Top 20 Best Fashion Schools In China [2022 UPDATE]

Top 20 Best Fashion Schools In China


Best Fashion Schools In China–The fashion industry is a fun yet challenging industry, that is growing rapidly. Statistics have shown that the industry is the 4th biggest industry in the world. Therefore, before venturing into the industry, anyone interested should get trained and equipped in a reputable fashion school. 

Chinese culture is known for its interest in fashion. Currently, China is the second largest apparel market in the world. The country takes up the total market worth $1,773 billion. 

China is well-known for having excellent infrastructures in different fields, the education sector is not an exception. China has excellent fashion schools that tend to equip students with detailed knowledge and help improve their creativity using the best fashion technologies. So, if you are looking to pursue your fashion studies, this article contains the best fashion schools in China. Read on.


List Of Fashion Schools In China

Before we proceed to the best fashion schools in China, here is a list of schools offering fashion-related courses in China;

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  1. Hong Kong Polytechnic University 
  2. Zhejiang University 
  3. University of Hong Kong
  4. City University of Hong Kong
  5. Donghua University 
  6. Peking University 
  7. Inner Mongolia University 
  8. Education University of Hong Kong
  9. Chinese University of Hong Kong
  10. Tsinghua University 
  11. Sichuan University 
  12. Jiangnan University 
  13. Nanjing University 
  14. Nantong University 
  15. Tianjin University 
  16. Wuhan University 
  17. Soochow University 
  18. Beijing Normal University 
  19. Communication University of China
  20. Hong Kong Baptist University 
  21. Tianjin Polytechnic University 
  22. Communication University of China
  23. Chongqing University 
  24. Shanghai University of Engineering Science 
  25. Yanbian University 
  26. Beijing institute of fashion technology 
  27. Shannxi University of Science and Technology 
  28. Zheijiang sci-Tech University 

Best Fashion Schools in China 

If you are interested in pursing a career in the fashion industry. Here are the best fashion schools in China;

  1. Zhejiang University 
  2. Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
  3. Hong Kong Polytechnic University 
  4. Tsinghua University 
  5. Shannxi University of Science and Technology 
  6. Yanbian University

Zhejiang University 

Zhejiang University is a top-notch university to study fashion in China. The fashion university is ranked 2nd in China, 7th in Asia,  and 190th globally. The University equips fashion students with comprehensive design skills and a solid fashion foundation, this is to pave way for their success in the fashion industry. The school is widely known for producing excellent and highly-qualified fashion generalists and specialists. 


Zhejiang University alumni students are seen working in different areas of the fashion world, such as fashion designing, marketing, international trade, fashion products, and sales management, among others. Zhejiang University is one of the best fashion schools in China, they have a comprehensive curriculum, and offer one of the finest fashion education in the country. 


Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology 

Another top institute to learn about fashion in China is the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. Established in 1987, the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology offers 13 fashion-related courses and five majors for undergraduates. The school has become popular in the country as one of the top fashion education providers.


At the school, students are taught using hands-on training, thus challenged with unleashing their creativity and harnessing their design skills. Aside from that, the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology partnered with Italy, Korea, France, and Germany, students can go for internships in the aforementioned countries. Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology is a good option for anyone interested in having core knowledge of the fashion world. 


Hong Kong Polytechnic University 

Hong Kong Polytechnic University is one of the best fashion schools in China. For Fashion design, the school is ranked 43rd globally, and 1st in both China and entire Asia. The University has the latest Lab research facilities for research projects such as 3D pattern design, China anthropometric sizing, and garment students.


Hong Kong Polytechnic University has trained some of the top names in China’s fashion industry and even Asia. Due to the school’s multicultural environment, it also attracts international students interested in learning the core of fashion.

It is worth noting, that the Hong Kong Polytechnic University has contributed significantly to the advancement of the Fashion industry. This is through the support the school renders to the design and Fashion industries of the country.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University fashion students are taught the rudiments of fashion in a simplified, yet comprehensive method. Students are allowed to practice designing while receiving feedback from their tutors. This prepares them for working in the fashion industry. 


Due to the cooperation of the school with fashion brands in the country and some parts of Asia, students get job placements and also internship opportunities after graduation. 


Tsinghua University 

Tsinghua University is a top-rated fashion university in China. The school has two sections, fashion design, and Textile Design. Tsinghua University also offers research groups such as Fashion engineering, Fibre Art Design, Textile CAD, Fashion Design, Fashion CAD, and Interior Textile Design. 


At Tsinghua University, fashion students are taught fashion design from the core. Students can be taught using hands-on training and they can practice what they learned by enrolling in competition. 

As one of the best fashion schools in China, Tsinghua University is committed to producing well-skilled and excellent fashion designers in the country. The school equips the Students with the knowledge they need to begin a successful career in the fashion industry. 



Shannxi University of Science and Technology 

The Shannxi University of Science and Technology was established in 1958 and ever since the school has trained and graduated several excellent people working in the fashion industry. The University has recorded amazing growth over the years since it was established. 

The University offers various fashion degree programs in master’s, Undergraduate, and Ph.D. At the Shannxi University of Science and Technology, students get professional training and skills needed to pursue a successful career in the fashion industry. The school offers students internship opportunities and excellent students are opportune for job placement in top fashion brands in the country. 



Yanbian University 

Next up on our list of the best fashion schools in China is Yanbian University. Established in 1992, the popularity of Yanbian university has grown enviable in terms of quality education. The school is perfect for anyone seeking to venture into the fashion industry and be successful in their chosen field. Yanbian University is among the most sought-after Fashion universities in China. 

Yanbian University is a comprehensive school that provides excellent education and has top-notch faculties, and research resources, the university provides everything students need for seamless fashion studies.

The University uses a comprehensive and detailed curriculum designed to teach students the best fashion education. Yanbian University is an attraction for aspiring international and national fashion students. Yanbian University is a good option for aspiring fashion students who want to learn from industry experts. 



Donghua University 

Doughua University of fashion and design is among the earliest fashion schools in the country. The school has several departments including Fashion Art Design, Fashion Design and Engineering, Product design, and others.

The fashion industry specializations for undergraduates offered at the Doughua university include; Fashion clothing, Product Design, Fashion Design and Engineering, Fashion and Textile Design, and others. The school also offers a master’s and a Ph.D. degree in Fashion Design and Engineering. Aside from that, there are cross-doctoral degrees in Fashion Design and Innovation Projects. 


Doughua University is an excellent fashion school, students are taught using the latest fashion technologies and students get hands-on experience during practicals. Just like most good fashion schools, Donghua university offers students internship opportunities and job placement opportunities with brands in the country. 


Shanghai Art and Design Academy(SADA)

Shanghai Art and Design Academy, popularly referred to as SADA was established in 1960. The school is among the country’s top fashion universities. There are six colleges within the academy; Visual Design, Fashion and Technology, WPP, Environment Art, and Crystal Digital Art.


Fashion courses offered at the school include Fashion design, Digital Carving, Jewellery Making, Product design, and others. The fashion school has collaborated with fashion houses where students can go on internships and gain hands-on experiences. At Shanghai Art and Design Academy, students are given to opportunity to grow and harness their creativity skills. This might be a good option if you are looking to be taught fashion design by some of the best in China’s fashion industry. 


The Cost Of Enrolling At The Best Fashion Schools In China 

The cost of enrolling at any of the fashion schools mentioned in this article depends on the school and the course you intend to study. Each fashion course has its own designated tuition fees and depending on the institute, the fees vary.


In China’s public universities, the Annual fee ranges from  US$2,000 to $10,000. Whereas, in private universities, the tuition fees range up to the US $ 30,000, and the MBA degree ranges from about $40,000 annually. 

For more information about the tuition fees and other specific details, visit the official websites of the fashion universities attached to this article. 


China is home to some of the world’s most popular fashion brands and there are a lot of people aspiring to work in the fashion industry. To work in the fashion industry, the necessary education and skills are needed.  Above are the best fashion schools in China to select from, you can check out the websites. Best regards! 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What's the number one fashion school in the world?

The number one best fashion institute in the world is the Fashion Institute of Technology located in New York.

Is Fashion Designing a good career in China?

Yes, fashion design is a good and lucrative career in China. The country is home to the finest fashion brands in the world.

Can I begin my fashion design courses online?

Yes, you can begin your fashion design courses online. But you would need a formal school or setting to learn the skills needed to thrive in the fashion industry.

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