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Top 20 Best Flight Schools In Texas – Aviation is one of the high-paying industries in the world, which contributes enormously to the development of a country. The industry has one of the most lucrative professions. Flight school is an institution that provides flight training to individuals who are interested in the field of aviation, especially piloting.


People who attend flight school learn how to fly an aircraft. There are many flight schools worldwide, and the United States of America has one of the most advanced flight training schools. In this article, we will be discussing the best flight schools in Texas.

Flight Schools

If you want to become a pilot, you would certainly have to attend a flight school. It is like training to become a doctor; there are some stages you would have to conclude. Flight school is a compulsory aspect of the journey of becoming a Pilot.

 There are several flight schools in the United States of America. These schools provide students with the best training. Florida Flyers Flight Academy, SkyEagle Aviation Academy, Paragon Flight Training Co, and College of Aviation at Western Michigan University are one of the best flight schools in the USA.


On admission to a flight school, there are several courses students would need to take. These courses may include Vocational Professional Pilot Programs, Private Pilot Certification, Commercial Multi-Engine Certificate, Flight Instructor and many others.

These programs are to equip students on the skills of airmanship skills. Piloting is one of the high paid jobs in the United States. Several pilots receive a great salary. Many of them earn around $93,820 depending on the year level, this is actually a great profession for individuals. However, it is a profession that requires a lot from students.

Admission Requirements For Flight School In The USA

Flight School is an institution where students get formal flight training and get licensed. Students get both ground training and air training in a flight school. To get admitted into a flight, students need to fulfil some necessary requirements, which are.

  • Students must have earned a high school diploma which would include subjects in Maths, Sciences, Geography and others. However, there are no requirements for the subjects you must have.
  • The student must have earned an approved college degree. Although, a college degree is not a must-have for some flight schools. However, some institutes require that the student has a college degree in an aviation program. These programs are gotten from most universities in the United States.
  • The next thing gets is the preliminary student pilot certificate which allows students to fly a plane or an aircraft during training. This certificate is referred to as the FAA student certificate. The student must be 16 years and above to get one. It should be gotten early before the training.
  • Next on the list is the medical clearance. With this, students can be declared fit to take flight training. The medical clearance will include a vision test, hearing, neurological, cardiovascular tests, and others.

With these requirements completed, students can now further into flight training. As explained earlier in this article, there is a lot to learn in flight training. Students are expected to gain aeronautical knowledge and pilot training experience to enable them to become licensed pilots.

20 Best Flight School In Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the United States of America, with over 29 Million residents. The state is located in the south-central region of the United States. Texas shares borders with Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and some Mexican states. Houston is the capital of the state, and it is the most populous city in Texas.

Texas is one of the United States’ economic drivers, as it owes its progress due to the continued progress in Mining and Agriculture. As stated in a recent article, the state has the second-highest gross state product of $2.0 Trillion.

Texas is a beautiful city with beautiful landscapes and technological advancements. If you are considering taking flight training in the city, you are on the right page. We will be making a list of the best flight schools in Texas.

Here is a list of the best flight schools in Texas;

  • Aviation Academy of America, Houston.
  • Thrust Flight, Texas.
  • Texas Aviation Academy, Texas.
  • Aviator Air Flight School, LLC, Texas.
  • Delta Qualiflight Aviation Academy, Texas.
  • America Flyers, Houston.
  • Anderson Aviation, Bukverde.
  • ATP Flight School, Houston.
  • Ascent Aviation, La Porte.
  • Baylor University, Waco.
  • Blue Feather Aero, Santa Teresa
  • Central Texas College, Killeen.
  • Cutting Edge Aviation, Amarillo.
  • Flying Tigers, Houston.
  • Higher Power Aviation, Bedford.
  • IFR Flight Training School, Georgetown.
  • International Flight Academy, Fort Worth.
  • LeTourneau University, Longview.
  • McCreery Aviation Co, McAllen.
  • Lone Stars Flyers, Addison.

1. Aviation Academy Of America

Aviation Academy of America is one of the best flight schools in America. The flight institution provides one of the best flight lessons. It has several programs, which include FAA courses, EASA courses and others. The Aviation Academy of America is one of the best world institutions.

An institute is a subgroup of the Vaayu Group. It has two campuses in Texas. The school has well-trained flight instructors and administrators. With the Aviation Academy of America, students have the best flight training.

2. Thrust Flight

Thrust Flight is located in the beautiful city of Addison. The institution assures students with zero flight experience to airline pilots in less than two years. With Thrust Flight, students can boast of a brighter career. 


The institute has programs on ground training, accelerated flight training, private pilot license and many others. Thrust Flight has well-trained instructors and administrators who are available 24/7. 

The school partners with some groups like Republic Airlines, Wisconsin Airlines, SkyWest Airlines and Envoy. With training from the academy, students have assured job opportunities.

3. Texas Aviation Academy

Texas Aviation Academy is one of the best and most trusted aviation academies in San Marcos, Texas. Texas Aviation Academy is well-known in the city of San Marcos. The school is open to local and international students.

Texas Aviation Academy run courses in flight, such as Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot License, Multi-Engine Rating, Certified Flight Instructor and others. Training costs around $70 to $500 depending on the program and hours f training.

Texas Aviation Academy is an excellent institution for flight students.

4. Aviator Air Flight School

Aviator Air Flight School is also one of the best flight schools in Texas. The Institution is an excellent institution with trained instructors and administrators. It is located in the beautiful city of KGPM in Grand Prairie.

Aviator Air Flight School has been around for over 20 years and has been providing excellent aeronautic training. The institution’s programs include Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot, Commercial Pilot and Professional Pilot Plans. 

With Aviator Air Flight School students can pay as they fly or have a block rate, enjoys one on one classes, freedom to self-schedule and have flexible instructor schedules, all these just to provide customers with a perfect training experience.

Aviator Air Flight School is an excellent institution.

5. Delta Qualiflight Aviation Academy

Delta Qualiflight Aviation as the name implies is an excellent aviation school with the best flight instructors in Texas. The academy prepares students to have an excellent careers in aviation. It is open to local and international students.


Delta Qualiflight Aviation is local in the city of Fort Worth, Texas. The institution is situated in a flight-friendly environment. Students are placed on intensive flight programs that build up professionalism in the student. 

There are a series of courses students can take, which are affordable compared to other schools. The institution is an eye-catching school.

6. America Flyers

This institution has been training pilots since 1939. It is one of the well-known flight schools in the state of Texas. It is located in Addison, Texas and other states in the United States. The institution has several programs both online and on-site.

These programs include personal training, career training, proficiency and recurrent training, ground training, custom programs and others. America Flyers is a leading pilot school that is available for international and local students.

With America Flyers, students are prepared beyond just flying an aircraft but also prepare students in terms of securing a job. Also, training with the academy allows you to secure a job with one of its partners, which are SkyWest Airlines, Republic Airways, Latam Airlines, GoJet Airlines, EasyFly, Envoy, Express Jet and many others.

The Academy is one of the best schools in the United States with intensive flight programs.

There are other excellent flight schools in Texas which we have listed above. These schools are quite affordable and assure students of the best learning experience. You can visit this link for more info on the schools,


Texas is the second state with the highest number of flight schools in the United States of America after Florida. The state has one of the best aviation schools in the country with over 86 flight schools in Texas. Texas city is a great place for flight training.

If you are considering becoming a pilot, Texas is a great location to take courses. There are excellent flight schools in Texas, such as America Flyers, Texas Aviation Academy, Thrust Flight and many others. In this article, we have listed a number of them, we hope you find this article informative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Texas is the second state with the height number of flight schools in the United State. It has 81 flight schools.


There are some colleges in Texas that offers aviation programs. However, Texas A&M University-Central Texas is the only state school that offers a professional pilot program.

Pilots’ salaries vary based on their skills, professionalism and experience. However, the average salary of a pilot in Texas is around $138,500 per annum.


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