution of wealth, its wealth record is on average. In 2017 Kenya’s education was ranked one of the strongest in Africa, while in 2018, World Bank ranked Kenya 1st among 43 African countries. With this Kenya is said to be a good destination to seek study in Africa. As its education system is fair around the world. In fact, in 2019, a teacher won a prestigious prize of $1 million for being the most outstanding teacher in the world, this has placed Kenya in the eyes of the world. 

Kenya has around 46 universities in the country, 22 of it which are public and 26 are privately owned. The University of Nairobi is the oldest in Kenya. So deciding to study in Kenya can be a tough task, however, they are some universities in Kenya ranked best in the world such as the University of Kenya ranked number one in Kenya while 501 in the world, others include Egerton University, Moi University. So with this, you can have a quality education.

Best Engineering Universities In Kenya

There are good schools in Kenya ranked best in the world, however, if you are choosing to study engineering in Kenya. Here are some interesting universities to consider; 

  • The University of Nairobi.

The University Of Nairobi is one of the oldest universities in Kenya and has been ranked number one in Kenya in 2018, it was ranked 501 in the world’s best universities. The school is cited as one of the urban life of the country which is the capital of the country. 

 The university offers interesting courses for individuals to study, courses as Medicine, Dentistry, Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering and Surveying and many other scientific studies. This University is an intensive research reputation, and also has been accredited in Medicine.

  • Egerton University

Egerton University is also one of the oldest in Kenya, founded in 1939 as a farm school by Maurice Egerton, the reason the school is accredited for agriculture. The university is located in Njoro and offers several courses in Agriculture, Art and Social Sciences, Sciences, Law, Health Science, Engineering and many others. Egerton.

The school is also notable for its intensive research work. When it was founded, Egerton University was created to prepare white Europeans for Agricultural study. When it comes to the study of Engineering Egerton is a great choice.

  • University of Kenyatta

Also situated with its main campus in Nairobi, Kenyatta remains one of the best universities in Kenya, established in 1985, formerly known as Kenyatta college. The college has one of the largest Libraries in Africa. The university offers loads of interesting courses in Agriculture and sciences, including Engineering.

Kenyatta University remains one of the finest public universities in Kenya. The school is best for some science courses like Actuarial Science, Computer Engineering, Architecture, Commerce and Pharmacy. These are some courses you can pursue in the school and never go wrong.

  • Moi University

Founded in 1984, Moi University has remained one of the country’s universities that emphasizes science. Moi University is one of the best public universities to study sciences, it has several schools of sciences, Engineering, Aerospace Science, Biological and physical sciences, Agriculture and Natural resources, the College of Health Science and others. The school offers courses in Arts, Commerce and Law.

Moi is located in the county of Uasin Gishu, it is the second University to establish a college of Medicine. Choosing Moi would be great to study engineering.

  • Technical University of Mombasa

The technical institute is one of the oldest in Kenya and was recently raised to the status of a University in 2007. The university majorly offers technical courses, such as Engineering, Medicine, Computing and Informatics, and Applied and Health Sciences. 

The school was first established in the 1940s when it functioned as a polytechnic. In 2007, MTI was raised to the status of a university and its ls name was changed from Mombasa Polytechnic University College to the Technical University of Mombasa in 2013.

It is great to take any technical course like Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Seamanship and Navigation, and Woodwork. So TUM is a great choice.

  • Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

Formerly known as the Western University of Science and Technology, is also one of Kenya’s oldest institutes of Science and Technology. The University has its main campus in Kakamega, and is two other campuses in Webuye and Bungoma. It was established in 1972 and was part of Moi University. In 2007, it was accredited as a University.

Although the school offer courses in Art and Education, but has a great reputation in technical fields such as Engineering and the Built Environment, Computing and Informatics, Natural Science, Medicines and others. Masinde Muliro University was named after Masinde Muliro who assisted in founding the institute, MMUST is also a great public institution.

There are other great institutes for technical study, others are Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Maseno University, The Multimedia University of Kenya, Dedan Kimathi University of Science and Technology, and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and others.


Kenya has a great history in science and technical studies, most of its early institutes were based on agriculture and medicines, reason most Schools have technicalities Incorporated. Many of its institutes offer Engineering courses. So studying Engineering can be a great one. However, when putting in for these institutes one has to do great research before deciding, so you can find it fitting and convenient to study.

Kenya is a great place to study with several tourist attractions, so studies can be fun in Kenya and great.

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