Ewha Womans University Scholarships Now Ongoing

Ehwa Womans University Scholarship Now Ongoing
Ehwa Womans University Scholarship Now Ongoing

Ewha Womans University Scholarships-“Ewha Women’s University” is a private friendly learning environment that enables students to have a deeper insight into their own purpose in life through the study of ethics. Students are challenged to find out what ethics means for them and how they can become moral.

The school emphasizes self-reflection, reflecting on personal values, and finding meaning in one’s life, which allows students to cultivate more self-awareness and build confidence. This school also promotes creativity by supporting an innovative academic atmosphere that encourages students to follow their passion in life.

Ewha Womans University was founded by Mary F. Scranton, a Presbyterian missionary from the United States. The school was established on 24 February 1886 by an American missionary, Mary F. Scranton (1862–1921).

She established a small school for girls with the help of her church and people in Korea. The institution started with a student body of 26 students on campus and was named ‘Him Je College’ which means “her home.” In 1888, it became known as Ewha Haktang (meaning “Ewha Academy”) and in 1899 the name was changed to Ewha Haktang.

Ewha Womans University Campus

The only campus of Ewha Womans University is in Seoul, South Korea.

Women’s studies are one of the most important fields of Ewha Womans University. The first Chosun Women’s Studies Research Institute was established at Ewha Womans University in 1977. In 1981, this institute was reorganized into a separate school, the Graduate School of Chosun (Korean) Women’s Studies.

The Graduate School offers Master’s and Doctorate degrees along with seminars and workshops for those who are interested in the field. In 1988, courses were added to accommodate students who wished to perform research on women in pre-modern Korea.

International Students at Ewha Womans University

As an international student at the University, there are a few things you need to know so that you’re prepared and adjusted to the culture. If you are from a non-English speaking country, you will have to take a TOEFL or IELTS test for admission into this University.

However, if your native language is English and it’s not your first language, then you do not need any extra exams. The application process is just simpler. You can apply online through our website or by mail.

Application Process

After your application is accepted, you have to send a $20 deposit through Western Union. It’s very simple. You can go to any of the Western Union branches and ask for Ewha Womans University. It’s on Chungnim-dong 21-1 in Seoul. You will receive an MTCN number and a password that can be used online or through the mail. After that, send the deposit fee of $20 and make sure your full address is correct. Once again, it’s on Chungnim-dong 21-1 in Seoul.

Tuition fee for International Students 

Currently, there are no tuition or enrollment fees for international students at Ewha Womans University. They are required to pay the university admission fee and provide a certificate of financial support from their home country to be exempted from paying tuition. There are many other expenses associated with studying in Korea that international students should consider before deciding where to undertake an education program.

Scholarships in Ewha Womans University

Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Ewha Global Partnership Program

Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGP) is a global initiative to further the academic, social, and professional development of Asian women worldwide. In addition to giving scholarships and support for various occupations, EGP also offers participants opportunities for training in an academic field of their choice and after graduation, on-the-job internships, or employment experience.

The partnership program is broken up into four main areas: general studies which includes science education, humanities education as well as business; career guidance which includes three-year training programs that teach skills relevant to emerging careers; Korea Studies which offers an in-depth understanding of Korean culture; language support with lessons focused on speaking fluency in English among native speakers.

  • Ewha Language Center (ELC) Excellence in Korean Language Scholarship

This scholarship covers the $50,000 cost of a program in Korea, an internship during the program, and other related fees.

2018-2020 ELC started the scholarship program which covers all educational expenses and will prepare students for receiving scholarships from public or private universities that are interested in collaborating with ELC through educational partnerships. With this scholarship as a starting point, ELC will try to bring more cooperation between both private and public universities as well as expand its relationship with global educational institutions.

Ewha Language Center (ELC) has expanded its leadership position in international language implementation by drawing up the ‘International Design’ strategy. The goal is to apply Korean English language proficiency and education gap reduction theories to global English education.

  • International Students Scholarship (ISS)

This scholarship is available to international students who have an interest in pursuing a career in agriculture. To apply, you need to be enrolled at one of the major universities and complete an application along with supporting documents.

The education institution is the only factor that determines eligibility and does not necessarily require a degree or even study at that particular higher educational institution. To be eligible for this scholarship, you will also need to be employed full-time as a graduate or staff member of an agricultural enterprise as well as demonstrate financial need and commitment towards gaining meaningful work experience in agriculture.

An award of $1,000 (one thousand dollars) is given annually for two years to each recipient.

  • ISS M (Merit-based) scholarship

The opportunity is open to international students from developing countries who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in any of the following areas: biomedicine, computer science, engineering, life sciences, or mathematics.

If awarded a merit scholarship through the International Space Station Research and Development Program (ISSRDP), you will be granted full tuition remission plus a living stipend on campus. You will also have access to professional development opportunities that develop skills needed within NASA and other industry organizations.

  • Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP) scholarship

This program provides scholarships to Korean students who want to study abroad. It comprises the Ewha Global Partnership Scholarship and the Ewha Global Transfer Scholarship. These scholarships are aptly named as they help students who want to transfer from a non-Ewha university in Korea to study at an Ewha university in the UK or Germany, for example. This is not only beneficial for students but also for countries like South Korea where English language skills are at a premium.

The scholarship covers your tuition fees and living expenses during your time studying abroad so that you can focus on studying your chosen course without any additional worries!

Documents Needed to Apply for a Scholarship in Ewha Womans University

The following documents are needed to apply;

  • Two recent color copies of your high school graduation certificate
  • A color copy of your college diploma or transfer certificate
  • Your passport or ID card
  • Your faculty card for the current school semester (if any)
  • Photocopy of your parent’s identifying documents and a photocopy of their marriage certificate, if applicable.
  • A certified copy is needed for it to be considered a valid document.

Benefits of Studying at Ewha Womans University

There is a debate about what exactly Ewha womans University is putting in its student’s heads. One side believes that Ewha students are fighting against the global trend of rising tuition. They believe the university has affordable tuition, on-campus housing, and an impressive list of online courses.

On the other hand, some people argue that low tuition comes at a cost. Some alumni are not happy with their degrees, arguing that their studies have been too watered down to be anything lucrative by major cities’ standards.

Ewha students are also fighting against the traditional Korean school system. Ewha students believe that they are receiving a Western education and are being pushed out of the country. This is what some of the anti-Ewha campaign slogans say, for example: “You came to Seoul not just to study, but to make a difference.”

With its slogan “A World Without Womans”, Ewha’s current administration has made several attempts over the past decade to change its image from that of a women’s university into an internationally recognized educational institute. Between 2003 and 2006, a new campus building has been constructed within Ewha’s old campus, featuring an extensive library collection and well-equipped facilities for studying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recipients must meet the minimum GPA & credit requirement (Undergraduate) and the minimum GPA requirement (Graduate) to maintain the scholarship.

EGPP. (Ewha Global. Partnership Program) Applicants from developing countries applying through the special admissions process for international applicants, who demonstrate (female) leadership potential. Full tuition (including.


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