Top 15 Best Film Schools in Australia

Top 15 Best Film Schools in Australia – To become a world-class scriptwriter, film producer, film theorist, or an actor/actress, attending a film school will help you climb the ropes faster in your career. Unlike producers who learned by being apprentices at film production companies or scriptwriters who simply follow their instincts, graduates from good film schools are likely to be organized, intelligent and impressive in their every move.

Producing movies requires more than just the actors. The members of the crew most times are three times more than the cast. Training these producers and crew members is done in a film school, and naturally, some of the best actors, scriptwriters, and film producers have been produced over the years.

A good film school trains its students on the different aspects of film making, some of which include cinematography, directing, producing, postproduction and others. Many people often ask questions like “Why should I go to a film school?” wondering if there is a need to attend film school.

Attending a film school will give you a upper hand in the movie industry. You get to make connections and if you are exceptional, you could join big projects as soon as you graduate. This is not the case for people who wish to use the harder method. It will take years to join any big project no matter how talented the film maker is.

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The film industry values experience or degrees or better, both. Attending a good film school means you will get a degree and a little experience from internships and on-set practical classes. Without attending a film school, you will have to work years to gain enough experience to be considered worthy.

Where are the best film schools located?

The best film schools are scattered around certain locations in the world. The best films schools are located in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, India and some other countries. Australia possesses one of the most popular film schools. We will discuss the film school later on in this article.

For Australian citizens or foreigners who are looking for the best film schools in Australia, this article provides a list based on international rankings, alumni and many other factors.

Best Film Schools in Australia

  • Queensland School of Film and Television (QSFT)
  • Sydney Film School
  • International Film College, Gold Coast
  • Charles Sturt University Film School
  • National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)
  • Film & Television Institute (FTI)
  • Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS)
  • WA Screen Academy
  • Swinburne School of Film and Television
  • Victorian College of the Arts
  • Griffith Film School (GFS)
  • University of Technology, Sydney
  • International Film School, Sydney
  • Footscray City Films
  • Flinders University Screen and Media

The films schools mentioned above are considered some of the top best film schools in Australia. Films schools are plentiful in Australia. The next section of this article talks about some of the Australian films schools mentioned above.

Queensland School of Film and Television (QSFT)

The Queensland School of Film and Television was launched fully in 1992 and has since then been a leading film school that specializes in training prospective film producers, film makers and individuals that would come to dominate the global film industry.

The programs in the Queensland School of Film and Television, also called QSFT are designed to train the students and make them professional, instilling discipline and giving skills that are very useful in the film-making world.

In Australia, QSFT is reputed for giving quality on-set experience to its students alongside world class expert techniques, lessons, and systems. Creativity is not a natural phenomenon that occurs in just any person.

This is why QSFT is known for training students to near perfection, instilling creativity in the students. This school can be considered the leading private film school in Australia. At Queensland School of Film and Television, the system does not only focus n your training.

There is a career support system too. This is something that most successful film producers, cinematographers or actors wish they had in their early years. This is one of the advantages of attending a good film school.

The facilities at this film school are of great quality, with most of the systems being up to date with the top film schools’ in the world. The training facility of QSFT is located in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.

The training facilities are made to provide students with an experience that feels professional, like the real deal. The trainers at QSFT are experts and professionals in the film industry. QSFT also has great connection in the film industry and can link excellent students to the industry, giving them a great kick start to their film-making career.  

The classes are also small, enabling the trainers to focus on the development of each student. There are real projects that are actually released. At QSFT, the students get the opportunity to work on big projects that will boost their confidence and offer enough experience and knowledge.

Contact Information

Telephone: (61) 7-3392-7788

Fax: (61) 7-3392-7511

Email Address:

Contact Address: 22 Warwick Street, Annerley, Queensland 4103, Australia


Postal Address: P.O. Box 2378 Graceville

Sydney Film School

Founded in 2004, Sydney Film School by a group of individuals who were looking to set a high standard for the quality of film education offered in Queensland and Australia. The group consisted of intellectual people like John Buckmaster, Mark Allen, Ben Ferris, Leslie Oliver, Philip Handy, John Saunders, Uracha Oliver, Emile Sherman, Joe Skrzynski and Willie Weinstein.

Ben Ferris was the first director and he put in lots of efforts alongside other founders to make sure that the school was fully established in 2005. It was commissioned in very early February in 2005 by the premier of New South Wales, Honorable Bob Carr, a man who was also the minister for the arts.

Ben Ferris served as the director for many years, ensuring that the film school reached its peak in fifteen years of hard work. In 2018, Ben Ferris stopped being the director of the Sydney Film School. After its establishment, Sydney Film School enjoyed a fast growth and was soon recognized as one of the best film schools in Australia.

By 2014, Sydney Film School became one of the best film schools in the world. With so many awards at international and national festivals, Sydney Film School movies/films are always deemed the best. This has brought a high number of foreign students to Australia.

The school has change ownership and is no longer associated with the original founders. However, the early members of staff and the founders did a very good job, making Sydney one of the top best film schools in Australia. At some point, Sydney Film School could be considered the best film school in Australia without a doubt.

Contact Information

Telephone: (61) 2-9698-2244

Fax: –

Email Address:

Contact Address: 242 Young Street, Waterloo, New South Wales, 2017, Australia.


Postal Address: –

Griffith Film School

Also called GFS, Griffith Film School is a well known film school in South Brisbane where students are trained to become world class professionals. This film school is known to be of great quality and offers degrees in animation design, film production, television production and a few other disciplines.

The Griffith Film School was established in 2004 and is headed by the Head of School, Professor Herman Van Eyken and the Vice-chancellor, Professor Ian O’Connor, currently. The school has an enrolment size of about 750 and is located in South Bank, Brisbane, Australia.

The bachelor programs offered in the Griffith Film School are the Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production, Bachelor of Games Design and Bachelor of Animation. Some of the well known alumni of the Griffith Film School include Michael Spierig, Peter Hugedus, Angie Finder, Peter Spierig, Matthew Schofield and Sankalp Reddy Director.

Griffith Film School is preparing the future of passion in film production in Australia and abroad. The members of staff are professionals who have experience in the local and international film industry. The students are taught to become professional 3D animators, learning the best techniques, screen effects and tricks; factors important for growth in the modern industry.

The facilities at Griffith can match the ones present in other top film schools in Australia, making it one of the best.

Contact Information

Telephone: (61) 7-3735-3181, 1800 677 728, 61 7-3735-3817, 61 7-3735-6425, 61 7 3735 7700, 61 7-3735-5555

Fax: –

Email Address:

Contact Address: 472 Stanley Street, South Brisbane, Queensland 4101, Australia.


Postal Address: –


Attending a film school has a lot of advantages that if you do not wish to struggle in the film making industry, you should attend one. No big project will accept or like to work with an animator who learned how to do effects by watching tutorial videos online or self practice.

Being excellent is one thing but having a degree to show for it is of great advantage in the local and international film making industry. This article lists the best film schools in Australia.

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