200 Good Morning Quotes for Him

Good morning quotes for him

Good morning quotes for him – Love can be so sweet that you just can’t wake up and start your day without having gone over millions of words to say to him. Graceful and loving words can move the heart of man, especially if he starts the day with it. 


If you want to spice things up with your boyfriend or husband, then sending him good morning quotes can fan up more romantic feelings. 

200 Good Morning Quotes for Him

Don’t have any idea what to write to him in the morning? Don’t worry, I have crafted 200 good morning quotes that will send him into the day energetically.

Romantic Good Morning Quotes

This morning, I need you more than I need coffee. Love you, babe.

The best part of my morning is waking up by your side. Good morning my love.

I hope you have an amazing start to your day. Good morning love! 

Starting my day without you is just not the same. Hurry home so I can curl up next to you every morning.

My sweet guy, waking up in your arms is the best part of my morning. Love you.

I woke up to the thought of my love for you. Good morning babe.

Just checking in to see if the sweetest guy I know is awake yet.

I can’t wait until I can finally wake up by your side every morning.

Sweetheart, waking up with you next to me would be a dream come true.Good morning!

Did you wake up from a dream of me? Good morning love!

I am sending over warm hugs and a morning kiss with this sweet message.

I am awake this morning with a cup of coffee with you on my mind. 

Good morning babe. Wishing I could kiss your handsome face as I wake up.

Good morning to the most handsome guy I have ever met. 

I hope you have a beautiful morning babe. I love you more than you know!

Is the morning sun bright and warm where you are today? Here is my love and kisses to make you have a great day.

It’s another morning my sweet boyfriend. I hope this morning text makes you smile.

Just sending you a morning text to let you know you mean the world to me. Good morning!

Good morning to the best boyfriend I could ever dream of. My true love!

Kiss me this morning— I miss you, babe.

I’m so lucky to have you as my reality. Good morning babe, I love you dearly.

I want to kiss you goodbye before you go to work every morning. 

Good morning babe! You are my pillar; I don’t know what I would do without you. Have a wonderful day.

It’s another beautiful morning, babe! The morning sun is beautiful here, but it isn’t as beautiful as seeing your face.

This morning would be better if I had you making coffee with me. 

This sunny morning would be beautiful if I had you in my arms. Have a lovely day, Mr. handsome.

Just woke up from a dream of you kissing me… this morning, send over your kisses.

Sending this morning text message to let my handsome man know that I miss waking up to you in the morning. I hope you have an incredible day; 

 I feel lost waking up without you by my side this morning. I don’t know where I would be without you.

Good morning, honey. Call me soon because I miss hearing your sweet voice. I love you more than you know.

Good morning to the one man that makes me smile.

Waking up seeing you by myself is  better than dreaming of you. Love you!

Good morning my dear one! Did you dream of me? I hope so!

I woke up to this amazing handsome man lying next to me; I almost thought I was dreaming. Love you babe!

Waking up next to you gives me peace of mind. Good morning my rock; I love you more than you know.

Each new day allows me to love you even more than the last. Have a great day, my everything!

Nothing feels better than your morning kiss, so I’m returning the favor! I love you, baby.

It’s another morning to tell you that I love you! Have a great day, dear.

Sending you love and hugs this morning. I can’t wait to finally be with you.

You, my dear, are sweeter than the syrup I had on my pancakes this morning. I love you deeply, my man!

It is another day! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are.

Good morning to the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

My heart feels whole when you touch me in the morning. I miss you!

Thinking of you extra today. I miss you more than you know. Good morning my love.

I couldn’t be more grateful for your presence next to me every morning. You are my everything, babe!

Hey babe! I hope this good morning text makes you smile and laugh and miss me. 

Good morning to the best guy I know! I love you more than words can express.

I love my guy with all of my heart. Good morning!

Last night, I had a dream of us together  and I’m wishing it would come true this morning. Miss you more than you know! 

Hurray! It’s another day to tell you how much I love you. 

Good morning my love, I just wanted to remind you that you are what I always wanted and what I will ever need. 

Hey babe, I am so lucky you are with me, and I will never stop cherishing every single moment I am with you. Good morning my sunshine.

Good morning, my sunshine. Wake up from bed and brighten my world with your presence. Have a wonderful day!

 This new day, I renew the love I have for you. 

This is to inform you that you are the sweetest guy I have ever met. I love you. Good morning.

It’s another day! And a new morning to think of you.

Good morning, my sweetheart. I have missed you so much.

How was I gifted with the cutest and most caring man in the universe? Good morning my heart.

There is no better thing for me to do than to wake up in your arms. Good morning, my knight in shining armor.

 Rise and shine, my love.

I just woke up and crave to be with you because you make me feel complete and fulfilled.

Hello my ray of sunshine, I know my morning will be good having you.have a beautiful day.

Good morning my love. I just want to let you know that I am always thinking of you. 

I dreamt about you last night. And the night before and the night before that, and even this morning. 

Our song was playing on the radio early this morning and I can’t stop myself from thinking about you. Good morning dear.

Just as the sun rises every morning, so those my love for you renew. Good morning the you my hero. 

I thought of you last night and you are the first thought I am holding now on my bed. Good morning dear.

People say you can’t touch love but only feel it. But I have since been touching love since I met you because you are my love. Good morning, Mr. Handsome.

Good morning, my hero. You are the one person who has constantly guarded my heart.

I thank God for giving me eyes to see the beauty of the sunrise with you. Good morning.

Every morning I am with you, I count it as a blessing. Not every woman is lucky enough to get such a handsome, charming, kind, and caring man. I am blessed that I met you and my eyes and heart helped me get you in my life. Thank you for being the best husband.

You are so humble and caring. With you, it is a great sharing. The best life partner I could ask is you. Thanks for being the best husband and best friend, too. Good morning, hubby dearest.

Happiness is just one part of our journey together. Love and commitment are what makes us perfect together. Let’s be perfect always. We can make everyday perfect when we are together. Good morning.

Our fates are not intertwined. They are entangled and fused at the core because we are soulmates. That is why we are the perfect couple. Good morning, my darling.

Thank you for the support you give me when I need it the most. You are a perfect man, and my dream of what a perfect husband should be. I am so thankful that you are my husband. I love you.

It’s another day for me to keep wondering how lucky I am to meet you. Good morning sweetheart.

My life begins everyday the moment you wake up. Good morning, prince charming.

You are more than my favorite dress. I can get tired of wearing it, but I will not get tired of loving you. Good morning, my heart.

Good morning, my tower of hope. You are a large part of my life that I can’t make a move without you. 

As this morning breaks with a beautiful sunrise, I want this message to make your day beautiful. Good morning, my sunshine.

You always make my morning complete for me, and I want you by my side in sunshine and in shade. Good morning babe.

I just woke up and had an inspiring thought; it was you. Good morning my love.

 Good morning, handsome. You always make my day shine bright.

Every morning I open my eyes, my mind races towards you and sets butterflies off in my stomach. Good morning my heart.

Flirty Good Morning Texts

Good morning handsome, can you still smell my perfume on your bedsheets? I hope you do.

Morning babe! I just got dressed, but I wished you were here to zip my dress

Having a good morning would mean you doing with me as you like below the sheets.  But since I’m not there with you, let’s only enjoy the thought of it.

Good morning to my sexy boyfriend whom I have missed his lips on mine.

Good morning babe! I am just sitting here with a cup of coffee and thinking about all the naughty things we were doing last night. Miss you Mr. sexy.

Good morning, sexy. I had a hot and steamy dream about us last night. I can’t wait to make it a reality.

Good morning to the sweetest guy I know. This morning I feel like I won’t be satisfied until your lips are on mine.

I am sending this morning text to my hot boyfriend to let him know how much I miss our fun under the sheets. Enjoy your day, love!

Good morning sexy man. I had so much pleasure with you last night; I’m sore! I hope you have a morning full of recovery like I am.

I just woke up from a steamy hot dream of you and I. I am hoping we can make it come true tonight. Have a wonderful morning.

Do you know that morning sex is my favorite? Can we make it happen?

It’s another morning babe! And I hope your morning workout has you sweaty just as we were last night. Enjoy!

Good morning, hotstuff! I want you so bad right now but I’m willing to wait until later. Have a great day!

Good morning dear. Just came out of the shower now. I wish you were here to help me get dressed. 

Wishing I woke up finding my body pressing against yours. Have a wonderful morning.

Woke up craving for something you give to me under the sheets. I wish you could fulfill that urge this morning. Have a wonderful day.

I woke up this morning and can’t seem to get last night out of my head. I hope this message makes you smile this morning.

It’s morning, again. I hope the thought of me reminds you of all our erotic moments. I miss having you in my bed, sexy.

I’m feeling cold this morning. Maybe you could come over and warm me up? I have some ideas you could try.

Good morning handsome! I hope your coffee is as hot as you are.

I had a dream about you last night and it was hot. Don’t mind coming over so I can show you what happened?

Good morning to the world’s sexiest lover. Thanks for hitting my pleasure points last night.

To start your morning, look in the mirror and say “hello” to the hottest man alive. Miss you my love.

Morning babe! Remember not to stress yourself much at work today because you have a job under the sheets when you get home.

I have an offer for you. Start your morning with a smile and end up with a sexy surprise when you get home. Have a great day, babe!

It’s another morning, babe. I wish I didn’t have to wait all day to get you naked, but I will.

Good morning hot boy. Me thinking of you touching and kissing me all over is the only thing that is getting me through work right now.

I hope your morning is as amazing as last night. I can’t stop thinking of ways to make it happen again soon.

Good morning babe! I wish I were there to wake you up in the right manner.

Good morning Mr. sexy. I bet you’re looking hot in your business outfit. But I know you are always hotter on your towel next to my bed.

Good morning baby, you up yet? Like are you really up yet?

Good morning sexy! I can’t wait to see you tonight and make all my naughty dreams about you come true.

It’s another day, babe. I have a quick question to help you start the day: how can I make you feel real pleasure tonight?

Morning sweetie! About to hop in the shower. Hoping that next time you can join me.

I want to let you know that you are the only dirty thought I will throughout the day. Good morning handsome.

Good morning love. I am sitting here sipping my coffee and thinking about what we would do if you were here right now. Maybe, do a lot of kissing and other stuff.

Morning, my sexy man. This is a quick reminder to let you know that if you were here right now, you wouldn’t be beside me, but inside me.

Hey handsome, time to wake up! I’m so turned on right now by the thought of you.

Good morning babe. I’m still having a hangover from your kisses.

I am currently daydreaming about all the morning sex we could have been having right now.

Funny Good Morning Texts

Good morning, my love! I just want you to know that you are the bacon to my eggs, the french to my toast, the PB to my J, and that I’m obviously famished right now. I hope you have a great morning!

Hello to the worst morning person I know! May you roll out of bed with style today.

Good morning to the man who could make sleeping an Olympic sport! Haha, I love you babe.

Always stay optimistic in your mind because you will never find it in the real world.  Have a lovely day!

May this good morning text message be the only good thing you see today! Kisses.

The worst part of waking up today is realizing it’s still not the weekend yet—arrgh…what a drag. Have a great morning, dear.

Mornings are good but unless you have an alarm clock to wake you up, then they’re a curse! 

Good morning, my hero. Don’t worry, if you didn’t get enough sleep last night, you could look forward to dozing at work.

Hey babe, if you want to have a good day, better not get out of bed!

Get up from bed and be grateful that you have such a wonderful partner like me in your life. Morning!

Don’t worry, I know that you’re not the positive morning person that wakes up and texts first, so here I am, picking up the slack! Love you.

Of course, sleeping is the only thing you can outdo me. Congrats and good morning!

Cheers to another day of you knowing me better than I know myself and still not choosing to use the door! I’m so lucky. Good morning, babe!

Kissing you first thing in the morning is risky with your breath flying over my face, so I have made you a virtual kiss instead!

I really want to kiss your lips right now, but honey, go brush your teeth first!

Good morning to the only man who can annoy me like an alarm clock but brighten my day like the sun. I love you, darling.

It’s so funny how you’re so sweet in my dreams but a tyrant when I wake up. No wonder I love sleeping so much. Just kidding, babe, good morning!

I was considering borrowing a kiss from you this morning? Any interest? I promise to return it with double interest.

Besides your kiss, your hug is the best part of my morning… So am I going to get one or not? Good morning!

I woke up just to say good morning and now I’m going back to sleep. Wake me up with a reply?

Good morning honey! Today is a wonderful day to keep a positive mindset. Who knows, maybe your tyrant boss will have a car crash and not make it to work? See, positive thoughts already!

There are only two kinds of people in this world: the morning people and the people who want to kill the morning people. Which are you?

Morning babe! I got so romantic that I made you breakfast in bed, but then I remembered we live in two completely different places. So, now I’m eating your breakfast, still in bed, but on your behalf.

I have an idea to spice up our relationship. Let’s have a competition to see who sends the earliest morning text… are you ready? Oh wait, it’s me! I win!

Good morning my love. I am applying to be your assistant. Before you say no, here are my qualifications: I have a degree in cuddling, a certificate for breakfast in bed, and a doctorate in sex. I hope I get the job!

Morning love! Just so you know, I’ve declared today my imaginary birthday so be sure to attend the party later in our bedroom with lots of gifts and special birthday wishes. Oh, and don’t forget about showering me with attention all day either!

Good morning. I was having some serious thoughts today about becoming a nun and going celibate… any thoughts?

Morning sweetheart. Just wanted to tell you that if you were a library book, I would steal you away!

Morning dear! I watched one of those ghost shows last night and it had me thinking about how I want you to be my boo. What do you say?

Morning baby. I was just thinking, you’re a lot like pizza… I want to order you, have you come over here, and fill me up!

Morning hot stuff! Your face is so handsome, they should make it illegal.

Morning babe! Wish you were here (so you could make coffee for me).

Who has two eyes, ten fingers, and the ability to teleport into your bed? Not me, sadly! Have a great day.

Hey babe, I want to break up… your morning routine with this cute good morning text! Got ya, have a good day!

Are you tired from running through my mind all night? Morning cutie.

Motivational Good Morning Texts

Good morning love. I have complete confidence in you to conquer this day!

Good morning babe. I wanted to send you this morning text to share my love with you to keep you motivated throughout the day.

I’m so proud of you every day, dear. Good morning and have a wonderful day!

No matter what struggles this day may bring, know that you will make it through, and I will be here by your side always. Love you, dear; good morning!

I’m so grateful to have a man in my life that inspires me daily as you do. I love you with every fiber of my being! Have a wonderful day.

Time to get up and kick some ass! Love you, babe. Have a brilliant day.

Babe, I just want you to know that not only are you the best guy I know, you are also my inspiration. Have a wonderful day.

Carpe diem baby! Cease this day.

You shine brighter than the sun, in my eyes. Here’s to another wonderful day with you!

You are here. You are alive and breathing. Go conquer what you can today babe. I’m here for you always and I hope this sweet text reminds you of that.

Sometimes the road we’re on can be rocky but know that even the bumps in the road lead to smoother days ahead. You’ve got this, babe!

When you encounter an obstacle on your path, know that you have the power to conquer it. Get up and moving, babe!

Hard work and determination today, help to build for more success tomorrow! Good morning babe, time to crush this day.

If you believe in yourself, you can move mountains. Have a great day babe!

This day only comes once in your lifetime so, try to make it the best day you possibly can. Morning babe, wishing you a wonderful day.

You are valued, loved, and treasured. Remember that despite any struggles you may face today. I love you!

My faith in you has no limit, for you are the best guy I know and inspire everyone around you. Here’s to another great day, babe!

Despite the difficulties you may encounter today, be sure to remember the many blessings you are dealt as well. Have a wonderful morning, babe!

Good morning babe! It’s a brand new day; welcome it and cherish its bright opportunities.

Remember that setbacks are only there to set-up future success. Do what you can today love! Have a great morning.

The morning sun is shining bright for it’s a new day full of fresh opportunities. Let’s enjoy it!

Let the worries of yesterday slip off your back as you welcome this new dawn! Good morning my love.

Good morning sweetheart. May your happiness rise with the sun today!

Despite the difficulties of yesterday or the struggles of today, remember to smile and stay positive. Sometimes optimism is all it takes for worries to fade. Good morning dear.

Perseverance helps push us through hard times so we may look back and be proud of our growth. You’re off to do amazing things love. Have a wonderful morning.

Good morning love, I’m so proud of all you have accomplished and continue to work on. You are an inspiration!

Good morning! Remember that today promises new opportunities, so free your mind from yesterday’s worries.

Let the light of this morning brighten any darkness looming in your mind. Have a wonderful day my love.

Let your morning brim with the dreams you encountered while sleeping. Time to get started on achieving them!

Good morning baby! Time to get up and start conquering the dreams that danced in your mind while you were sleeping.

Morning love! Be sure to live life in the present moment because today is a gift.

Let the sun’s light shine a new perspective on whatever shadows linger in your mind. Have a great day babe.

Everything in life happens for a reason. Keep your head up throughout whatever this day has in store for you! I love you.

A new day means a new start! Good morning babe.

Don’t let anyone keep you from doing the things you’re passionate about. Go crush this day babe!

Positive thoughts attract positive opportunities in life. Stay positive today, my love!

Make a better tomorrow by making the most out of today! Enjoy your day love.

Wipe the tiredness away because something wonderful is in-store today. Love you, dear, good morning.

Believe in yourself. You can conquer anything you dream of. Have a great morning, babe.

Start the day with a win by not hitting your snooze button. Love you, babe!

Hurray, it’s another day to start bugging you.


Sending your boyfriend or husband cute, romantic, or funny quotes every morning can make his day. It can also make you indispensable in his life. Those words are strong enough to cut through even the most stony heart and make you that special someone in his life.


Good morning quotes are romantic. If you have a boyfriend or husband who has words or affirmation as his love language, you will definitely win the highest spot in his life.

C’mon, what are you waiting for? – try out one of these quotes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are creative enough to craft a beautiful and funny paragraph, go ahead and write him some of your best lines. If you are blank, you can check out some paragraphs from the internet.


You can say good morning to a special person using romantic words, like dear, sweetheart, honey, in your texts or phone call or physically as you greet them.

You can seduce your boyfriend in the morning by sending him flirty text messages or saying erotic words or dress in a way that would turn him on.


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