Top 5 Free Gunsmithing Courses Online

5 Free Gunsmithing Courses Online

5 Free Gunsmithing Courses Online – Are you looking for well-detailed information about Gunsmithing courses online? This guide explains the things you need to know about Gunsmithing especially the 5 free gunsmithing courses online.
If you are interested in free gunsmithing courses online read this article to the end.

5 Free Gunsmithing Courses Online

  • Introduction to Carpentry
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Course 160 Tool Safety
  • Fundamentals of Workshop
  • Fusion 360

1. Introduction to Carpentry

The knowledge gained from this training is used heavily during gunsmithing as stock makers make use of wood to produce stocks that are attached to metals in a gun.
It also explores the different fasteners like nails, bolts, staples, screws, etc. The drilling of holes in hard masonry or concrete as well as the use of epoxy anchors are explained too.
The course has 5 modules with 32 topics to provide a detailed explanation of all you need to know during the period of the training. The duration of the training is 1.5 to 3 hours.

2. Manufacturing Processes

Metalworking is one of the free online gunsmithing courses which will equip learners with the manufacturing processes and different metalworking processes that occur during manufacturing.
During the period of training as an upcoming gunsmith, you will learn different types of forging, presses, rolling processes, and also extrusion and wire drawing processes. The course also covers the different shearing and sheet metal operations.
After completing the course, learners will be able to know metalworking processes, cold and hot working, forging, rolling, wire drawing, press, extrusion, etc.
The course has 3 modules with 15 topics to provide a detailed explanation of everything you need to know in the training. The duration of the training is four to five hours.

3. Course 160 Tool Safety

This is one of the free online gunsmithing courses designed to provide learners with an in-depth knowledge of safe work practices when working with hand and portable power tools.
Course 160 Tool Safety is very essential for gunsmiths as they make good use of hand tools like mallets, punches, chisels, etc to manufacture guns.
It also explores the essentials of selecting the right tool jobs, the five best practices for proper hand tool use, discovering the common moving parts that must be restrained on power tools, etc.
The course has 2 modules with 14 topics to provide detailed information about everything you need to know in the training. The duration is one hour.

4. Fundamentals of Workshop

Fundamentals of Workshop is one of the free online gunsmith courses that aim at equipping gunsmith students with the knowledge of workshop technology. It covers the fundamental process and procedures of workshop technology.
Gunsmiths make good use of the workshop, therefore taking the course exposes them to workshop techniques and how to use different tools in the workshop.
After the course, students will be able to state the operations of marking and measuring tools, explain the various procedures involved in wood handling, implement the process of drilling and countersinking, etc.
It has 3 modules with 13 topics to provide detailed information about everything you need to know in the training. The duration of the training is five to six hours.

5. Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is one of the free online gunsmithing courses designed to equip gunsmith students with the ‘know-how’ on accessible CAD, cloud-powered, and CAM tools to design metal parts for machining including metals.
The course covers how to use Auto desk cushion 360 and the CAM tool that works to build effective designs specifically for subtractive manufacturing in metal.
After completing the course, students will be able to know the design of metal manufacture, getting more from solid modeling, simulation, communicating, making of design, etc.
The course has 4 modules with 13 topics to provide a detailed explanation of everything you need to know in the training. The duration of the training is one to two hours.

What is Gunsmithing?

Gunsmithing is the step-by-step maintenance, repair, and modification of firearms. Gunsmithing is the process of designing, repairing, modifying, building, and renovating firearms to work effectively. It deals with taking guns that are not working properly and fixing them to become effective in their original form to ensure proper functioning.

Who is a gunsmith?

A gunsmith is a skilled person who designs, builds, modifies, renovates, and repairs firearms of all sorts. This is a tradesperson who specializes in the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of guns.

Benefits of Online Gunsmithing Courses

1. You can learn in your comfort

This is true if you are taking asynchronous classes, which are done on a more relaxed schedule. If you have personal responsibilities to handle such as family obligations or another job, you might be the right person to enroll in the online training programs.

2. You have the freedom to customize your learning environment

If you are studying at home, you can stop distractions by creating a comfort zone and using it as a study area, as well as having the tools that you need without carrying a load of things to the classroom.

3. You can sign up anywhere as far as there is an internet connection for you to use. It implies that one can take the course anywhere at any time.

4. It saves energy, time, and money that might have been used for accommodation, transportation, etc.

5. It is easy to find a low-tuition course in gunsmithing or a free one online because the cost of studying a professional gunsmithing course is not cheap.

6. Learning materials are usually updated to meet up with the current curriculum and course standards.


This article on the 5 free gunsmithing courses online has been carefully collated for anyone looking forward to becoming a gunsmith. Wish you the very best in your upcoming job.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

With an estimated 393 million legally-owned firearms in the United States, skilled gunsmiths are needed to repair, maintain and update parts for safety. With firearms, regular upkeep is necessary and gunsmiths are vital to keeping owners and others safe by using their knowledge to ensure all parts are in working order, without risk of faulty mechanics.

Training to become a gunsmith with Penn Foster can take as little as 5 months, though formal education isn’t necessary to secure a job in the field. However, documented and verified training as well as a high school diploma can help you stand out among other applicants when applying for open opportunities as a gunsmith

Many people pursue online gunsmithing programs as they are more convenient to take. You can find variety of gunsmitting programs on the internet from around the world. Online programs give you more choices and you can easily check the curriculum and go for the one that suits you. Plus these programs are also cheaper.

There are various gunsmith programs available. Usually people who have a passion for firearms etc go for such courses. You can find basic level courses as well as advanced courses that train you on the basics of gunsmithing and then proceed with the functions of weapons. Mostly people take up certificate courses that are one year long.


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