Best Entrepreneurship Scholarships For College Students

Best Entrepreneurship Scholarships For College Students-Entrepreneurship is the soul key to many independent individuals. It is very important that at some point people are being put through Entrepreneurship development. Today, there are many individuals with great ideas who have transformed them into business.

That is why many philanthropists try to support young and great minds, with business ideas or promising minds. In 2021, CEOWORLD Magazine recognizes The United States Of America as number 1 with the highest number of Entrepreneurs, followed by Germany.

However, there are other many countries with many CEOs. Preparing minds for entrepreneurship development is a great way to boost the development of an individual to be self-dependent financially also this is a great one for the development of the nation.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Many individuals started from small pieces to end up being great, see the likes of Bill Gates Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon, Jeff Bezos of Amazon and many others. Entrepreneurship as defined by Wikipedia, Is the creation and extraction of values. In other words, entrepreneurship is the process of creating ideas, leveraging them and ripping from the growth of these values. 

An Entrepreneur is one who creates the ideas, mostly bears the risk and also enjoys the positive outcome of the ideas. He creates a business or businesses, he is an innovator, a developer. These days we see several institutes teach entrepreneurship development, this is quite good as it prepares young minds and also helps them Spark that entrepreneurship mind that might have been suppressed.


Scholarships are very important as they aid individuals who cannot support their education. It is why philanthropists or organizations that are capable to provide students with monetary support show interest to support, as this would go a long way in personal and the development of the society.

Scholarships are forms of financial support awarded to students to further their education. There is monetary support made available to support students who show signs or meet the criteria to gain this award. Every year, many students all over the world receive scholarships to support their education. This award is given based on merit, academic achievement, athletic skills, individual diversity and others.

Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Just the way we have academic scholarships, available to support young students have a seamless journey in their education; especially for those who lack the finance to go through the journey. Entrepreneurship scholarships are also available, as they are made available to support young business minds to have a smooth journey.

Entrepreneurship scholarship can also provide individuals with the networking and support to get to their peak in the business. Imagine networking with Elon musk or getting entrepreneurship advice from him. One is probably on his way to a greater level.

Going through the hassle of business can be tiring, especially when you don’t have the funds to support yourself. It could lead to the breakdown of your business. Financial investment, time, energy, and all available resources are down the drain. This could cause a lifetime of trauma as you watch your dreams go down the strain.

It is however necessary to get support at some point, be it financially or in other ways.

Why is Entrepreneurship Scholarship necessary?

Today, America is the world’s most advanced, with several CEO springing, and almost every day, billionaires are being created. Every individual who dreams of one day owning a business necessarily needs to prepare their mindset towards the hassle.

So with entrepreneurship scholarship, individuals are prepared for the uncertainty of the future. Entrepreneurship scholarship could provide students with the necessary skills to prepare them after graduation, things are fast going technology, things we normally do the traditional way or manual are taken by AIs, advanced to do what we can. Humans are left with few or no jobs. So we need to start to think of business ideas to generate more income.

Also, the scholarship could provide individuals with the support to keep the business going, provide one with a creative mind and lastly provide individuals with the right network. You just don’t network with Entrepreneurs, you need the right network.

Where can I get an Entrepreneurship Scholarship?

Thanks to the internet, this information is made available, you don’t have to start travelling around to get information about a scholarship. All you need to do is search on the internet. In fact, people get adverts or notifications for available scholarships. 

Entrepreneurship Scholarships to apply for

There are several scholarships to apply for within and outside the country, these scholarships are made available by philanthropists, organizations and even the government of a nation.

What one needs is to understand the type of scholarships he or she is applying for, the criteria, and if one is fit or not. Here are some good entrepreneurship scholarships you can apply for within and outside Nigeria.

  • The Tony Elumenu Entrepreneurship Scholarship Program: Every year, the philanthropist provides over $5000 US, to young entrepreneurs with ideas. This is one of the far best entrepreneurship scholarships in Nigeria. 

As of 2021, the Tony Elumenu foundation provided over 100,000 young entrepreneurs with scholarships and entrepreneur mentorship which lasted for 12 weeks. This was to support and mentor young business minds in Nigeria.

The scholarship is available for young individuals who are 18 years and above, from all African countries also with business ideas that could exist for three years. Applicants are to get the form online, fill in the necessary information and wait for a response.

With this opportunity, applicants can build their business, through monetary aid and mentorship

  •  ALX Entrepreneurs Programme: ALX foundation has been providing mentorship and also monetary support to Africans, its target for 2030 is to provide 2 million opportunities for African talents across the countries. This program is shared in COHORT.

To apply for this program; applicants must be 18 years and above with a business idea that must be ready to kick start one month after the program, ready to commit 4-10 weeks for the program and also proficient in speaking English. 

Applicants can visit for more information. As part of the leadership group, their target is to create and support young entrepreneurs.

  • Shell LifeWire Nigeria Programme: Every year oil and gas biggest organization support Africans and Nigerians. Providing skills and monetary support to young talented individuals with business ideas.

With this programme, young entrepreneurs are provided with mentors to support their business, also provide grants to the successful starter, and link successful candidates to a third party like financial institutions and others. 

Applicants are to apply on their platform, must be 18 years and above, own a business or have a business idea, must have completed University and not in any paid job, however, this scholarship is concentrated on those from South-South, Nigeria.

It is actually a great opportunity for applicants from the south-south.

  • TotalEnergies 2021-2022 Startupper of the Year Challenge for African Entrepreneurs: Here is another oil and gas giant, which provides applicants with many opportunities. It is a yearly programme that supports successful African business owners with support to grow their business, financially, coaching and media availability support.

Applicants who are interested can visit their platform to get more information and also apply.

Applicants must be 18 years and above with a business idea, also an African.

  • African Fashion Foundation 2022 Roberta Anna Scholarship for Young African Fashion Talents:

For lovers of fashion, this is an opportunity to grow their business ideas and learn from the greatest fashion minds. In Africa today, fashion is becoming one of its most sort sectors, there are several fashion names in Africa.

This Scholarship is provided for applicants who are interested and ready to contribute to the fashion industry, also applicants would be learning from the finest minds in the Industry around the world.

Applicants must be 18 years and above and ready to study with the foundation. Though they are selected African countries that are open for this scholarship. Applicants can visit the African Fashion Foundation portal to get more information

  • The Yali RLC West Africa Emerging Leader Program 2022: Just like ALX which provides leadership skills and other entrepreneur development opportunities, YALI is a USA government initiative to provide and train young African leaders who will shape the future of African Business and entrepreneurship, civil society leadership, and public sector management.

The Scholarship is a Merit-based one which requires applicants to be 18 years and above, citizens of West African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, The Gambia, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Iberia, Sierra Leone. not a US citizen or Permanent residents, eligible to receive a visa to Ghana and proficient in reading, writing, listening and speaking English.

With the YALI scholarship, you are eligible to travel to Ghana for leadership training, to help build businesses or to start your own business. Applicants can visit the YALI official page.

There are other recognised entrepreneurship scholarships provided by organisations, such as Unilever, Mastercard, Providus Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, African Development Bank, and even the Unite nation. Applicants can check online for more.


Many entrepreneurship scholarships, provides successful applicants with skills to take their business to the next level, and even the network individual might need for the growth of their business. These scholarships could be in full or partial. however, many organizations or Philanthropists believe in the dream of a brighter and prospecting business, reason all these opportunities are made available for young minds to take advantage of.

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