Top 10 Best Firefighting Schools In Australia

best firefighting school in Australia

Best Firefighting Schools In Australia- Everyone needs to have a knowledge of how to secure themselves in the events of emergencies such as fire outbreaks, explosion, etc. There are lots of firefighting schools in Australia that provide trainings on how to handle such emergencies with little or no harm to lives and properties.


In this article, we have listed the best firefighting schools in Australia where you can obtain fire protection education.

List Of Firefighting Schools In Australia

  1. Fire & Safety Australia
  2. Fire & Rescue NSW Emergency
  3. Elite Command Training
  4. Elite Rescue Academy
  5. Australasian Fire & Safety
  6. Fire Industry Training
  7. Fire Industry Academy
  8. Australian Fire Protection
  9. Department of Fire & Emergency Services Training Academy
  10. Australasia Fire & Emergency Response College
  11. CFS State Training Centre
  12. RAAF Security and Fire School
  13. CFA Training College, Fiskville
  14. Fire Training Australia
  15. Adelaide Safety Training Pty Ltd
  16. Fire & Rescue Australia
  17. Trifire Training Equipment
  18. ICS Australia
  19. National Aerial Firefighting Centre
  20. CMG Fire & Safety Services PerthWA
  21. ERT Group
  22. SPS Fire & Safety-fire extinguisher in Sydney
  23. SET Enterprises Pty Ltd
  24. Saferight-Belmont

Best Firefighting Schools In Australia

  1. Fire & Safety Australia
  2. Fire & Rescue NSW Emergency
  3. Elite Command Training
  4. Elite Rescue Academy
  5. Australasian Fire & Safety
  6. Fire Industry Training
  7. Fire Industry Academy
  8. Australian Fire Protection

#1   Fire & Safety Australia

This is one of the largest firefighting schools in Australia. The school has centres in Victoria


,New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Australia Capital territory, Northern Australia.

The school offers 3 main courses:

  • Fire Extinguisher & Fire warden
  • Confined Space
  • Emergency Response and Rescue

Fire Extinguisher & Fire Warden: Students taking this course learn how to use fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets.


Confined Space: Training will equip participants with the needed skills to safely evacuate the workplace in the case of a fire. You will learn how to safely handle emergencies in the workplace. The course involves both theory and practical.

Some of the course content include:

  • Firefighting tricks
  • Classes of fires
  • Different types of fire extinguisher
  • Building fire safety
  • Fire Safety and evacuation
  • Firewardens procedures and responsibilities

Training duration is 7.5 hours and takes place in the location of the participants.

To learn more about this firefighting school, visit https: // www.

#2   Fire & Rescue NSW Emergency

It is a government agency that provides fire & rescue services in the state. It is one of the largest urban fire and rescue service in Australia. Their mission is to protect the irreplaceable. Fire & Rescue NSW Emergency Academy which stands as one of the best firefighting schools in Australia is located in Orchard hills in Western Sydney.

The academy is a learning environment that is equipped with modern facilities. Here, firefighters are equipped with adequate knowledge and skills that will be helpful in emergency situations.

Main features of the academy include:

  • Practical learning environment that is equipped with state–of-the-art facilities
  • Big Outdoor undercroft for events such as outdoor training, award ceremonies, graduations of firefighters, deployment, etc.
  • Parking lot is available
  • Gym , kitchens, library, laundry , training rooms, offices, etc are available in the academy.

For further enquiries about Fire & Rescue NSW Emergency, visit https: // www.

#3   Elite Command Training

It is a company that provides training in All-hazards Incident Management (AHIMT). The school offers a solid foundation to its students in all skills, knowledge and abilities needed to function in a typical AHIMT situation.

Some of the programs offered include:

  • Chief Fire Officer 3C: General Administration
  • Company Officer 2A: Human Resource Management
  • Company Officer 2B: General Administration
  • Company Officer 2C: Fire Prevention and Investigation Manhattan Beach FD
  • Company Officer 2C: Fire Prevention/Investigation
  • AH 330 Strike Team/Task Force leader-Schell Vista FPD
  • Company Officer 2E: Wildland Command operations
  • S-290 : Wildland Intermediate Fire Behaviour –South Placer FPD
  • Instructor 1: Instructional Methodology

For more information, visit https: // www.

#4   Elite Rescue Academy

Another school worth mentioning out of the several firefighting schools in Australia is Elite Rscue Academy. The academy provides training for firefighters and emergency services workers. Training is available both online and onsite.

Some of the courses offered at Elite Rescue Academy include:

  • Fire Officer
  • Fire Instructor
  • Pump Operator
  • Fire Inspector

#5   Australasian Fire & Safety

This is also one of the outstanding firefighting schools in Australia. It is a south Australian based company that provides fire trainings and other emergencies to individuals and organizations.


The school was established in 2002 as a Registered Training Organization (RTO). They are licensed and qualified to offer trainings and qualifications in fire education.

The school offers a complete fire & safety management program. Clients come from government and non-government sectors such as construction defense, education, healthcare, petrochemical, etc.

Courses offered in this school include:

  • Emergency Warden training
  • Confined Space training
  • Breathing apparatus

Training manuals are provided during the training, which you can always refer to long after you have completed the training. Trainings are quite affordable and packed with much fun.

For more details about Australasian Fire & Safety, visit https: // www.

#6   Fire Industry Academy (FIA)

This academy has a vision of providing quality fire protection training to students and business people at affordable rates. Fire Industry Academy is a Registered Training Organization (RTO) that is highly dedicated to providing excellent fire protection education to their clients.

Training is available for newbies (trainees) in the fire protection industry and also experienced technicians (advanced and refresher course).

What makes Fire Industry Academy to be classified as one of the best firefighting schools in Australia?

  • Courses offered are recognized nationally and also accredited.
  • Fire protection training courses can be delivered in your workplace and anywhere nationwide
  • Courses are compiled together, taught and supported by experts in the industry

As a participant, when you take a course with Fire Industry Academy (FIA),

  • You gain credibility with employers
  • More new skills that will make you stand out as competent technician will be added to you

Some of the courses offered at Fire Industry Academy (FIA) include:

  • Customized qualification course for routine service technicians
  • FPAS Inspect & Test Common Unit Course
  • Routine Service Trainee Technician Qualification Course
  • Routine Service Training
  • Fire Safety Assessment Training
  • Fire Systems Design Training
  • Business Leadership and Management
  • Professional development & Events
  • Bush Fire training
  • Licensing & accreditation support
  • Passive fire & smoke protector course

For more details about Fire Industry Academy (FIA), visit https: // www.

#7   Australian Fire Protection

Australian Fire Protection is also among the best firefighting schools in Australia. The school has a mission of preparing its students so they can be prepared for emergencies.

The school offers services & trainings to assist you and your employees prepare for emergencies. The school is really passionate about equipping people with the right knowledge & skills that will help them overcome hazards in the workplace.

The school is open to training different categories of persons/organizations e.g. schools, hospitals, businesses, industries and organizations.

Some outstanding features of Australian Fire Protection training school include:

  • The school has over 30 years experience teaching fire protection education
  • The school is 100% mobile: training can be done in your workplace and any other location.
  • The school also does community projects regularly

Fire Industry Training (FIT)

Fire Industry Training is one of the good firefighting schools in Australia. The school offers fire protection services and also provide quality firefighting training to individuals and industries. It was established in 2008 as a Registered Training Organization.

To learn more about Fire Industry Training (FIT), visit https: // www. au

Final Word

When fire goes out of control, lot of things go wrong. Attend one of the best firefighting schools in Australia to get fire protection education.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fireman in Australia is called Noun firey

It takes about 3 years to become a firefighter in Australia

Yes, it is a rewarding career. While working as a firefighter, you will be helping a lot of people and communities too.


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