FUPRE revised academic calendar for the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 sessions

This is to tell the overall public maximum specially the undergraduate and postgraduate college students of the Federal University of Petroleum, Effurun (FUPRE) that the college control has accepted 18th January 2021 for the resumption of instructional sports withinside the college.

Furthermore, the college control has additionally accepted the undergraduate and the postgraduate instructional calendar for the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 instructional consultation to run as follows:


1. Monday 18th, January 2021 – First Semester Lectures Continue

2.Monday 18th January 2021 – Sessional Registration Continues

3. Friday twenty ninth January 2021 – End of Sessional Registration

four. Friday twelfth February 2021 – End of First Semester Lectures

5. Monday 15th – Friday nineteenth February 2021 – Revision Week

6. Monday twenty second February – Friday nineteenth March, 2021 – First Semester Examinations

7. Monday twenty second – Wednesday twenty fourth March, 2021 – First Semester Break

eight. Thursday 15th – Friday twenty third April, 2021 – College Boards meet to recollect Results


9. Thursday twenty fifth March, 2021 – Second Semester Lectures Begin

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10. Friday twenty fifth June, 2021 – End of Second Semester Lectures

11.Monday twenty eighth June – Friday 2d July, 2021 – Students’ Week

12.Monday fifth – Friday ninth July, 2021 – Revision Week

thirteen.Monday twelfth July – Friday sixth August, 2021 – Second Semester Examinations

14.Monday ninth – Friday thirteenth August, 2021 – End of Session Break for Students

15.Monday sixth – Friday tenth September, 2021 – College Boards meet to recollect Results

16.Wednesday twenty ninth September –Friday 1st October, 2021- Senate meets to recollect Results



17.Monday sixteenth August, 2021 – First Semester Lectures Begin

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18.Friday twelfth November, 2021 – End of First Semester Lectures

19.Monday 15th – Friday nineteenth November, 2021 – Revision Week

20.Monday twenty second November – Friday seventeenth December, 2021 – First Semester Examination

21.Monday twentieth December, 2021 – First Semester Break

22.Monday seventeenth – Friday twenty first January, 2021 – College Boards meet to recollect Results


First Semester

Second Semester

2 Weeks for Clearance and Registration

thirteen Weeks for Lectures

1 Week for Revision

four Weeks for Examination

thirteen Weeks for Lectures

1 Week for Revision

four Weeks for Examination

· Students need to be made to apprehend that the Calendar is sacrosanct and are consequently strongly cautioned to key into it for easy walking of the brand new Session. Senate will now no longer beneathneath any circumstance, entertain requests for shift in graduation dates scheduled for examinations.

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· Course registration isn’t always best obligatory however vital for validation of college students’ status

· Students have to please NOTE that Senate will now no longer entertain any request for re-commencing of Portal for registration after the final date for registration i.e. eight weeks after resumption.

· Students who fail to satisfy the eight weeks allowed for registration are cautioned to print out an automatic letter of brief withdrawal from research for the consultation.


1.Resumption 18th January 2021

2.Conclusion of lecture/Revision 18th January to fifth February 2021

3.Second Semester Exams Begins eighth February to nineteenth February 2021

four.Commencement of New Session twenty second February 2021

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