He Came To Canada for His Master’s Degree Study in 2019, But Now He Is A Permanent Resident Of Canada

Came To Canada for His Master's Degree Study

A Canadian based Nigerian netizen identified as Oluwaseyi Adeboye shared his story of how came to Canada in 2019 for his master’s study, but end up becoming a permanent resident of Canada in 2022.

Oluwaseyi Adeboye recount his blessings at the very moment he became a permanent resident of Canada.

According to him, his Master’s study abroad at McGill University was sponsored by Mastercard Foundation.


On August 12, 2019 I arrived Canada đź‡¨đź‡¦ for master’s degree McGill University sponsored by Mastercard Foundation.

On February 28, 2021 I got my Postgraduate Work Permit and started working full time April 1, 2021.

On July 29, 2022 I became a permanent resident of Canada đź‡¨đź‡¦ with all the benefits attached to one.

August 12, 2022 made exactly 3 years I have been in Canada đź‡¨đź‡¦ but this time as a permanent resident. Has it been easy? Damn no! But is it worth it, in my opinion yes.

It was a huge sacrifice leaving behind friends and family back home but I am super grateful for the family here in Canada Henry Nwachukwu, M.Eng, EIT, Nafisatu Bukari, Hope Zimba, Abidemi Soyoye and LinkedIn I call these people my village people and they’ve been of great support since my arrival in Canada.

This is indeed a great feat! From all of us at yabacampus.com, we say “Congratulations bro”

Credit: Oluwaseyi Adeboye LinkedIn Profile

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