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5 Best Ghost Hunting Apps dectector

5 Best Ghost Hunting Apps – At some point, we all feel that the dead’s ghost is still roaming the earth. The soul continues to live on in form of ghosts. Whether good or evil.

It would certainly feel good to be able to communicate with ghosts present in our houses or environment. Imagine finding one, you would certainly have questions.

In this article, we would be looking at the best five ghost hunting apps. This app can be an amazing experience if found useful to you.

What Are Ghost Hunting Apps?

Over the years we have heard of terms like ghost hunters, ghosting hunting, paranormal investigation or even paranormal activity. This might sound unreal however, they have come to stay and they have been evidence of the real paranormal investigation.

We probably might have seen it in the movies like the conjuring, Ghostbusters, The Supernatural, Insidious, the poltergeist and many more. 

In fact, they are also big names in real-life ghost hunting, such as Warren, Ed and Lorraine, Harry Price,  Amy Bruni and others. These people hunted ghosts and are very known for their works.

Ghost hunting is a process of investigating paranormal activity. In other words, the process is done in a location that is reported to be haunted by ghosts.

Ghost hunters use devices like EMF Meters, Digital Video Cameras, Digital; Thermometers, Thermographic, Night Vision Cameras, Night Vision Goggles and others.

Ghost hunting is a tedious activity, if care is not taken hunters could be possessed or may even lose their lives trying to get hold of a reported ghost. Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren have had one of the most traumatizing experiences with ghosts. 

These people have told their stories and experience and believed that ghost hunting should be handled with a professional mind and with a certain technique. However, the world of science does not believe in the idea of ghost hunting as they refer to it as Pseudoscience.

5 Best Ghost Hunting Apps

If you are considering going ghost hunting, there are some tools you would need. However, you should remember that doing this means you ain’t a novice in the activity as it can be very disturbing. Thanks to technology some apps have been developed to read the presence of ghosts.

These apps are easy to use and can be carried anywhere at any time. They are simple apps you can have on your Android, iPad or iPhone. Here are the 5 best ghost hunting Apps.

  • Ghost Radar
  • GhostTube SLS
  • Spirit Board
  • Ghost Hunter M2
  • Ghost EMF Detector

  • Ghost Radar

Ghost Radar is one of the most popular ghost-hunting apps available for users or people with an interest in the act of hunting ghosts. However, the app is made specifically for iPhone users. The application is available on the iStore and Android stores.

The Application makes use of readings, many other apps have been developed to take a reading of ghost presence, however, Ghost Radar proves to be one of the best and most accurate of them all. 

The app also provides users with spiritual statistics about the ghost’s emotional state, and even allows users to exchange messages. The app detects paranormal activities. It was introduced in 2017. The app has received over 10,554 downloads.

  • Spirit Board

The Spirit Board is a digital Ouija board. This application is similar to the Ouija Board which helps detect the presence of a ghost. While on the Ouija board you ask questions and get a response from a spirit. The Spirit Board allows you to ask questions and get a response from a spirit also you can text to get a response.

It is best used in a dark room with candles lit around. When using the Spirit board you have to place your finger on the wooden board and ask politely. You have to start your sentence with the question “is anyone there?” and wait for a response.

The Spirit Board also has a yes or no answer. The App is available on both android and iOS and was developed in.

  • Ghost EMF Detector

This is another good ghost detector available on Android, iOS, iPad and others. The Application makes use of a magnetic sensor to detect electromagnetic field metal around. If there is any paranormal activity the EMF picks it up.

The detector can be used to detect around 100 feet to 2000 feet of any electromagnetic field and any presence of Ghosts or paranormal activities. This app is an easy-to-use application. It can only be useful if the device to be used must have an electromagnetic sensor. 

You can download it and give it a try. 

  • GhostTube SLS

GhostTube is an application that uses your phone camera to detect humanoid bodies around your environment. The App uses infrared light that is projected to detect humanoid bodies. This app is mostly used by Paranormal Investigators.

It is a simple App that is available on  Android, iOS and others. Also, it is easy to use.

  • Ghost Hunter M2

Ghost Hunter M2 is one of those good ghost hunting toolkits develop to detect the presence of ghosts. The application uses features like EMF, Audio Detection Instrument, FFT-V Instrument, Geoscope Instrument, Twilight, Barometer Instrument, Luxscope Instrument, EVP Instrument, and Spatial Displacement Instrument.

This App is an advanced tool for investigating paranormal activities, used by Paranormal Investigator. The app is available on Android, iOS, and others.

There are other good ghost hunting apps you can also try for Paranormal activities or ghost hunting. They include;

  • Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner
  • Overnight Ghost Hunt Toolbox
  • Ghost Hunting Toolkit
  • Sono X10 Spirit Box
  • iOvilus


Whether for Paranormal activities or you just want to detect the presence of Ghosts, ghost hunting apps are tools available over the internet to make the detection of ghosts around you easy. Most of these apps have been proven to work perfectly well. Ghost Hunting apps are of different types, the ones with infrared detection, the ones with electromagnetic sensors and others.

Ghost hunting can be fun and as well very dangerous. You have to take precautions when carrying out a ghost hunt. We have made a list of the 5 best Ghost hunting apps. We hope you find them insightful.

Frequently Asked Question

Many cultures believe that a ghost does exist as it is believed to be a spirit of a dead person that appears to live people. You can follow the link for more information.


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