FUKashere Announces 2020/2021 Matriculation Ceremony

This is to inform all newly admitted students that the 2020/2021 Matriculation Ceremony has been scheduled to hold on 16th July, 2021 at the University Multipurpose Indoor sport Hall.

In view of the above, staff and all fresh students should note the following:

1. Faculties to collect Academic Gowns from the Store and issue out to members of Senate, Congregation as well as the Matriculating Students.

ii. All fresh students are to present evidence of payment of N1,000.00 to their respective Faculty Officers for collection of Academic Gowns and Matriculation Oath forms:

iii. Each fresh student MUST ensure that he/she returns the Gown and the filled Matriculation Oath Form to the Faculty Officer not later than 19th July, 2021:

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iv. All Matriculating Students should assemble at the university Multipurpose Indoor Sports Hall on 16th July, 2021 by 9:00am for procession to be led by respective Faculty Officers,

v. Members of Senate and Congregation are to assemble at the venue by 9:30mm for procession into the Hall;

vi. Faculties to, at the end of the exercise, collect and return all the Academic Gowns to the Store for safe keeping as appropriate.

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