First Class Graduate Becomes A Successful Hairdresser

First Class Graduate Becomes A Successful Hairdresser

First Class Graduate Becomes A Successful Hairdresser -Despite the fact that Theresa Adusei, made her family very proud by bagging a first class degree from the University of Ghana in Information Studies and Psychology, she still struggled to secure a Job for years since graduation.

According to the young lady, she has always had the dreams of going to school, graduating with excellently good grades, securing a job, live paycheck to paycheck and live her best life.

Unfortunately for her, this dream did not manifest as she spent quality number of years, writing good and qualifying CVs, Submitting them and receiving negative replies or non at all.

She said to Joy Prime;

”I started a job hunt, but you send CVs you don’t get feedback,” she told Joy Prime.

She recalled that ”while I was on campus, I used to style my own hair, and I used to style for my roommates. They helped me discover that talent”.

“Not everyone was in support my decision to venture into the vocation, including my mother’s initial disagreement, but the now I’m making progress in my business.”

“The lady said, it’s been six months since she built a container saloon with the help of her father and a few close friends “

Getting a skill is no doubt the fastest way to avoid that broke and poor lifestyle right after graduation.

In this age, there are so many opportunities for everyone out there to learn how to do something that can one day be monetized just in case of those job hunting days with negative replies.

We hope this story inspires you to not put all of your eggs in one basket rather in several others too.

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