100+ Good Bible Questions For Discussion

Good Bible Questions For Discussion

Good Bible Questions For Discussion— Good bible Questions are one of the best ways to gain more insights, and knowledge, and get familiarized with the scripture. Bible questions also help you increase your Faith while putting your knowledge about the scripture to the test.

In this article, we have compiled 100+ good bible questions for discussion. These bible questions are incredibly thought-provoking questions that would guide you in learning more about Christianity. So if you are looking for good bible questions to ask during discussions, bible study groups, online bible discussions, and many more, this article is for you. Read on. 

Good Bible Questions For Discussion

Looking for good bible questions to ask during your next biblical discussion? Below are some good bible questions for discussion;

  • What is the power that Paul talked about in the statement ” the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.”? 
  • “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” What does the above statement From the author of Hebrews mean?
  • Why do some people find it hard to have faith in God?
  • Does the Old Testament contain references to Faith?
  • Does pride affect our Faith in God negatively?
  • Does Faith and believing mean the same thing? If I have Faith, does it implies that I believe?
  • Why was Peter afraid when Jesus Christ asked him to walk on water? 
  • Why did the Woman got healed when Jesus Christ Said “Your Faith has made you well.”?
  • What does the statement by Apostle Paul “The righteous shall live by Faith” mean? 
  • In James 2:17, James wrote that “Faith without works is dead.” What does he mean? 

Bible Questions For Your Next Bible Study

  • In the holy bible, Romans 6:16-23, and Romans 8:1 – 11 state that “Righteousness also means living right before God?” How is that possible? Can you explain the above statement? 
  • The bible talked about “living in truth.” What does it mean?
  • How do we get ready or prepare for the gospel of peace? 
  • when Jesus Christ was born, who gave him gifts?
  • Where did Adam and Eve settle down at the beginning of the world 
  • How does Satan takes advantage of Christians lack of appreciativeness toward their righteousness in Jesus Christ? 
  • How often should we pray?
  • What can hinder our Faith?
  • What is the importance of having Faith? 
  • How do we develop our Faith? 
  • What did Joseph’s father give him that made his siblings jealous? 
  • The bible said God spoke to Moses when he was in the desert. How did he do that?
  • In the Bible, it was stated that Pharaoh changed his mind and decided to send his soldiers after the slaves. Where did the Slave and Pharoah’s armies meet?
  • Where did Moses receive the ten commandments? 
  • What happened when the Egypt army decided to chase the Israelites through the red sea?
  • How did Moses’ mother saved him from being killed by the Egyptian soldiers? 

Questions About The Scripture

  • God send several plagues to Egypt as punishment. How many plagues did he send?
  • What did Joseph dream about? Why were his brothers upset when he told them about the dream?
  • God commanded Pharoah to do something. What was this command? 
  • How many days did it rain when Noah and his companions were on the Ark?
  • During the Baptism of Jesus Christ, a voice spoke from the sky. Who was it that spoke?
  • What city was Jesus Christ born in?
  • What was Jesus Christ’s job before he began preaching?
  • What is the name of the sea that Jesus walked on?
  • Jesus Christ had how many disciples? 
  • When was Jesus Baptised? Who Baptised Jesus Christ? 
  • While traveling in Galilee, what other activity did Jesus Christ do aside from preaching?
  • What is the shortest verse in the Bible?
  • What is the name of Jesus Christ’s birth father?
  • The bible mentioned that Jesus fed about 5000 people using bread and fish. How much bread and fish did he use?
  • Did Jesus Christ know he was going to be arrested and killed that day?
  • After Jesus was buried in Tomb, what happened Next?  
  • What is the first and greatest commandment according to Jesus Christ?
  • What did Joseph’s brothers tell their father had happened to Joseph 
  • On what day did Jesus came back to life?
  • At the last supper, what did Jesus do to his disciples?
  • How did Jesus leave for Heaven from earth?
  • What is the name of the disciple that denied Jesus three times?
  • At the home of Simon the Leper, What did the Woman pour on Jesus’s leg?

Good Bible Questions That Will Help You Learn More About The Scripture 

Are you looking to Increase your knowledge of the scripture? Below are some questions to help you. 

  • What is the name of the disciple that betrayed Jesus?
  • What did Joseph ask his brothers to do when next they were coming to Egypt?
  • Why did Pharoah call for Joseph’s presence from the Jail? 
  • What were the men try in to do with the Tower of Babel?
  • Was Jesus’ sister ever mentioned in the Holy Bible?
  • How many book are in the new testament? 
  • How many books are in the Old Testament?
  • How many lepers did Jesus heal?
  • What lineage did Jesus come from?
  • How many brothers did Joseph has?
  •   What is the name of the 10th commandment?

More Bible Questions You Should Check Out

  • How did Jonathan save David’s life from Saul?
  • What are the names of the two Israelites that were granted entry into the promised land after numerous Years?
  • When Moses confronting Pharoah, what did his Staff turn into when he throw it on the floor? 
  • How many people were saved in Noah’s ark? 
  • What happened when Jesus Christ was in the wilderness? 
  • In what language was the new testament revealed ?
  • In the bible, what was the name of the Gaint that Joseph fought?
  • What are the names of Noah’s three sons? 
  • Who was imprisoned alongside Joseph?
  • What position did Pharoah appoint Joseph in?
  • Who did God give the ten commandments to?
  • What part of the bible narrated David’s time as a ruler? 
  • When Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego refused to prostrate before an idol, which punishment did they receive? 
  • Who took care of Jesus’ mother after his death? 
  • The Apostle that conveys the Gospel to the city of Samaria is?
  • Jesus was seen by how many people after he rose from the dead?
  • Which of David’s sons started a rebellion against him?
  • Who build the wall of Jerusalem? 
  • What was the sin that David committed that was recorded in the Bible?

Thought-provoking Good Bible Questions 

Below are thought-provoking questions about the Bible you should check out;

  • In the bible, what is the name of the last king that Daniel served?
  • Who lied to get Joseph put in jail?
  • How did Joseph’s brothers got rid of him?
  • What was the punishment given to Saul for defying?
  • What is the name of the prophet that rebuked David? 
  • In the holy bible, How did Samson die? 
  • Who anointed Saul as a king?
  • After killing an Egyptian, what did Moses do?
  • Who was the female Judge that declared Isreal’s victory? 
  • How many of Jesus’ siblings were mentioned in the Bible? 
  • What did Jesus Christ say is the second greatest commandment? 
  • Who was the first woman created?
  • Who was the first man on earth?
  • How many brothers did Joseph have?
  • What sign did God show Noah that implied he would not destroy the world again?
  • How did God speak to Moses in the desert?
  • When did the Mother of Jesus, Mary pass away?
  • Where is Jesus Christ now? What is he doing? And when is he coming back?
  • How did Jesus got resurrected? Who resurrected him? Did he resurrect himself? 
  • Does God control everything and everyone? 
  • How many books have the name John in them?
  • When did Jesus’ father, Joseph die?
  • Who Is the greatest prophet mentioned in the bible? 
  • How did Jesus’ Mother get pregnant? 
  • How did Saul die? 
  • What is the Name of Abraham’s second son?
  • Which of Jesus’ cousins is widely known?
  • How many days did God use to create the world? 
  • According to the holy bible, who bought Joseph? 
  • The holy bible was first written in what language? 
  • What is the last book narrated in the holy bible? 


Christians are urged to constantly seek knowledge about God, Jesus Christ, and the scripture. One way of seeking this knowledge is through bible questions. Above are 100+ bible questions you should check out.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some good bible study topics;

  • Discipline 
  • Love
  • Believing
  • Sacrifice
  • Rejoice

The name of Jesus Christ’s birth father is Jacob 

The name of Jesus cousin is John the Baptist. 




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