20 Best Equestrian Colleges in USA

Best equestrian college in USA

Best Equestrian Colleges in USA- Are you interested in acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Equine studies in USA, but you really don’t know where to study because there are so many colleges around. Well, this article has carefully selected 13 best Equestrian Colleges in USA which you can chose from to pursue your career. You will also get to learn 10 best careers you can have when you study equine science.

What is Equine Science?

Equine Science is that aspect of animal science that involves the study of the reproduction, physiology, behavior and nutrition of horses.

Best Equestrian Colleges in USA

#1   William Woods University, Missouri

William Woods University is a private university founded in 1870 and located in Fulton, Missouri. The college offers undergraduate programs including equestrian studies program.

The university is one of the best equestrian colleges in USA and also the very 1st university in America to offer a 4-year degree in equestrian science. Equine administration and Equine general studies are offered in the college. The academic programs at the college also includes riding, teaching, trainings and business skills needed for student to have a successful career in equestrian science.

Students at this college have the opportunities to compete at different horse shows around the country.

#2   Emory and Henry College(Virginia)

Emory and Henry College is a private college established in 1836 in Emory, Virginia. It is the oldest higher institution in Southwest Virginia.

Emory and Henry Equine Center is dedicated for the equestrian course at the college. Students can bag Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies in this college.  The center is a 120-acre riding center with two indoor arenas and outdoor arena, 75 stalls and a 10 one-acre paddocks. This college is one of the best equestrian college in USA.

#3   Berry College- Gunby Equine Center

The college is a private liberal arts college established in 1902 by Martha Berry. The college was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The college offers equine science and management course. Academic activities takes place at the Gunby Equine Center, an 185-acre center. The Gunby Equine Center comprises 5 buildings, an outdoor area, 64 stalls, two round pens, 180 acres of pasture and several miles of mountain trails. There is also an ultramodern arena that can seat over 400 spectators and some adjoining classrooms.

#4   University of Kentucky in Lexington-

The university is a public research institution established in 1865 in Lexington, Kentucky.

Equine programs are offered both at undergraduate and graduate level at this institution including a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Science and Management.

The equine center is a 100-acre facility sited some miles away from the campus. The center is used basically for undergraduate programs and comprises an equine health research center, modern barns specifically designed for equine science and over 25 pastures and paddocks.

#5   Auburn University (Alabama)- Auburn University Equestrian center

Auburn University is a public research university established in 1856. It is the second largest university in Alabama. The program offers interactive equine teaching, research, extension, and performance activities.

The school of Agriculture at Auburn University offers majors and minors in equine science and pre-veterinary. The program includes sound equine teaching, research, extension, and performance activities.

Auburn University Equestrian center is an 80-acre facility located close to the campus. It comprises a 20-stall show barn, 16-stall barn, wash racks, tack rooms, crosstie areas, laboratories, pastures, isolation areas, offices and support building.

#6   Cazenovia College, New York- Equine Education Center

Cazenovia is a private college founded in 1824 in Cazenovia, New York. The college offers a degree in equine business management, for students interested in the business side of the equine industry.

The Equine Education Center is a 240-acre facility that serve as home to over 70 horses and a national intercollegiate equestrian team.

#7   Centenary University, New Jersey- Centenary University Equestrian Center

Centenary is a co-educational private college founded in 1867 in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Centenary is one of the best equestrian colleges in USA, it offers Bachelor of Science in Equine studies with majors in equine business management, riding instruction and training, equine science.

Centenary University Equestrian Center is the facility for academic activities. This equestrian center comprises three big arenas; a indoor arena, adjoining classrooms and 3 barns that contains 60 stalls and a natural hunt field.  There is also a veterinary pharmacy and some turnout paddocks.

#8   Penn State University, Pennsylvania- Penn State Equine Facilities

Penn State university is a public research university located in Pennsylvania The university which was established in 1855 is a major research university that thrives in teaching, research and public service.

The college of Agricultural sciences at the university offers an animal science program with a minor in equine studies.

The equine center which is located in the university park comprises an indoor arena , house barns, , several pastures and paddocks.

The center runs a breeding program that breeds about 60 Quarter horses. The center hosts the annual Penn State Equine Science Showcase and Registered Quarter Horse Sale. Most of the young horses are sold at this annual program.

#9   Colorado State University (Colorado)- B.W Pickett Equine Center

Colorado University was established in 1870 as a public research institution in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The institution runs a Bachelor of Science in Equine Science and also some related graduate programs in animal science. The program offers foundation courses in; equine reproduction, nutrition, genetics, and disease management.

The center which is located close to the campus comprises two indoor arenas, classrooms, conference rooms, barns, pastures and a laboratory for equine reproduction.   

The center runs competition in ranch horse versatility, polo, rodeo and English riding.

#10   Murray State University, Kentucky – Murray State University Equine Center

Murray State University (MSU) is a public-owned university  that was established in 1922 in Kentucky.

The University offers an animal science/equine program with options in equine management, equine science, or food animals.

Students get to learn the theory of equine nutrition, reproduction, exercise physiology, and teaching in the classroom and also get the practical knowledge through the facilities in the college.

Some of the facilities in the equine center comprises classrooms, an outdoor arena, several round pen, several barns, pasture, natural hunt field.  The college runs a breeding program where students get to broaden their knowledge in the horse world.

#11   Alfred University, New York- Bromeley Daggett Equestrian Center

Alfred university was established in 1836 as a private higher institution in New York.

The equestrian studies program at Alfred University offers minors in equine studies, equine-assisted psychotherapy.

Bromeley Daggett Equestrian Center is lovely 400-acre equine center  situated few minutes from the campus with modern facilities. Some of these facilities indoor area, outdoor arena, turn-out fields and stalls that can accommodate over 50 horses.

#12   University of Findlay (Ohio)- James L. Child Jr Equestrian Complex

 University of Findlay is a private university founded in 1882  in Ohio.

The institution offers English and Western Equestrian studies programs and also Equine Business Management degree.

James L. Child Jr Equestrian Complex comprises indoor arenas, an outdoor ring and a grass hunt.

There is a barn housing over 130 horses where students get to learn different aspects of riding, training and barn management from experts.

#13   Stephens College

It is a women’s only college sited in Missouri. The college which was established in 1833 is the second largest women educational establishment in the United States.

Stephens college is a women-only equestrian college located in Columbia, Missouri.  The school offers both major and minors in equestrian studies and equestrian science.

The college is a small-sized institution that offers intensive learning in a small class environment.

There are riding classes in saddle seat, western, dressage, hunter/jumper and driving disciplines. Students have the opportunity to compete at national, regional, and community horse shows.

10 Best Careers in Equine Science

#1   Breeding Manager:  Although it is an interesting position, it requires a lot of attention and seriousness. You will also need a lot of organization and leadership skills as a breeding manager. Some of the tasks involved include:

  • Management of daily activities in the facility
  • Overseeing the well-being of the horses, etc.

#2   Barn/Stable Owner: As the owner of the facility, you will need organization, delegation and communication skills. Some of your tasks will include:

  • Organizing staff meetings
  • Maintaining barn and stables
  • Overseeing proper care of horses
  • Updating employees on regulations

#3   Horse Trainer: A horse trainer employs a lot of techniques and strategies to tame a horse, familiarize them to human contacts and cause them to respond. You will need to take a lot of safety courses in handling the horses.

#4   Horse Show Manager:  A horse show manager oversees show details and communicate when participants are up for their turns in competitions. He/ She keeps the backsides of shows organized and also answer people’s questions.

#5   Horse Care Technician: Works with horses one-on-one on a daily basis. A horse care technician monitor and maintain the health of horses. The work involves you being able to work under pressure but there are lots of benefits you get from this career. You get to build your confidence and your reputation too with the motivation to help heal animals.

Other careers in equine studies include:

#6   Exercise Rider

#7   Riding Coach

#8   Transportation Specialist

#9   Rodeo Crew Member

#10   Course Designer

Final Words

Recreation and relaxation is one aspect of life that can never go into extinction. People are daily looking for new and interesting ways to relax and catch fun after working so hard.

Choosing Equine science as a career path is really a wise choice. So start up your career today by choosing a college from the 13 best Equestrian colleges in USA that have been discussed in this article.

All the Best!


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