Top 15 Best Fashion Schools In UK

Best Fashion Schools In UK

Best Fashion Schools In UK– It is not uncommon that you want to pursue your fashion degree in the United Kingdom. The UK is home to some of the best and finest fashion schools in the world. The UK fashion schools are aimed at equipping aspiring fashion designers with the skills need to work in the fashion industry. Most fashion schools in the United Kingdom use detailed and comprehensive curricula that develop students’ creativity and turn them into the finest specialists or generalists in the fashion industry.

In this article, you will find the best fashion schools in UK. So, stick around if you are interested in pursuing your fashion education in the best fashion schools in the country.

List of Fashion Schools In UK

As I have mentioned, the UK is home to the best fashion schools in the world. The country has numerous fashion schools and some of them are mentioned below;

  1. Kingston University 
  2. London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London 
  3. University of Westminster 
  4. University of the Creative Arts
  5. Central Saint Martins, University of Arts, London 
  6. De Montfort University 
  7. the University of Salford.
  8. University of Wales Trinity Saint David
  9. Bucks New University 
  10. Nottingham Trent University 
  11. The University of Edinburgh 
  12. Staffordshire University 
  13. Loughborough University 
  14. The University of Central Lancashire 
  15. Duncan of Jordanstone College of Arts and Design
  16. Manchester Metropolitan University 
  17. Robert Gordon University 
  18. Cambridge school of visual art performance 
  19. WInchester School of Art
  20. Leeds College of Art
  21. Robert Gordon University 
  22. University of Wolverhampton 
  23. Coventry University 
  24. University of Glasgow 
  25. Birmingham City University 
  26. University of Chester
  27. Sheffield Hallam University 
  28. Liverpool John Moore’s University 
  29. University of Brighton 
  30. Angela Ruskin University 

Best Fashion Schools in UK 

Here is a list of the best fashion schools in UK, these schools are well-known for producing excellent specialists/generalists in the United Kingdom. There are also recognized globally and use the best teaching aids/resources. Read on.

  1. London College of Fashion
  2. the University of Salford
  3. University of the Arts London
  4. Kingston University 
  5. De Montfort University 
  6. University of Westminster 

London College of Fashion

The London College of Fashion is not only well-known in the UK but also recognized globally. The school is part of the University of Arts, London. The institute is a leading fashion education provider that offers fashion studies at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The school also offers students short fashion-related courses, integrated master’s programs, and study-abroad courses. 

The college has a reputation for nurturing excellent professionals in the fashion industry. Aside from that, the school has research facilities and partners with industry experts to give students the best fashion education possible. 

  Some of the fashion degrees attainable at the London College of Fashion include:

  1. Fashion management 
  2. Fashion design and development 
  3. Fashion contour
  4. Womenswear
  5. Pattern cutting 
  6. Fashion Journalism and Content Creation 
  7. 3D Effects for Performance and Fashion 
  8. Creative Direction For Fashion 
  9. Costume for Performance
  10. Fashion Marketing 
  11. Psychology of Fashion 
  12. Fashion styling
  13. Fashion photography 
  14. Bespoke Tailorinz
  15. Pattern Cutting 
  16. Fashion PR
  17. Fashion Design Technology 
  18. Fashion Imaging and Illustration 
  19. Creative Direction For Fashion 
  20. Critical Practice in Fashion Media
  21. Fashion Design Technology 
  22. Fashion Buying and Merchandising
  23. Fashion bags and accessories 
  24. Womenswear 
  25. Menswear 

London College of Fashion is a highly regarded fashion school.  Anyone interested in learning the skills and education needed to start a successful career in Fashion and be tutored by industry experts should consider the London College of Fashion.


The University of Salford

Another notable fashion school in the United Kingdom that gives students the chance to create, improve, and develop their design skills is the University of Salford. The fashion institute is popular for its practical fashion-related courses and its reputation in the UK fashion industry. 

During the first year at the University of Salford, students are allowed to work on studio-based projects. This allows them to get hands-on experience and knowledge on different ranges of fashion technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and metal work. These projects help students have the necessary skills and understanding of how a variety of design brands work upon graduation.

Aside from that, students are given 6-month work placement opportunities with popular fashion brands such as Alexander McQueen, Vera Wang, and others. To gain more insights on fabric sourcing from industry suppliers, students are also allowed to travel to China. 

The University of Salford ensures that students become creative, resourceful, and skilled. They become job-ready upon graduation with necessary and developed skills. International or interested students are also offered accommodation during the duration of the course.

Some of the fashion courses offered at the University of Salford include;

  1. Fashion design
  2. Fashion business
  3. Fashion promotion
  4. Fashion styling, among others 

The University of Salford is another fashion school on our list of the best fashion schools in UK to consider if you want to pursue a career in the fashion industry. 


University of the Arts London 

 University of the Arts London is one of the best fashion schools in UK. The school is renowned for producing excellent creatives working in high-ranking places in the industry. The university contains six colleges and the largest art specialty in Europe. 

The University alumni include famous people in the arts industry such as; Jon Galliano, Jimmy Choo, and others. Aside from that, the University of the Arts London has a welcoming environment for international students, with students from over 100 countries. 

Students are taught using hands-on experience and are given internship opportunities. When they graduate, there are also job-placement opportunities. University of the Arts London offers different fashion-related courses, such as;

  1. Fashion Designing
  2. Fashion Journalism 
  3. Fashion Communication 
  4. Fashion photography 
  5. Textiles and retail management, and others.

University of the Arts London is a good option for aspiring fashion designers interested in gaining the skills and knowledge needed to begin a career in fashion design in a multi-cultural environment.


Kingston University 

Kingston University is a popular fashion school in UK, located in London. The school has an excellent teaching curriculum with considerable tuition. Students are taught extensively the necessary skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the fashion industry. In the 2015 fashion pilot, Kingston University was awarded the Creative Skillset Tick.

The school offers fashion-related courses in different aspects such as design and design development, research, garment cutting, fabric selection, and garment construction. Students are taught using hands-on training, this helps them get equipped with the necessary skills. 

Kingston University offers students internship opportunities in fashion houses in places like Paris, New York, Berlin, and Milan. If you want to pursue a career in the fashion industry, Kingston University is a good option. 


De Montfort University 

Another renowned fashion school on our list of the best fashion schools in UK is the De Montfort University. The school offers a range of different fashion-related courses aimed at helping students build excellent careers in the fashion industry. The students are taught in different conducive workspaces using excellent learning resources. The University also offers students fashion design degrees. 

The school is among the fashion schools in the country that introduces and trains students in fashion-related areas like pattern cutting, fashion illustration, innovative concept development, fashion development, and others. Students are allowed to practice through hands-on training which allows them to gain solid growth in the industry. 

At De Montfort University, fashion students in their first year are trained through practical methods. The second year then focuses more on 3D development, experimentation, and in-depth project research. 

Students also get opportunities to partake in-live projects at De Montfort University. Students are also allowed to participate in National and international competitions. Upon graduation, students get access to job-placement opportunities in fashion houses across the country. 

Fashion courses offered at the school include;

  1. Fashion Buying.
  2. Contour Fashion 
  3. Textile design
  4. Footwear design
  5. Fashion communication and styling 
  6. Fashion Merchandising 
    7.  Fashion management, among others.

De Montfort University is a good option if you want to pursue your fashion education in a reputable school. 


University of Westminster 

Next up on our list of the best fashion schools in UK is the University of Westminster. The school has a reputation for having a detailed fashion design curriculum, the school has developed highly skilled fashion designers in the country. 

Students at the school are taught using hands-on training and every student has their individual design space. This allows students to unleash their creativity and develop their design skills.

 The school collaborates with world-leading fashion brands, such as Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, and Marc Jacobs. Students get the opportunity to intern for two months with any of these top fashion companies. 



The fashion industry is one of the most successful industries in the world. If you are creative and also fascinated by the fashion industry. Then you should consider any of the best fashion schools in UK listed in this article, make your research, choose the best fit for yourself and begin your journey to becoming part of the fashion industry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The leading fashion school in UK is the London Fashion school

The best place to study fashion design in United kingdom is London.

yes, the fashion industry is a lucrative and successfully industry.



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