Top 100 Fun Questions To Ask Your Pastor

Fun Questions To Ask Your Pastor

Top 100 fun questions to ask your pastor- Pastors are religious leaders that play huge roles in helping Christians grow spiritually. They are in charge of guiding and counseling their various congregation. Pastors are also involved in teaching members of their church all about the scripture and the word of God. 

Therefore, as a Christian, chances are you have questions for your pastor. A lot of Christians look up to pastors to answer their curiosity about Christianity and God.  While some of these questions are really tricky, it can be fun asking your pastor them. So, without further ado, let’s now look at some of the top fun questions to ask your pastor. Read on.

Top 100 Fun Questions To Ask Your Pastor

Below are some fun questions to ask your pastor;

  • What is marriage like to a pastor?
  • What is the toughest part of being a pastor and carrying out the work of God?
  • Yes, we all know that the bible has made a huge impact on your life as a pastor. But aside from the bible, what other book has impacted your life positively? 
  • How did you discover God? And how did you discover you were destined to be a pastor?
  • Are you happy being a pastor? 
  • If you could, would you choose a different path?
  • Since you join the services of God as a pastor, what are your biggest mistakes?
  • What has given you the biggest joy as a pastor?
  • What do you think the church is lacking and you think might be affecting your services to God? 
  • What is your biggest strategy for preparing a sermon?
  • Ever since you started leading the church, what experiences have you garnered so far? 
  • As a pastor, what is your most preferred theologian? And why is that?
  • As a pastor, if you notice that a member of your church or congregation is not following the teachings of the scripture, what strategy would you use towards handling them?
  • Do you have any solid measures towards expanding the reach of your ministry? 
  • When and how did you realize that you are destined to offer your services to God? And why did you decide to be a pastor? 
  • As a pastor with numerous commitments. How are you able to combine your personal needs, family needs, and your commitments to the church? 
  • What is the best scripture verse or story to tell people I want to encourage? 
  • What do think about atheists? Do you think non-Christians have any chance in the Kingdom of God? 
  • What do you think of the ministry? And what is your concept of the ministry?
  • As a pastor, how have you been able to maintain intentional evangelism? 
  • Do pastors engage in intimate activities with their partners?
  • Do pastors ever have fun? For instance, going on vacation with their families? 
  • Do you ever wish you took a different path?
  • Do pastors fall in love?
  • What is your sure-proof strategy for constant bible studies and praying?

More Fun Questions To Ask Your Pastor

  • What can members of the church or congregation do to improve the standards of the church?
  • Do you have any secrets?
  • If you were given the chance to go back in time, would you still choose to be a pastor?
  • Do you love God?
  • Would God forgive pastors if they sin? Especially because they meant to help others follow and adhere to the teachings of God. 
  • Who do pastors usually hang around with and what do they engage in?
  • Have you ever considered quitting your pastoral work? And do you regret ever joining the ministry? 
  • What do you do during the week as a pastor?
  • When hanging out with other pastors, what do your conversations revolve around? 
  • Would you say you have placed your pastoral work above your family? 
  • What has been the “backbone” behind your success? And what would you say is your strategy to avoid falling?
  • What other path do you think you could thrive in, aside from the ministry? 
  • Has anyone ever had problems with your sermons? And What strategy did you use to handle the situation?
  • What is one aspect of the week you always look forward to?
  • If Eve ate the apple but Adam never did, will both of them still be sent away?
  • When rapture eventually occurs, do the believers leave behind the clothes they are wearing? 
  • Why did Sarah Laugh when she heard she was going to give birth?
  • Who in the bible would you love to meet?
  • Were toilets mentioned in the bible? 
  • How do you place your family with your ministerial duties? Do your family ever complain about not having your time?
  • With the knowledge you have garnered ever since you became a pastor, would have entered the ministerial work?
  • What work would you have been doing if you weren’t a pastor? 
  • How does John the Baptist look like?
  • What part of your ministry do you dislike?
  • If you were to be any figure mentioned in the bible, who would you be?

Deep Questions To Ask Your Pastors That Could Lead to Deeper Conversation 

Do you want to have deeper conversations with your pastor? It could be a great way to benefit from your pastor’s pool of knowledge regarding the scripture. Below are some questions to ask your pastor that could possibly lead to having deeper conversations.

  • What makes you feel really connected to God?
  • What would you recommend for anyone who wants to get closer to God?
  • Do you feel great about your life as a pastor?
  • What advice would you give someone seeking to become a pastor? 
  • What is your dream Job?
  • What is one ministerial job that you did that made you so proud?
  • If you had the chance to change one thing in your life right now, what would it be?
  • Do you ever feel nervous when giving a sermon?
  • What do you engage in during your free time?
  • Do all religions emphasize the same thing?
  • Can the trinity of Jesus Christ be proven?
  • How did the holy spirit impregnate the virgin, Mary?
  • Did Jesus Christ have any siblings? 
  • What is the main purpose of baptism? And is it really necessary? 
  • How was Noah’s ark able to accommodate all those people and creatures?
  • Why did Jesus Christ die on the cross?
  • Are Christians of different dominations allowed to get married? 
  • What is the best way to settle personal issues with my spouse?
  • As a pastor, what are the top tips for becoming a good leader?
  • Why isn’t there any evidence of all the major miracles that Jesus Christ performed as mentioned in the Scripture? 
  • Are sinners also the children of God? If yes, then why does he send them to hell?
  • The scripture says God is all-loving. Why then does he allow people to suffer? 
  • Are pastors allowed to participate in politics or run for public office?
  • Should believers hold pastors in great esteem?
  • Are pastors allowed to sell their churches?
  • What measures have you taken to prevent any sort of moral failure?
  • Are your family supportive of your pastoral work? 
  • Which do you prefer, leading a wedding or a funeral? 
  • How many times have you thought of leaving the ministry?

Random Questions To Ask Your Pastor

  • Do you pray often?
  • What would you say is your level of connection with God? 
  • Do you love winning souls for God?
  • Do God forgive sinners?
  • Are you happy with your life or do you feel forced?
  • Who among the biblical figures is your favorite character?
  • Why and how is Jesus Christ the only way to heaven?
  • Do you ever feel pressured to discharge your pastoral duties? 
  • Would you love to change your path?
  • What is the Apocrypha?
  • Do you sin?
  • Why hasn’t God revealed himself to his followers?
  • What are the commandments of God?
  • Where does the bible says Christians will go to heaven when they die?
  • How did you meet your wife? 
  • Would you love your children to continue your legacy? 
  • Did you always wanted to be a pastor since you were young?
  • Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven?
  • Does God love everyone including sinners? 
  • What is view about non-believers?


As Christians, it is normal to get curious about God, Christianity, and the teachings of the scripture. One of the best ways to seek answers is by asking your pastor or spiritual leaders. Above are the top 100 fun questions to ask your pastor. I trust you would find this article useful in deciding the questions to ask your religious leaders. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you should regard your pastors and religious leaders in high esteem. 

Yes, you can ask your pastor questions regarding Christianity and the scripture. Pastors are there to guide their congregation toward the right path.

Yes, pastors are actually chosen by God and recognized by the congregation.



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