Top 10 Best Firefighting Schools In Scotland

best fire fighting schools in Scotland

Best Firefighting Schools In Scotland- Firefighting is a very demanding career that requires a lot of professionalism. A number of times, firefighters are faced with near-death situations. It is not a profession for gamblers at all, you must be well-trained if you are going to make it on the profession.


Firefighting has lots of rewards because you will be saving lives and properties almost on a daily basis. So if you are considering a career in firefighting, then you should read this article to the end. You will discover the best Firefighting schools in Scotland where you can get quality firefighting education.

List Of Best Firefighting Schools In Scotland

Here is the list of the best Firefighting schools in Scotland where you can get quality firefighting education:

  1. University of Edinburgh
  2. Glasgow Caledonian University
  3. University of Strathclyde
  4. University of Aberdeen
  5. Fire Training Company
  6. ClickHSE

#1 University of Edinburgh


One of the best Firefighting schools in Scotland is located in University of Edinburgh. The school offers International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering (IMFSE), it is a two-year program. The IMFSE is offered in partnership with two other universities: Ghent University, Belgium and Lund University, Sweden.

Classes held in Edinburgh university concentrates on fire dynamics, fire safety engineering and structural design for fire. General fire safety engineering is the focus at Ghent University while in Lund university, the attention is on fire dynamics, risk analysis and human behavior.

Requirements for Admission for the IMFSE program include:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution in structural, electrical, mechanical engineering, architecture, physics and other related discipline
  • Proficiency in the use of English

For information on admission, tuition and other information, visit https: // www.

#2 University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen was established in 1945 by William Elphinstone, the Bishop of Aberdeen. The school is the 3rd oldest university in Scotland. In this university is sited one of the outstanding firefighting schools in Scotland.

University of Aberdeen offers Fire and Explosion Engineering. This course is designed for graduates’ engineers in the oil & gas industry.

Some of the things you will learn on this course:

  • Education and training in assessment of loads resulting from fires & explosions
  • Trainings on how to design structures that can resist these loads
  • You will get to learn from experts in the field.

Course content include :

  • The concept of fire and explosion
  • Hydrocarbon fires & explosion and its effects
  • Design of structures that can resist the effect of these fires
  • Models to assess the loads that came up from fires & explosion, etc.

The course is 100% online which implies you can take the course from any part of the world. Your tutors are well-qualified and experienced in the engineering field.

Requirements for entry to study Fire and Explosion Engineering include:

  • A relevant degree
  • A relevant experience
  • For international students, no visa is required as the course is online
  • Proficiency in English language
  • Fees are to be fully paid before commencement of the course

Financial aid is available for tuition in these 3 categories:

  • Disabled Students allowance
  • Discounts from the school
  • Sponsorship by employers

To learn more about how to study Fire and Explosion Engineering at University of Aberdeen, visit  https: // www.

#3 Glasgow Caledonian University

Here is one of the outstanding Firefighting schools in Scotland worth mentioning. Glasgow Caledonian University offers B. Eng(Hons) in Fire Risk Engineering. The course is one of the new discipline in the construction industry. The need for the course arose from some of the latest development in Fire Safety legislation.

The program is about fire Safety design and regulation. It was developed in collaboration with the fire &rescue service. The course has been accredited by the UK Engineering Council for IEnd Standard route.

Some content of the programme include:

  • Risk management
  • Forecasting
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication

Your lecturers on this program are consultants, professional and even Fire & Rescue Service Officers. While on the course, you will have the opportunity for study-abroad program (for one trimester or a year).

Fire Risk Engineering course is accredited by the Institution of Fire Engineers, Engineering council and chartered association of building engineers. Duration of course is between 3-5 years and the study is part-time.

Upon graduation from this programme, opportunities abound for you in:

  • Construction companies
  • Offshore oil industry
  • Consultancy
  • Fire Services
  • Local authorities in UK

For more information on Fire Risk Engineering at Glasgow Caledonian University, visit https: // www.


#4 University of Strathclyde

One of the Firefighting schools in Scotland is at the University of Strathclyde. Departmental Fire Safety Training is the course offered at this university.The course which is basically online is meant for Fire Safety Coordinators & Fire Marshals. They are equipped with the necessary skills to perform their roles effectively in the workplace.

What to expect on the course

  • Fire safety and its importance
  • Effective techniques of fire prevention
  • What to do when there is fire outbreak
  • Roles of a fire safety coordinator
  • Roles of a fire marshal

To further enquiries, visit https: // www.

#5 Fire Training Company

Fire Training Company is one of the best Firefighting schools in Scotland that offers quality firefighting courses. This school offers training courses for Fire Warden, Fire Marshall, Staffs of companies and other individuals. The courses are well-recognized by the Institution of Fire Engineers. Course content is designed by ex-emergency services and education professionals. The course follows the regular reforms of Scotland (in terms of Fire Safety).

Programs offered at this firefighting school are in two categories, online and face-to-face.

Online Training Courses

The online training is in two categories:

Online Fire Safety Training: Here you are taught basic fire safety procedures and fire awareness skills.


Online Fire Warden/ Marshal Training: Course is for fire warden/ marshals. They are taught the details of their duties. How to ensure safety at workplace, how to use fire extinguishers, risk assessment, etc. are some of the content of the course.

Face to Face Training Courses

These courses are delivered face-to-face and it can be delivered even in your premises. The courses are in three categories:

Fire Safety Training Courses:  This training is for all the staffs of any establishment. The course includes hands-on practical sessions during the training.

Fire Warden/ Marshall training: This training is more detailed. You are being taught how to ensure safety at the workplace, risk assessment, how to use fire extinguishers and some other duties of a Fire Warden/Marshall.

Fire Extinguisher Training: Here, you will learn how to use a fire extinguisher.

#6 ClickHSE

This is also one of the Firefighting schools in Scotland. This operates basically online. The training in this school is meant for Fire Wardens and Fire Marshals in organizations. The objective of the course is to train these personnel so that they can be more effective in the workplace.

The course even though online is very interactive. It is CPD accredited and focusses on important area of fire safety, evacuation and general fire management. On completion of the course, you will be required to write an assessment. You will then be awarded a certificate if you score at least 80% in the assessment.

For more details about ClickHSE, visit https: // www.

Other Firefighting Schools In Scotland

  1. Firefighting Training Centre
  2. Fire Scotland
  3. The Fire Training Group
  4. Premier Fire & Safety Scotland
  5. SFRS Cambuslang
  6. Firewise Scotland
  7. Stream Marine Training Fire Ground
  8. Fire Prevention Scotland Limited
  9. Ist Choice Fire Protection
  10. MRS Training & Rescue
  11. Clyde Training Solution
  12. Glasgow Maritime Academy
  13. Dumfries Firestation
  14. Steward First Aid Training
  15. The Institution of Fire Engineers
  16. Max safe solutions ltd
  17. International Fire Training Center
  18. NEFTA
  19. Glasgow Maritime Academy Ltd

Career Paths Obtainable From Firefighting Schools In Scotland

The following are some of the career paths you can follow :

  1. Fire Safety Engineer
  2. Fire and Explosion Engineering
  3. Fire Risk Engineering
  4. Fire Marshal
  5. Fire Warden

Fire Safety Engineers are in demand all over the world. Fire Safety Engineers are the ones that ensure that buildings are designed in such a way that people, properties and environment are kept safe in the event of a fire outbreak.

As a fire safety engineer, you could get job placements in fire department, insurance firms, research and testing labs, hospitals, etc.

Fire Marshal have the major responsibility of ensuring that there is safe evacuation when there is a fire outbreak in the workplace. The role is more of a reactive role

Fire Warden: this role is more of a proactive role. A fire warden is trained to manage fire safety in the workplace.

Fire Risk Engineering: They apply science and engineering principles to keep people and property safe from the harmful effects of fireW

Final Note

Firefighting is not just demanding, it is rewarding too. You will be saving several people from different kinds of disasters. So if this is really your interest, then don’t delay any further. Enroll in one of the best Firefighting schools in Scotland discussed in this article. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

You must be at least 18 years old
You have to medically and physically fit
Good vision and colour perception

The job of a firefighter is actually demanding and challenging too. However, there are rewards attached and plenty of adventure too. The job requires a lot of fitness, high level of professionalism, respect, dedication, integrity and excellence.


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