Top 30 Best Fashion Schools in Switzerland

Best Fashion schools in Switzerland — Switzerland is becoming as popular in fashion as it’s neighbors; France, Italy, and Germany. 

Although people in Switzerland tend to dress in simple and clean outfits with more often dark shades of colours, their design and outfit stands out. The fashion industry in Switzerland is packed with people that are passionate about fashion and looking for the slightest opportunity to strike a trend.

As there are tons of people showing interest in fashion, so many fashion schools are opening their doors and serving themselves as a beacon of light to a successful career. 

Just like in many countries, there are many schools in Switzerland dedicated to teaching a particular range of courses. And also, we have the fashion schools that are dedicated to grooming students who have passion for fashion.

So if you have just moved to Switzerland or you are a local, this article will open your eyes to some of the best fashion schools in Switzerland. But before we rush into that, you can check out our list of the many fashion schools in Switzerland.

List of Fashion Schools in Switzerland

Some of the schools on this list offer fashion design degrees whilst offering other degrees, making them a whole institution. On the other hand, there are also schools that are dedicated to only fashion designing and related arts.

Below is the list of some of the fashion schools in Switzerland:

  • Swiss Mode
  • Swiss Fashion Academy
  • Zurich Fashion School
  • Ecole Canvas
  • F+F School for Art and Media Design Zurich
  • Glion Institute of Higher Education
  • FHNW Academy of Art and Design
  • Franklin University Switzerland
  • St. George’s International School
  • University of Bern
  • USI Università della Svizzera italiana
  • University of Geneva
  • IUAD Accademia della Moda – Institute of universal art and design
  • IFDA Italian Fashion & Design Academy
  • Ferrari Fashion School
  • Milan Fashion Campus Fashion Institute
  • Marangoni Fashion Institute
  • Haute Future Fashion Academy
  • Beauty Fashion Academy Milano
  • Milano Fashion Institute

Best Fashion Schools in Switzerland

Okay, you have seen a bunch of fashion schools from the list above but confused about which you should go for? Chill. Now, we have fished out some of the best fashion schools in Switzerland and made a list for you. 

Below is the list of some of the best fashion schools in Switzerland:

  • Ecole Canvas
  • Zurich Fashion School
  • Ferrari Fashion School
  • Milan Fashion Campus Fashion Institute
  • University of Geneva
  • United International Business School
  • Swiss Mode
  • Swiss Fashion Academy
  • F+F School for Art and Media Design Zurich
  • University of Bern

1. Ecole Canvas

Ecole Canvas stands as one of the best-rated fashion schools in Switzerland. They help students explore various artistic courses and dive into the Fine Arts, Graphic Design, 3D design, and Fashion universe. At Ecole Canvas, they don’t only help students develop their artistic skills, they also teach them a new language and take them to visit European cities.

They run a program taught in English which combines Design studies. In a nutshell, Ecole Canvas blends your interest in Arts with an incredible experience while enhancing your CV with new competences. 

Some of the courses Ecole Canvas offers include:

  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Stylisme
  • Mode
  • Couture
  • Graphisme
  • Vidéo
  • Marketing
  • Patronage
  • Web
  • Illustration

Location: Av. de Sévelin 46, 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland.

Phone: +41 21 311 29 19


2. Zurich Fashion School

At Zurich Fashion School, students learn how to develop fashion collections and also learn how everyday working life works in a professional fashion studio. Their courses are mostly focused on trends. Plus, they combine a hybrid approach of technology with traditional crafts in their studies.

Zurich Fashion School uses a dynamic teaching method. Their range of course modules are inspired by the practices in  Parisian  fashion houses. The students are also open to learn haute couture techniques, like moulage (moulding). Their fashion design course is flexible and can be expanded from the basic program to add additional  modules.

Some of the courses offered at Zurich Fashion School include:

  • Personal styling
  • 3D Embroidery
  • Introduction to moulage
  • Trends and technologies
  • Silhouette experimentation
  • Textile experimentation

Location: Höschgasse 28, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland.

Phone: +41 76 509 87 89


3. Ferrari Fashion School

The teaching methods at Ferrari Fashion School are based on six main pillars: comparison, culture, sharing, interdisciplinarity, collaboration, and internationalization. During training, students are offered the opportunity to work on interdisciplinary projects, collaborate with companies, teachers, professionals and students from all over the world.

Ferrari Fashion School offers a range of courses and different disciplines related to fashion designing, in order to offer students the opportunity to test themselves on the field with the right theory and a lot of practice.

Some of the fashion courses Ferrari Fashion School offers include:

  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Stylist & Digital Communication 
  • Accessories Design
  • Womenswear design – Portfolio
  • Menswear Design – Portfolio

Location: Via Savona, 97, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

Phone: +39 02 4537 5390


4. Milan Fashion Campus Fashion Institute

The Milan Fashion Campus Fashion Institute was founded to give students strong practical skills and knowledge of fashion to prepare them for a successful career. They are aimed at exposing students from all over the world to fashion from a Milanese professional perspective. 

Milan Fashion Campus Fashion Institute strives to provide a real world experience and offer short-term courses that are highly personalized based on each student’s goals, with a teacher who will continuously monitor their progress.

Milan Fashion Campus Fashion Institute offers a range of courses which includes:

  • Foundation courses
  • Fashion portfolio
  • Women fashion styling
  • Men fashion styling
  • Media editorial fashion styling

Location: Via Giuseppe Broggi, 7, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

Phone: +39 02 2682 2730


5. University of Geneva

The fashion school, Geneva School of Art and Design, at the University of Geneva is one of the best rated universities in Switzerland offering a range of professional courses. The university offers a degree in fashion design. Their teaching approach blends both science and technology into fashion.

Geneva School of Art and Design offers students an educational network of practical transversal training. And are also focused on influencing contemporary culture and sociological change on fashion aesthetics. They also have international partnerships with leading fashion universities and famous designers.

Location: 1205 Geneva, Switzerland

Phone: +41 22 379 71 11


6. United International Business Schools

United International Business School offers business-centric studies in fashion. The school offers undergraduate degrees in fashion management and their range of courses blends business with fashion designing.

They have an outstanding nurturing environment that feels comfortable for students. Their curriculum can be very challenging but they offer counselors and instructors to help students through the journey of being successful in their career.  

Location: Spaces Business Center, Quai de l’Ile 13, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland.

Phone: +41 21 560 56 26

Website: www

7. Swiss Mode

Swiss Mode has certified teachers who share their expertise, experience and passion to help students acquire top-level skills and hone their own creativity and style. The fashion school has an extensive connection in the Fashion Industry worldwide. This makes it possible for students to get privileged access to many distinguished designers and fashion houses. 

They are a multilingual school which speaks a variety of languages including English, French and Italian. Also, their courses and curriculum are delivered both in English and French.

Location: Av. de Belmont 32, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland

Phone: +41 79 705 80 00


8. Swiss Fashion Academy

Swiss Fashion Academy offers specialist courses in the areas of fashion design, sewing and tailoring, and personal styling. This fashion school makes it possible to complete a fashion design course fast and without hiccups.

They are a multilingual school and offer fashion designer training and all other courses in German, English, Portuguese and Spanish. And they intend to keep their classes Small and put students in small groups to guarantee intensive and personal support.

Location: Dübendorfstrasse 2, 8051 Zürich, Switzerland.

Phone: +41 44 340 10 71


9. F+F School for Art and Media Design Zurich

F+F School for Art and Media Design is a meeting point for creative people who are passionate about learning and teaching fashion. There are tons of accessible workshops, canteen, public events and exhibitions. They offer a range of courses, vocational training, degree programs and preliminary design courses.

Courses at F+F School for Art and Media Design are tried and tested for students who will be subsequently completing a design apprenticeship, a specialist class or a total course of study. 

Location: Flurstrasse 89, 8047 Zürich, Switzerland

Phone: +41 44 444 18 88


10. University of Bern

The University of the Arts Bern offers fashion degrees to those who are passionate about studying fashion. They are one of the most reputable universities in the country and have a respectable degree.

The University of the Arts Bern is accredited and partners with some of the notable organizations in the country. Their curriculum can be rigorous but they still offer some fun-filled courses to help students show their creative skills.

Location: Fellerstrasse 11, 3027 Bern, Switzerland




Switzerland has a range of fashion schools that blend technology and culture into creating some of the most outstanding pieces of art. With the many fashion schools in the country, students are emerging with modern knowledge and skill set to introduce into the ever-changing Industry. 

If you are passionate about fashion and don’t know which fashion school to attend in Switzerland, it is ideal to check out their courses and also give them a phone call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Switzerland a good place to study fashion?

Switzerland is a good place to study fashion as they bring a whole new combination of dark shades into fashion.

Where can I study fashion design in Switzerland?

Ecole Canvas, Zurich Fashion School, Ferrari Fashion School, and Milan Fashion Campus Fashion Institute are some of the schools where you can study fashion design in Switzerland.

How many years does it take to become a fashion designer?

Fashion designer’s associate degree takes two years, and a bachelor’s usually takes four years to complete. Earning a master’s degree in the field will take two more years of your time.


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