100 Heart-touching Birthday Quotes For Sons

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100 Heart-touching Birthday Quotes For Sons – Birthdays are marked once every year. Many parents individuals see this as very important, as it is a reminder of one’s coming into the world. This is very special for parents especially.

Birthdays are days that loved ones share or gift the celebrants with so many hearts felt gifts of all kinds, this could be physical or non-physical gifts; cards, birthday wishes, prayers or more.

Wishes or prayers are not bad choices of gift you can offer to the celebrants. They are the cheapest and sometimes the honest or best to give.

You might be confused about what to write or say to celebrants, there are always one thousand and one great words. 

Here are some great heart-touching birthday quotes for that male child of yours or son, to elevate him or shower his day;

100 heart-touching birthday quotes for Sons

“We watch you grow son, now you are a year older, we would continue to watch you grow till our last breath, we love you. Happy Birthday”

“Son, you are my light, my happiness, and my eternal joy. I am forever blessed for having you as my son. Happy birthday”

“We asked for joy, God gave us bigger joy, Son, you are our joy, our peace and tomorrow, happy birthday”

“Happy Birthday my Prince, my son, my world, may your dream for a greater and brighter tomorrow sprout and blossom to its peak”

“It feels like yesterday when I got great news I had you, from that time to now you have brought nothing but joy to us, the warmth of your presence gladdens our hearts. Thank you for choosing us, son. Happy birthday”

“To say I am blessed to have you as a son doesn’t even begin to describe it. Happy birthday my dear son”

“Happy birthday my boy, your world, your progress, and your happiness is my concern, I love you”

“From your 1st birthday to each one since my heart has only grown bigger with love for you”

“My Baby boy is no longer a baby, he is now a man, continue to grow in grace, I love till the end son. Happy birthday”

“If I continue to wish for more, I would be missing it all, you are everything. Happy birthday Son”

“You truly are the greatest blessing a mom could wish for. I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays today, my dear son”

“It’s your day my dear son, the day you came into our lives with your light, have a great day, Happy birthday my joy”

“Happy birthday, son. Each year I become prouder of the wonderful boy you are growing up to be”

“I am sending you all my love my son, you are the best son in the universe, I will forever be your mom. Happy birthday son”

“A friend to many, a son to one, I am so blessed to be your mom. Happy birthday, my boy”

“Happy birthday, a proud father of a wonderful son is sending his love. Cheers to the new age”

“You are plus one today but forever be my little minion, I love you forever, Happy birthday son”

“Happy birthday to my super son. Today marks one more year that you have been spreading much joy and light in this world”

“My baby boy is plus one today, mama loves you from the beginning to the end, Happy birthday”

“Happy birthday son, you are growing bigger, stronger and better in grace, you are my joy. Have a wonderful birthday”

“We are so fortunate to have a fantastic son like you. You have always been a beacon of light for us. Happy birthday, son!”

“It is your smile that keeps giving us the brightest joy. Happy birthday our son”

“Hey, my little boy, let’s make your birthday the most frigging birthday party in this city. Happy birthday, son!”

“We are cutting cakes and popping Champaign. Son, you are the best thing in our lives. Happy birthday”

“You remain our laughter and joy, Happy birthday to the handsome son in the world. Cheers to a new age”

“I hope you are half as proud to be my son as I am to be your parent. Know that I am your biggest fan and your greatest protector in life. Happy birthday”

“God gave us an angel to care for, we are proud of doing a great job, and we would continue to be your guide. Happy birthday son”

“My Smile, my love, my baby, my world, my chill, my light, my son, my world. Happy birthday, son!”

“Happy birthday son, you mean everything to mama, mama bear still has you protected. Have a fun full day”

“My dear lovely son, you have grown up so much but still, you crave so much pampering and attention and attention like a boy does. May God’s divine light keep shining on you always. Happy birthday, son!”

“I am making a list to God for my son, he has been great, give him, joy, peace, love, and the beautiful things of life. Happy birthday dear son”

“Here comes the day when we can celebrate the birthday of the ever-shining lamp of this family. Happiest birthday to the most handsome son”

“By leaps and bounds, you are the most colossal blessing of my life. You are the happiness and laughter of this family. Happy birthday, son”

“We are so proud of the man you have become, gentle, smart, handsome and loving. May your days be bright as the morning star. Happy birthday, Son!”

“My son is super awesome, and I am the lucky one because I get to be his mother. Have a wonderful birthday dear son”

“Happy birthday, son! you were a wonderful child, and you’ve become a wonderful man. Notice I didn’t mention anything about the teen years”

“Who wants all the luxuries and comforts of the world when someone has an obedient and caring son like you. Happy birthday my baby! I love you”

“Son, we may not say it often, but today is a perfect day to let you know what a precious gift you are to us. Happy birthday, son”

“Happy birthday son, I look around for my little boy, and what I see is the loving man God has blessed me with. Enjoy your day dear son”

“My son is a year older, we are getting a bigger cake for him, thank you for the light you have brought to my life, Mummy loves you” Happy birthday son”

“I find it hard to let you go, but you are a year older my son, know that you always have a room in my heart, I love you. Happy birthday baby bear”

“You have become a wonderful man, which has made you even more precious to me. Happy Birthday to a beloved son!”

“Gifts everywhere, party on me, it is my gorgeous dear son’s birthday. Happy birthday my world my son”

“I can’t keep calm, my son, my life is a year older” I cherish you son, every day of my life” Happy birthday”

“I want to be extra dramatic, I have the most handsome and coolest son in the world. Happy birthday dear son”

“God made me a superwoman when he blessed me with a precious boy, as you clock one today, may your dreams sprout effortlessly”

“Since the day you were born, I have been in awe of you, you brought unconditional love into my life. I hope that the impact you have made on my life is felt today, my dear son.

“Daddy’s son is a year older, I am the proudest day. Happy birthday son”

“Dear son, your birthday signifies a life that is brimming with vitality. May you enjoy all the merriment that today has to offer you”

“You are the most precious and cutest little boy I have seen. My dear son you mean the world to me. Happy birthday Son”

“You will always be my baby boy, father loves you endlessly, that is why I don’t sleep. Happy birthday”

“I can’t guess if you will become a firefighter, an astronaut or a football star, but I know for sure that you are a very special boy. Have lots of fun on your birthday”

“Just like baby Jesus born in a manger, my little special boy was blessed to us. This is your special day, I cherish and want to mark it with you” I love you son.

“You are the true definition of a pure heart. My son we love and cherish you eat and drink as you wish, daddy got you covered. Happy birthday”

“I have a flesh of me growing joyfully, why won’t I keep feeding it. I love you son. Happy birthday”

“I kept checking the time, it is almost your day, but I can’t wait, it is almost my son’s birthday. Cheers with so much love”

“Rose are red, but my baby boy is the purest son with the purest heart, Happy birthday love”

“Dear son, you will always be my biggest entertainment and happiness. I love you more than anything. Happy birthday”

“My son, I cherish the day you were born, every moment I cherish, every plus one is a remembrance that we are blessed with an angel. Happy birthday Son”

“You are forever my smile, I am glad to watch you grow. Happy birthday my baby boy”

“Happy birthday, a thousand songs, a thousand wishes, a thousand prayers, a thousand hugs for you my son. Happy birthday”

“Heaven is celebrating an angel on earth, as you clock plus one today, may your joy never cease. Happy birthday son”

“Continue to shine and blossom in the glory of the Lord. Cheers to a new age son”

“As the sun you keep shining brighter, like the star, your light would be distinct, like the moon, you will always remain relevant and like diamonds, you would never lose your wonder. Happy birthday dear son”

“Coupled with a thousand diamonds, you shine brighter dear son. Happy birthday”

“I am sending kisses, kisses I have been giving you from birth, I love you, my dear son. Happy birthday”

“Happy birthday son, your first day on earth was a blessing, that blessing you have carried all through and will continue to. Much love and have a wonderful birthday son”

“If I could say all that’s in my heart for you, I would have to write a book. my heart and soul wish greatness for you my son”

“Happy birthday son, happy birthday son, I can keep going, today is your special day which I can’t miss for anything”

“My darling son our world revolves around you we are here always for you” Mama and Papa love you. Happy birthday”

“My darling son, my heart goes out to you today. I wish the best and nothing but the best for you today and always”

“It is strikingly amazing how you have grown so big, your joy will never cease, enjoy your day my son”

“From the very day I held onto you, I knew you would e my joy forever. Mother’s love, enjoy this beautiful day of yours”

“Money is nice to have, but having a son like you is what it really means to be rich. Happy birthday my wealth”

“A treasure that has been gifted to me, a treasure that I have to secure, Happy birthday my treasure, Happy birthday my son”

“I wonder if you would ever stop being my little Prince, I think you are my Prince forever. loads of love from mummy. Happy birthday my boy”

“Happy birthday my son, I am writing you a million-dollar song, it is worth the time and stress”

“Happy birthday, son. My love for you grows stronger than your gym socks”

“Wishing you the happiest birthday, meanwhile we are having the best today, there are more to come, my boy”

“When you could my love would keep you warm, when you lost my light would direct you when you down I am there to support you. Remember I am always there for you. Happy birthday my lovely boy”

“I will do everything in my power to make you happy today and forever. Happy birthday son”

“Happy birthday my cherry pie, my son I will never grow tired of your smile. Enjoy your day dear”

“As I grow older I wonder if I can still fight for you, I realized you are still my baby, I have to, Happy birthday son”

“You have my trust to be your strength forever, happy birthday my baby boy”

“To my adult son who has grown from a great kid to a remarkable man, happy birthday”

“You are now a great man full of vigour, that is what I expected, you are a brave and courageous son, your birthday is a mark for warriors. Happy birthday”

“I thank God I have got a great son like you to help keep me going and remain ever grateful in life. Happy birthday”

“I thought I would be alone, but when you arrived you came with so much loving, thank you for giving me hope my son. Happy birthday”

“Sending my love and best wishes to a so I never cease to be grateful for. Have a happy birthday”

“The beautiful memories we have shared so far can only be from an angel God has given to me as a Son, Happy birthday”

“Kisses kisses kisses kisses, for my number two husband. Happy birthday dear son”

“I cried the day you were born because your type is rare. you are my diamond. Happy birthday son”

“Happy birthday to my handsome son, just live your life in your way because I am happy in all your desires”

“My baby boy is a man now, I am glad because I have a soldier on my side. Happy birthday son”

“I promised not to cry but I cry, my son is a man, a man of grace. Happy birthday my son”

“Wishing a super happy birthday to an awesome example of a son”

“My son your happiness will never cease because I constantly pray for you. Happy birthday dear”

“If I never get another wish to come true, I am still glad I got this one, you son are dream come true. Happy birthday”

“Happy birthday son. Your still momma’s boy despite the moustache”

“I’m so glad you got looks; life’s so much easier when you look good. Happy birthday my handsome son”


Birthdays are memorable days that many take to appreciate a journey and progress into another phase. sometimes we want to show to our love ones how much we love them dearly, we intend to send messages, take them out or send gifts to them on their birthday.

Meanwhile, here are some birthday wishes you can send to your loved son on his birthday, there are not just words, but heartfelt words which can go a long way.


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