Top 20 Best Film Schools In Colombia

Best Film Schools In Colombia

Top 20 Best Film Schools In Colombia – We enjoy a great movie or play. It comes with a lot of skills. These skills are mostly gotten in a school where rigorous training is being provided.

Film school is an institution where you get a hand in all that concerns film production, which includes, production, acting, scriptwriting, and many others.

If you are a resident or considering enrolling in a film school in Columbia, you are on the right page. We will be looking at the best film schools in Columbia.

Film School

We sit in front of a big screen or our television to enjoy a great play. We credit contributors towards the perfection of a movie. These all come as a result of the knowledge being put together.

From script writing to the actors, the designers, the directors, technical teams, and others. Most of which they have learned from film school.

Imagine the effort of an actor, giving his best on set, he or she must have gone through rigorous training. In fact, it is better to have been trained in a film school, this gives you a head.

A film school is an institution that is projected to the teaching of filmmaking, including such subjects as film production, film theory, digital media production, and screenwriting.

In a film school, an individual could learn skills like cinematography, screenwriting, art direction, producing, directing, postproduction work, and sound and even some film schools give classes on acting.

If you check the CV of many popular actors or directors, you will find out that they have training at a film school. Even when people think acting does not really need you to be at a film school it still gives you an edge.

Although many film schools are expensive, they are worth going because they give an individual an edge on the field.

In statistics, many directors and producers earn more than enough. The profession is a rewarding one. So whatever you are learning in film school it is equally rewarding and promising.

Programs In A Film School

A film School is an institution to sharpen your film skills and learn new ones. The ways movies are being done in recent days, you can’t compare production in the 80s and the 20s. They are new techniques introduced in film production. All these you can learn in a film school.

It is encouraging for a beginner to enroll in a film school as it would contribute to individual development in the world of film production.

 If you wish to enroll in a film school, you should know what your interest is. This would help you build your mind towards that aspect.

In a film school, they are several programs you can enroll in. Here are some programs taught at a film school.

  • Producing.
  • Directing.
  • Art Directing.
  • Screenwriting.
  • Cinematography.
  • Postproduction.
  • Acting.

Film school is actually an added advantage to students as it gives students exposure to the world of film.

Best Film Schools In Columbia

Colombia is one of the world’s largest Biodiversed countries. The country is so diverse with a lot of different people. Columbia is a great country with a lot of opportunities and a striving country. The country’s economy is steadily growing fast.

Colombia is heavily dependent on energy and mining as it is blessed with a lot of natural resources. In today’s world, Columbia film and art are hitting the world. Many of its stories are attracting the world’s audience. Colombia is equally encouraging when it comes to facilities and learning centers.

Colombia is a great place to study and live. The country is equally cheap in terms of the cost of living. In Colombia, there are a lot of job opportunities, and the standard of education is equally great. If you are looking at studying filming in Colombia, then you are on the right page.

Here is a list of the best film schools in Colombia.

  • Pontifical Javeriana University, Bogota
  • Black Maria Escuela de Cine, Bogota.
  • University of La Sabana, Chia.
  • Centro de Comunicacion Educativa Audiovisual, Bogota.
  • University of Andes, Colombia, Bogota.
  • Escuela de Actuacion StarsColombia, Bogota.
  • University of Antioquia, Medellin.
  • ITM Institucion Universitaria, Medellin.
  • National University of Colombia, Bogota.
  • Politecnico Grancolombiano, Bogota.
  • Industrial University of Santander, Bucaramanga.
  • Universidad de Caldas, Manizales.
  • EAFIT University, Medellin.
  • Centro Popular Para America Latina de Comunicacion, Bogota.
  • Northern University, Barranquilla.
  • University of the Valley, Cali.
  • Francisco Jose de Caldas District University, Bogota.
  • Pontificia Bolivariana University, Medellin.
  • University of Cauca, Popayan.
  • Nueva Granada Military University, Bogota.

  • ITM Institucion Universitaria

This is one of the best Film Schools in Colombia. The Institute is located in the urban city of Bogota. The Institution provides several programs at the undergraduate and professional levels.

ITM Institucion Universitaria provides programs like Editing, Directing (Fiction), Cinematography, Producing (Film), Production Management, Screenwriting, Sound Design, and Sound Recording. ITM Institucion Universitaria is a school with great excellence.

If you are in Colombia and you are considering enrolling in a film school, ITM Institucion Universitaria is a great choice.

  • Pontifical Javeriana University

Pontifical Javeriana University is one of those private Christian institutions that offer film programs like Cinematography, Screenwriting, and many others. The institute is the number one school for cinematography and would be a great decision to take a program at the institute.

Pontifical Javeriana University was founded in 1623 and is located in the city of Bogota. The institute enrolls over 27,500 students every year, both international and local. The institute is ranked 4th best in Colombia and 3rd in Bogota.

The Institute has 18 faculties, including the Faculty of Arts, Science, Legal Science, Education, Engineering, Philosophy, Nursing, Canon Law, Social Science, and many others. Pontifical Javeriana University is a great place for study, safe and conducive with advanced learning centers.

  • University of La Sabana

The University of La Sabana is another great university that offers film programs like Cinematography, Editing, Screenwriting, Producing, and many others. The Institute awards Undergraduate and Graduate degrees to students. The school is located in the beautiful city of Chia.

The University of La Sabana is ranked 2nd in Cinematography in Colombia, while it is the 11th best school in Colombia. It is a private institution that admits foreign and local students. Every year the school enrolls over 7,500 students.

The Institute has 14 institute, which includes the Faculty of Communication, Medicine, Law, Engineering, Psychology, Humanities Institute, Languages, and Cultures Department, and many others. The institute costs around $8,750 for undergraduate programs and costs $11,250 for graduate programs. This is for both international and local students.

  • Escuela de Actuacion StarsColombia

Escuela de Actuacion StarsColombia is a great film school in Bogota, Colombia. It is also one of the best and most profound film institutes in Bogota. Like every other film school, the institute provides students with Short Beginner Courses, Short Professional Courses, and Diploma courses.

Students have access to several programs like producing (Film), Screenwriting, Directing (Documentary), and many others. The institute admits international students as well. The Institute is a great film school in Bogota for students.

  • National University of Colombia

Established in 1867, this is one of the oldest institutes in Colombia. The institute has so many programs that film students can take. Students can take programs like Cinematography, Producing, Editing, Screenwriting, and many others. The Institute is also one of the best in Bogota.

The National University of Colombia is ranked 5th in Colombia for Cinematography. The school is the number 1 institute in Colombia and Bogota. National University is a diverse institute with several students from a different communities. The school is a safe and conducive place for learning.

The public school is known for its excellence in Biology. The National University of Colombia has 14 faculties. It is one of the best places for learning in Bogota.

  • University of Andes

The University of Andes is another excellent school for Cinematography. The school is ranked 5th best in Colombia and 810th in the world. It provides students with the best film programs such as Producing, Editing, Screenwriting, Acting, and many others.

The University of Andes is one of the oldest schools in Colombia. It is located in Bogota and was established in 1867. The school enrolled over 50,000 students recently. The Institute is ranked 2nd best in Colombia and Bogota. The private institute offers degrees up to the Doctorate level.

The University of Andes cost around $11,250 for undergraduates and $8,750 for graduates, this is for both international and local students. The University of Andes is a great place for film study.

Many other film schools provide great film school programs which we have listed. However, the above is one of the best in Colombia where one could get the best.


If you are considering enrolling at a film school in Colombia, there are several of them. These schools are scattered around Colombia, especially in Bogota, Colombia. Film School is a place to get the best training in all forms of film Skills. These could include Producing, Cinematography, Editing, and many others.

In this article, we have been able to make a list of the best film schools in Colombia. These schools have been considered the best and have provided film skills to many students. We hope you find this insightful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Europe is a continent with lots of notable film schools, among the best places in Europe with the best being the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has the top best film schools.

Aside from the country’s beautiful environment, Colombia is an interesting place to produce a movie. Shooting in Colombia comes with a lot of benefits such as incentives and a cash rebate paid back to the producer, or a transferrable tax certificate issued to the foreign producer.


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