10 Best Flirting Zodiac Signs

Best Flirting Zodiac Signs

Best Flirting Zodiac Signs-Many people never believe that Zodiac signs are not related to the character people exhibit. However, there is usually a similarity so there is a huge possibility that astrology does not lie. You may have been curious of what sneaky traits you may have and the connection with your zodiac sign.

Several traits like kindness, rudeness, point of view have been attributed to zodiac signs, and while they may not be true for everyone, they always seem to have a correct side.

Aries is considered a powerful zodiac sign, and Libra and Leo are considered one of the most flirty zodiac signs. Scorpio, Libra, Taurus, Leo and Aries are also considered the most attractive zodiac signs. It was very difficult to determine which one is most attractive, so after astrological research, those five signs were seen to have the most attractive people.

Cancer zodiac sign is known as the violent one, and Sagittarius is known for falling in love easily. What are the best flirting zodiac signs?

For some reason, some people are just so flirty in nature, sometimes unintentionally. Some people also enjoy flirting to arouse other people without being serious. Is this caused by their zodiac sign?

Best Flirting Zodiac Signs

  • Leo
  • Libra
  • Aries
  • Gemini
  • Sagittarius
  • Aquarius


People who have their zodiac sign as Leo love getting attention, especially from the other gender. If you love getting a lot of attention, there are only few ways to get that. Being a relationship may not be enough, so Leos tend to flirt with anyone.

By flirting, they enjoy how attention shifts to them, making them feel on top of the world. This does not translate to mean that Leos are cheaters, but they tend to flirt with more than three people at the same time, just to get their attention.

According to astrologists, Leos are lovely people, but they need a lot of attention to help them bring out the beauty. They also love being the focus of people, so they tend to work for it in many ways, one of which is flirting.

Leos radiate love, warmth and creativity. When they have no love and attention, you will hardly see any of these virtues. They flirt only to get attention, so it may not be very serious when a Leo flirts with you. If a Leo notices that you may like them, they tend to flirt with you to get your attention.

Since Leos are usually charming, flirting is easy for them. This is why they are ranked one o the best flirting zodiac signs.


Aquarius personalities are very different from other flirty zodiacs for a distinct reason. They usually have absolutely no intention of flirting. According to notable astrologers, an Aquarius loves being extremely friendly, in fact very flirty but they think they are just being friendly.

An Aquarius friend will try to get close to you, want to know everything about you and care for you, but all of these do not necessarily translate to love. Without knowing it, many people who are Aquarius become very flirty.

It begins to feel like they really are in love with you, while they may not be. Of course it is only natural that someone who pays you more attention and wants to hear your pain all the time is in love with you, but this may not be the same with Aquarius.

This is not always true, because they also fall in love. However, they may be entirely unaware of how romantic their inquisitiveness is.


Sagittarius signs are known for taking things very seriously, and this is the same when it comes to flirting. They take things very far, and this may even annoy the other party sometimes. Sagittarius guys are naturally clumsy and extravagant, and they are in love with freedom.

They push things forward every single time. The trait is that they take things really far and end up regretting it sometimes, due to their clumsiness. Maybe intentionally, but they can flirt with you until you fall and then they suddenly regret it.

Unlike other flirting zodiac signs that have a calm approach to flirting, Sagittarius signs do it to the very end in a serious manner. According to several astrologists, Sagittarius signs can become flirty with almost anyone, making them one of the best flirting zodiac signs.


Aries signs are known for their impulse, one which they may regret sometimes. They often have a direct way of flirting, and it usually happens when they truly like someone.

The problem is that it turns to flirting because it can happen a lot of times. When Aries signs are in love with someone, they are unable to hold it back and in the end, tend to flirt with the person.

Mars is associated with sexual feelings, and Aries is intertwined with the planet. This translates to a flirty character and the feeling to impress others whenever they can, just for flirtatious purposes.


Gemini signs are sometimes considered some of the best zodiacs, and this is because of the beauty of their characters. Geminis do not want to get hurt, but they may get a little flirty sometimes.

Their flirtatious signs include giving lots of attention, but these are often just short bouts. They get flirty only because they want some fun and attention. This does not at all mean they are interested in a relationship.

When they want some fun and love, they can flirt with people they do not even like. Gemini signs are really smart, so they find it pretty easy to control their flirts and keep it at fun level. They love playing mind games, and it takes so much to actually make them fall in love with you.

A majority of Gemini signs are smooth talkers, so flirting comes easily.


Libra signs may flirt with many people at the same time, and they are quite direct too. They are a really charming people, and sometimes gentle only because they do not want any trouble.

Libra signs are considered the flirtiest zodiacs. They are very notorious and it is really easy for them to flirt with someone. They really enjoy flirting, and sometimes they even fall in love in the process.

Rather than start an argument, Libras will instead agree to your terms just to keep peace. This directness and “gentleness” is what accentuates their flirting skills.

Many Libras are not interested in confrontations, and when they get interested in you, they can ignore the world’s views about your and keep seeing only what they want to see in you.

Sometimes, Libras become manipulative as they are generally smart, but their flirting skills are really natural.

Unique Features of the Best Flirting Zodiac Signs

Here are the unique features of these flirty zodiac signs:

  • Leo

Leo zodiac sign is one of the hottest zodiac signs, seeing that they are like lions. Leos love to see their friends succeed in life, but they may begin to feel threatened at some point. This is natural, just like lions love being prides as a group, they are interested in maintain their own personal ego too.

Leos are characterized by firmness, stability, consistency and loyalty. All of these features can change when they begin to feel insecure. They are usually great friends, and their reliability is rare in any other sign.

  • Libra

Libra sign is a very unique sing courtesy of many factors. Libra is the only zodiac represented by an inanimate object, scales. Libras are connected to Venus, the planet known for beauty, love and wealth.

They are very selective with either art pieces or humans, so it is really difficult to make them love you for your character. Libras are enthusiastic about relationships, and they generally have a “we” notion.

  • Aries

Aries zodiac sign is known for spontaneity and courage. They act on impulse and are really very concerned about themselves.

Their energy is high and they often use it to charge at the world with courage, sometimes resulting in self destruction.

  • Gemini

Geminis are very clever people, until it comes to making their own decisions. They are very interesting people to be with, but they are indecisive and sometimes unreliable. Maybe it’s due to their smartness, but Geminis are quite nosy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about the best flirting zodiac signs:

Here is a list of the best flirting zodiac signs:

  • Leo
  • Libra
  • Aries
  • Gemini
  • Sagittarius
  • Aquarius

Libra zodiac sign is considered the master in flirting with the opposite sex, and Leo comes close.

Leos and Geminis are the zodiac signs that crave a lot of attention, pushing them into the hands of master flirters like Libras and Aquarius.


Astrology is very interesting and reading all about your zodiac sign will make you love yourself even more. This article shows the best flirting zodiac signs according to various astrologers and researchers.


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