5 Full-Ride Scholarships For International Students

5 fully funded scholarships for international students

There are 5 Full-Ride Full ride scholarships for international students currently ongoing for international students who desire to study and earn a degree in a foreign land.

There are so many countries that are now investing in education for students from other parts of the world as this promotes and enhances economic growth and stability. International students have a lot to gain from these schools abroad.

Other than economic promotion, admitting other students creates a beautiful mix of cultural blend and diversity amongst the local schools and universities.

 It also opens doors of collaboration between the hosting school and their candidates, securing a future that breeds a cycle of industrial revenue.

Why study abroad?

Studying abroad broadens the students’ way of life, thinking, and societal values. You get to learn new things, new languages, and a new culture while studying for a degree that places you in an economic landline of growth.

Students choose to travel to a foreign land because of the challenges that build and sharpen their resolve. The fun and experience are what make learning a ball of values, teaching you how to embrace the new and appreciate the strange.

New life

The new life is another reason why students choose to travel and study abroad, enjoying new dishes, a new pattern of life, and fascinating sites to see, giving you a sense of independence and personal development


Quality of education could be a reason why students choose to travel and study. In comparison with their education in their country, studying abroad appeals more to them as they feel they can achieve much more.

Career opportunities

This Is the most basic reason why students would choose to study abroad as there are loads of opportunities that are available to them even while studying. There are internships, fellowships, and clubs that students partake in to learn something new in their chosen careers.

For example, if you decide to study French in a French-speaking country, the chances of getting a good job and even improving in your chosen career are higher in the Francophone country than in yours. So, choosing to study abroad is not a mistake.

To study abroad, some rules govern that aspect as so many processes have to be followed according to the country you represent and the country you choose to study at.  

Before going further, there is a list of ongoing scholarships that are available for international students. Scholarships fast-track those processes especially the tuition process as this is the major factor that delays or hinders students from traveling and studying in their desired country.

Types of scholarships

Fully funded scholarships

These scholarships are offered by the university or school involved, Government or private bodies who want to help students from any part of the World that has problems with finance in one way or the other, paying their fees from tuition to boarding, sometimes transportation and feeding.

Fully funded scholarships oftentimes require the students to provide some information that will facilitate the admission process.

Partially funded scholarships

As it implies, partially funded scholarships only provide the foreign student with some part payment of the tuition fees plus other expenses or full payment of tuition but demand that the students handle the other expenses such as feeding, accommodation, and transportation.

Partially funded students are introduced to some jobs that support their education abroad.

Merit-based scholarships

Candidates who have a certain score or meet the score of some scholarships are offered this. Merit-based scholarships admit students based on their academic performance on the SAT or PSAT scores.

Most times, students who have special skills and abilities are offered scholarships in various universities as so to nurture and develop those skills.

How to qualify for a scholarship

To qualify for any kind of scholarship, there are documents to be had, and requirements to meet but the foundation of all these is your TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT score. Excellent grades are most important to measure your academic background and ability.

In the process of application, it is advisable to apply to many universities and institutions at once as many other students are also doing the same.

General requirements to apply for a scholarship

Some other documents that will be needed depend solely on the country you are applying to and the course you want to study but here are the general requirements;



A proposal letter

An Essay letter

Letters of recommendations

Letter of motivation

Passport photographs

TOEFL scores or any standardized test result

Statement of purpose



We’ve compiled a list of Scholarships for you to go through and possibly apply for.

Harvard university scholarship

University of Toronto scholarship

Yale university scholarship

Princeton university scholarships

MIT scholarships

Harvard University scholarship 

Harvard University is awarding scholarships to international students with excellent academic backgrounds who want to study here.

In addition to the scholarships, there are financial Aids scholarships for candidates that belong to the faculty of Arts and Science, financial support for Ph.D. candidates, research assistantships, and fellowships for Master’s Candidates.

There are various courses and departments for different fields which students can choose from in the following;

Harvard College

Graduate school of Arts and science

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Division of continuing education

University of Toronto scholarships

The following scholarships in Toronto are the Lester B. Pearson international scholarship, the University of Toronto scholarship which awards an amount of $79,995 per year, the Science fellow award, and the Pierre Elliot Trudeau foundation scholarship.

The university has its three branches in Queen’s park, Mississauga and Scarborough and offers programs in the faculties of;

Arts and Science

Applied science and Engineering

Architecture and Design









Social work and

Kinesiology & Physical education

Yale University Scholarship

Yale University is located in the United States, giving Masters and Ph.D. scholarships in assistantships and fellowships which cover about $50,000 per year.

Some of the scholarships available at Yale are; financial aid scholarship, financial assistance for the Master’s program, and, Yale university fellowship, As a private school, here are the faculties that are managed by the University;

School of medicine




Fine arts



Public Health




Fine art

School of global affairs

To be eligible for application, candidates must be able to provide;

School report with transcripts

Mid-year report

SAT reports

Recommendation letter

Statement of purpose

List of attended institutions or universities in the past

Princeton university scholarships 

Awarding scholarships like financial aid, outside awards, graduate fellowships, and assistantships, the university covers both tuition and boarding for the candidates who are awarded based on the need of the undergraduates while Ph.D. and Mater’s candidates in form of fellowships.

Princeton’s areas of focus are Humanities, Engineering, Natural Science, and social science with about 37 undergraduate programs. Apart from the financial aid, fellowships, and main scholarships, they offer special scholarships to Graduate students like;

Alexander von Humbolt Foundation scholarship

Josephine De Karman fellowship

Environmental protection agency fellowship

CERGE-EI impact on society fellowship

Asia pacific leadership program

American Concrete Institute foundation scholarship

MIT scholarships

Knows and MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of technology is a private university in Cambridge currently awarding scholarships to candidates on the graduate, undergraduate, and post-graduate levels.

Some of these scholarships are known as financial aid, private scholarships and grants, research and teaching assistantships foreign student programs, and American Association of University Women fellowships.

Applying for scholarships is quite easy with all the steps followed as stated. Before beginning any process, look through the scholarship that suits your course of study and choice of destination, this is the first step in any scholarship application.


Be prepared with the basic requirements: Some of the obvious requirements for a scholarship to study abroad include your academic certificates, reference letters and university offer letter

  1. The financial aid office at a college or career school.
  2. A high school or TRIO counselor.
  3. The U.S. Department of Labor’s FREE scholarship search tool.
  4. Federal agencies


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