Top 10 Best Golf Tracking Apps

Best Golf Tracking Apps

Best Golf Tracking Apps -Technology has gradually found its way into everything humans do, from playing to eating and sleeping. Everyone wondered if technology would ever be used to make golf better but surprisingly, your smartphone can now serve as a way to help you enjoy golfing better.


Although some tournaments prohibit golf trackers, the apps are very useful as they can help you improve your shots and inform you where the golf hole is. They are also called Golf GPS apps and are designed to tell you the distance between your ball and the holes at thousands of golf courses.

Many of these use map-like view systems to show where the golf holes are and unbelievably can actually help you with your shots. Golf tracking apps are designed to make golfing easier for you or to make it more interesting depending on your motive.

Some of the apps provide golf yardages and hole maps and even shot tracking data, meaning there is an app for every purpose. You can choose to download an app for each or one for all functions.


The problem with golf tracking apps is that some give inaccurate information, making your game more difficult when it’s supposed to be the opposite. This article has been written to help you with identifying the best golf tracking apps that can help change your golf practice or games.

Best Golf Tracking Apps

While selecting the best golf tracking apps, the factors used to rank the applications include accuracy, extra features, and price. The apps with optimal accuracy, interesting features and price are considered the best, so depending on your preferences, some apps may not be included here. The list provided here is also a selection of apps among more than twenty great golf GPS apps. All of these apps can help you see your location on a golf course, estimate the distance to hazards and some other things that may just be what you need.

  • Golfshot
  • Hole 19 GPS
  • Motocaddy GPS App
  • Bushnell Golf
  • VPAR
  • TheGrint
  • Accors Caddie

1. Golfshot

Golfshot is considered one of the top best golf tracking apps of all time. It is one of the few golf GPS apps that provide 3D viewing options, real time distance estimation and accuracy and offers quality club recommendations.


It does not matter whether you are just a golf lover or you are very serious with it. Golfshot is very likely to meet your requirements of a golf tracking app. Unlike many other tracking apps, Golfshot is available for use on android and iOS devices, including android and iOS watches.

The extra features that come with this app includes score keeping (works for four players at once), golf news, check game stats and a few other things. Golfshot is built for self-improvement considering that you can track all your shots and note the club you used.

All of the features mentioned above come with the free version, and there is a lot more you can get by using the premium app. These include accurate distances to the center of the green, real time distances to hazards, and great club recommendations. The interesting thing is that this works on more than 40,000 golf courses.

There are add-ons that you get for with pro version, including Shotzoom that can offer golf instructions. You can get sky view version of the hole or use the 3D version.

2. Hole 19 GPS App

Hole 19 is the best free golf tracking app you can use. The app offers a good number of features that you can get only on other premium golf GPS apps.

It offers better tracking than some other premium golf GPS apps and it works on more than 42,000 golf courses. The app provides accurate tracking distances to greens and hazards and you get a very clear sky view of the holes.

Without any doubt, this app is the best free golf tracking app you can get. Hole 19 does not need an internet connection and does not take a lot of phone power. The app is available for use on apple watches and allows you to track distances on your watch, accurately.

After using the app for some time, you can decide to use the premium version for an even better experience. The premium membership starts at about $8 for a month or $50 for a year. Before getting the premium version, you can use a free trial for two weeks and it can be canceled if you are not satisfied.


3. Motocaddy GPS App

Motocaddy is a golf GPS app that is designed to work with almost all versions of any smartphone, from iPhone 4s to old android phones with versions 4.4.1 and above. The graphic displays quality information and can help you track golf holes, greens and hazards ahead.

The app uses the global database of golf courses so it offers all of its features on more than 40,000 courses worldwide.

Especially if you are using a new course, the accurate distances Motocaddy provides is of great use and the bird-eye view of holes it offers is really impressive. It provides front and back yardages and is going to improve the quality of your golf game.

Motocaddy is free and according to users who have been using the app for more than one year, you hardly experience any crashes and the overall quality is rated 4.5 out of 5.

4. Bushnell Golf

Bushnell Golf

Bushnell golf is an app designed for both android and iOS users to track golf shots and is considered one top software in range finding activities.

It is completely free like Hole 19 and offers great yardages for more than 38,000 golf courses. There are features such as 3D flyovers, GPS distances, score tracking, pedometer and fitness mode. Bushnell Golf Mobile is built to enhance golfing experience with quality graphics and features.

Swing speed analysis is also available and it is one of the best options if you are looking to try free golf GPS apps. Bushnell can help you train gradually so that your golf game transforms in a few months of consistency.

It was launched in mid-2019 in the United Kingdom and has gradually climbed up the ladders, earning a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from its users. The Bushnell golf app is designed so it can work with other Bushnell golf software, generally working to improve the quality of your golf.


According to more than ten reviewers, VPAR is ranked among the top ten best golf tracking apps. Apart from its GPS system that offers users accurate distance to greens and holes on more than 30,000 golf courses.

The app can also help with setting up tournaments or matching with friends. As you play the leaderboard is updated and is a really unique feature. The app supports strokeplay and stableford and using your performance, the app can help you make improvements in your weak areas during practice.


For some users, VPAR is the best golf tracking app because the free version is really great and does not have so many ads, and this is unlike any golf GPS app. The UI is nicely designed to offer great user experience and the GPS is almost always accurate.

In order to play with VPAR, launch the app and click on play. Click on “create new round” and select a course. Follow the prompts and input all the round details that you require. Add players by searching for their username on the app and you can then start playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about the best golf tracking apps:

Here is a list of some of the best golf tracking apps you can use for free:

  • Arccos Caddie
  • Hole 19 GPS App
  • Bushnell Golf
  • VPAR
  • Golfshot
  • TheGrint

No golf tracking app is perfect, but the less the inaccuracy, the better the app. On average, these tracking apps are usually accurate within four yards if there is a clear sky. If conditions are different, there may be slight inaccurate positioning depending on the application.

Professional golf sportsmen were allowed to use laser range finders and tracking devices. This was in 2006. However, tournaments can now choose to ban the use of such devices in their games.


Golf tracking apps are very useful for golfers nowadays, especially if you are a casual player. Being able to get accurate yardages, track hazards and improve your game generally is made easy with the help of these GPS software applications.

This article seeks to help golf lovers by providing information about the best golf tracking apps. Kindly share and leave a comment if you find this article helpful.

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