Hannam University Exchange Program For International Students

Hannam University Exchange Program

Exchange Program For International students: Hannam University is a university in South Korea that only accepts students having 120 or more total gameplays of League of Legends. They partner with the company Huuuge Game to sponsor students who are not getting sponsored by other universities.


The school was founded as a response to the Korean government’s decision to stop funding higher education for video game players after an investigation revealed large numbers of children in their twenties and thirties were dropping out of university. Hannam University currently has around 100 students.

The main courses include economics, accounting, psychology, law, etc. There are also classes for game design, game programming, and 3D graphics.

Hannam University is currently sponsored by Huuuge Games, a Korean video game company that sponsors students’ attendance at Hannam University.


Hannam University Exchange Program Program

Hannam University has been involved in many activities to promote international exchange and cooperation, such as hosting the International Conference on Advanced Engineering Technology (ICAET) annually since 2013, launching its World TOPICS project in 2014 to encourage students to participate in international debate competitions, and expanding its MAE program by opening up undergraduate courses since 2016 so that students can earn dual degrees from their home country abroad at Hannam University.

Hannam University is the nation’s top military university. The exchange program is designed to provide an opportunity for students to experience a diverse cultural environment, and communicate with people from different backgrounds. The tuition of this exchange program has been fully subsidized by Hannam University, and all living expenses are also covered. Hannam University was established in 2005, after the merger between Hannam University and Seoul National University.

Purpose of Hannam University Exchange Program

As part of our efforts to achieve global development, we will open foreign student programs at several universities including Hannam University, Korea National Open University, Sogang University, and Korea National University of Arts. The international students in these programs will be selected through a rigorous selection process based on academic excellence and English proficiency. We are also planning to send students to study abroad in other countries such as the United States and Canada.


The international students in these programs will be selected through a rigorous selection process based on academic excellence and English proficiency.

Requirements for Hannam University Exchange Program

Are you interested in pursuing a degree at Hannam University? If so, you’ll need to fulfill the following requirements before we can offer you a spot in our exchange program.

  • Fill out our online application and include all necessary documents.
  • Complete an entrance exam and interview with us over WeChat or Skype, which we will schedule with you after your application, has been approved.
  • Show up for orientation on the date that suits your arrival schedule best.
  • Pay the enrollment fee of USD 150 by wire transfer or credit card payment on campus during orientation. Your place is not secured until fees are paid in full!

Documents Needed for Hannam University Exchange Program

The following documents needed are:

  • a photocopy of the applicant’s passport
  • a photocopy of a valid visa (if applicable)
  • 2 passport-sized photos
  • Proof of English proficiency (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS, etc. score)
  • a receipt of the application fee
  • (Photo ID and originals are needed)
  • (Provide a photocopy of your documents if you are not personally applying)
  • $100 cash or check (made payable to “U.S. Consulate”) if international student/visitor: The money will be refunded to you after the interview in cash, by mail, or by wire transfer. If you choose to have it wire transferred, send your bank account information with this form signed by someone who is at least 18 years old.

Tuition fees at Hannam University

At Hannam University the tuition fee is very flexible. We know that in our region, most students cannot afford education, so we developed a system where each student pays for the cost of their programs according to their ability. The tuition fee is $7,500 a year, and for graduate students, the tuition fee is $8,000 a year

This means you can study for free if you have no money! Families and companies pay a price depending on how much they can pay from various incentives. The more you give, the more your child will receive and vice versa (though it is always better to pay less and let your child work hard!)

Faculties in Hannam University

The following is a list of faculties at Hannam University for international students:

  •  School of International Trade and Commerce
  • School of Logistics and Transport (One-year program)
  • School of Tourism Management
  • Law College
  • School of English Language Education (One-year program)
  • School of Tourism Development Management
  • Department of General Education
  • Korean Language Academy (One-year program)

 There is also a list on the right under “Hannam University”. It includes information about the country, education system, tuition fees, etcetera…

The school has the following departments:


Elite School of Business (Elite-SJ) is a private school at Hannam University (Wellspring)

Currently, the university offers five bachelor’s programs. They are: English Language and Literature, Applied Economics, Law, Information and Communication Technology, and Administrative Management.

The university also has three associate degree programs in English Language Education, International Trade and Commerce, and Information and Communication Technology Management. These are taught by KOREAN instructors. The university gives international students the option to begin their studies at Hannam University or their native country’s universities before coming to Korea for 2 years of residence to complete their degree.

Facilities at Hannam University

Hannam University is not your average university. Rather than large lecture halls, students will study and collaborate in small, personal rooms that allow for individual attention. They also offer a teaching style that allows students to learn at their own pace and take part in various hands-on activities to help them understand concepts better.

The most popular course of the school is its nursing program where the teaching process does work like a hospital ward and students get to experience all the emotions of the position. The university’s faculty includes many international celebrities such as Dr. Hilary Clinton, Dr. Phil McGraw, and Dr. Jeffrey Zaslow.

International Students at Hannam University 

With over a century of experience, Hannam University is one of the most prestigious and prestigious universities in Korea. It has an international reputation as a top choice for students who are seeking an excellent education.

Diversity of academic departments, such as law and engineering, with dynamic course offerings and innovative research projects provide students from the U.S., China, Japan, South Africa, and many other countries with excellent opportunities for their future careers.

The university is recognized for its outstanding academic standards at home and abroad which leads to cooperation agreements with more than 100 universities throughout the world. International students can choose from more than 200 majors, including business management and education.

Faculty members are passionate about teaching and research. Over 80 percent of the faculty members hold a Ph.D. or master’s degree, with several of the professors having received the prestigious national academic award for research achievements.


Benefits of Studying at Hannam University

  • International students benefit in ways such as:
  • Students are offered a wide variety of courses, including Korean language courses.
  • There are many opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities, such as picking up Korean hobbies, attending lectures hosted by the university, and taking part in training camps to prepare for national exams.
  • Students can transfer to other universities in Korea if they wish.

Hannam University exchange program for international students has been a welcoming and supportive program for international students since it first opened its doors. With the recent development of Hannam Global Campus, Hannam University strives even further to be an internationally recognized school that educates every student with a sense of excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doing a student exchange in Korea is a fantastic way to immerse yourself into the country’s culture and develop your Korean language skills in a short period of time.

The average summer abroad in South Korea costs between $2,945 and $5,800. Students eager to enroll in exchange programs can plan to spend $11,995 for a semester, or $15,995 for a year. Some program costs include airfare, and all of them include meals with host families, as well as program excursions.


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