Top 10 Best Free Online Gymnastic Classes

best gymnastic online classes

Top 10 Best Free Online Gymnastic Classes- Do you want to stay healthy, strong and vibrant? Then you should register for some gymnastic classes. Gymnastics is  a sport that helps to improve the physical health of people ( both kids and adults). Gymnastics helps to build coordination and some strength in those engaging in it.

So if you are interested in joining a gymnastic class even if you have a very busy work schedule, then you should read this piece to this end. You will discover the best free online gymnastic classes that you can attend from your home or any other location.

Best Free Online Gymnastics Classes

Below is a list of free online gymnastics classes:

  • Cosmo Learning
  • Gymnastics USA
  • eHowSports- Beginning Gymnsatics
  • Cosmo Learning
  • Cheer Training
  • Little Gym
  • Stretching Exercise For Gymnasts

1. Cosmo Learning

Cosmo learning is one of the best free online gymnastic classes. The class comprises a lot of free videos that teaches basic gymnastic skills. You can actually watch these videos from the comfort of your home alone or with your family.

The classes are being handled by the former German National Gymnastics Champion , Sibylle Walters. Some of the basic skills taught include stretching, handstands, tumbling , rolls, etc.

You Tube Training Classes

You Tube is a platform to get many free resources for learning gymnastics. There are actually lots of video trainings on gymnastics. But only a few are reliable and trusted which will be discussed below.

 One great tip for finding useful gymnastics training resources on You Tube is by searching for popular and thriving sports clubs and trainers and start following them. Whenever  a new video is released, you will be notified.

2. Gymnastics USA

It is a YouTube channel owned by the national governing body for the sports and gymnastics in the USA. The online class which is one of the leading free online gymnastics classes has over 90,000 registered athletes and more than 20,000 instructors.

As a beginner, you will find the training videos very educational and useful. There are also competition videos that shows how professional athletes earn gold medals at the old Olympics . There are also interview with professionals and some other motivating videos that will help you in your gymnastics training.

3. eHowSports- Beginning Gymnsatics

The Youtube channel has over 240 thousand subscribers. The channel has qualified and certified instructors. The channel has different video trainings in different kinds of sports. There are lot of video trainings on gymnastics most especially for beginners.

4. Cheer Training

Cheer training is among the leading free online gymnastic classes. There are different free training videos for different gymnastics  activities are taught such as jumps, stunts and tumbling regime classes great for beginners.

Some of the details of the training include:

  • How to leap higher
  • Retaining body control
  • Landing safely
  • Abdominal training
  • Core training
  • Cheer leg strength exercises
  • Cheers exercises for hip strength

5. Little Gym

Little Gym is another great platform for free online gymnastic classes.  The classes have been crafted for different age groups. All classes can be done from the comfort of your sitting room.

There is a class for children from 4 to 18 months which focusses on early childhood development.

There is another class for kids between 19 months to 3 years. It focusses on exercises that helps these young ones develop their vestibular senses.

Another class for pre-school age (3 to 6 years) where they learn  how to hop like a monkey or kick like a donkey .

There is yet another class for age 6 to 12 known as bootcamp challenge where they learn some movements and staying fit generally at home.

6. Stretching Exercise For Gymnasts

Stretching Exercise For Gymnasts by Coach tube offers different stretching exercises for gymnastics. Some of the trainings include:

Stretching shoulders and lats

Calf stretching

Improving flexor flexibility

Strengthen Hips muscles

Exercises cut across different age groups. Stretching is a very vital part of gymnastics . Stretching is a very vital part of gymnastics. Stretches help to increase your performance and also prevent injuries. It also reduces muscle imbalances, improves gymnastic performance , increase exercise tolerance.

Paid Gymnastics Online Classes

  1. U-100 Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instructions by USA Gymnastics
  2. Masterclass with Simone Biles
  3. Coach Tube Gymnastics Online training courses
  4. Gymneo-TV High quality Online training
  5. Udemy online gymnastics courses
  6. Super prof- Gymnastics tutors by webcam
  7. Fiverr-Hire a personal coach

10 Beginner Gymnastics Skills You will Learn In  Free Online Gymnastics Classes

1. Straddle Sit

The skill is highly important and beneficial for young gymnasts. It involves sitting on the floor, legs straightened and wide apart with ankles extended to the back straightened with arms out in front.

2. Balance on one foot

It is another important beginner skill to learn in gymnastics. To balance on one foot involves standing up straight, then lifting one leg away from the floor and holding the position for 5 seconds.

3. Log roll

In log roll, gymnasts roll over without being able to spot the floor. This enables them to do things like blind landing.

4. Consecutive Jumps

Here the gymnasts learn how to practice in quick succession jumping with two feet, landing with two feet and springing into a jump.

5. Hop to Safe Landing

Here you can learn the principles of safe landing as a gymnast. Gymnast would learn how to land with their upper body squarely balanced over their feet.

6. Forward Roll

Skill will teach you how to balance during headstand or handstands . You also learn how to control your body through inverted locomotion.

7. Jump half turn

Here, gymnasts learn the techniques of landing backward

8. Backward roll

Gymnasts learn to do backward locomotion and be comfortable at it.

9. Tuck jump

Here, a gymnast learn how to form a tuck position in mid-air before extension of legs backdown to achieve a softlanding.

10. Bridge

It is an advanced beginner skill and its highly important as you advance in gymnastics skills helps you to know how to adjust your body position while inverted under a strain.

10 Life Skills You Will Acquire In Free Online Gymnastic Classes and Also Paid Classes

There are so many life skills that you will acquire as a Gymnast which will help you to be successful in life. They include:

1. Discipline

This is one of the very 1st skills you will learn in your gymnastics classes. Discipline involves the ability to focus on your goal, getting rid of distractions. Discipline will help you succeed in life.

2. Balance

This is another skill you will learn in gymnastics. Balance control within the body is highly important.

3. Determination

You need determination to acquire new skills, smash your fears, accomplish goals and stay positive

4. Toughness/Resilence

You learn to be tough through some pain, injuries and defeats

5. Consistency

This is a vital key in order to succeed in gymnastics. You will also need this skill in order to succeed in life.

6. Team work

It is another skill you will learn in gymnastics. Though many times you work alone , however there will still be times you will have to work in a team.

7. Friendship

As you work in a team , one of the key things you will build is friendship . You will eventually form long-term relationships with some of the people you train together with.

8. Respect

Respect is also built at the gym. You learn to respect your coach and respect your fellow gymnast too.

9. Dedication

Gymnastics requires a lot of effort and dedication to succeed in

10. Nutritional Values

This is also highly important. You will be taught about diet and importance to sports and to body in general.

Benefits of Online Gymnastics Classes

  • Courses are easily accessible once you have a smartphone or a computer
  • Schedules are quite flexible. Thus you can easily access the course 24/7
  • The online courses are quite cost-effective. In fact, some are even free.
  • You can stay safe attending online gymnastic courses and not contract infectious diseases like covid-19
  • The whole family (father, mother and children) can actually benefit from the free online gymnastic classes both physically and mentally.
  • It saves you the stress and hassles of commuting from one place to another (to attend a traditional gymnastic class)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There are apps that you can use for your gymnastics training at home. They include:

  • Head-over-heels about gymnastics
  • Every day homework-out
  • Gymnastics moves guide
  • Gymnastics super star
  • Balance it

Yes , you can. There are a lot of online classes (paid and free) for gymnastics. This article has discussed explicitly the best free online gymnastic classes.


To have a strong , healthy and vibrant body, you need to engage in some form of sports. Gymnastics is one of such sports.


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