Top 15 Best High Schools in Australia

Best High Schools in Australia

Best High Schools in Australia – Australia is a unique country in the Australian continent. With a lot of history, Australia has a lot of attraction. It is one of the largest countries in the world (sixth largest) and is a highly developed country. These and many other reasons attract tourists and international students.

Australia is one of the top locations, alongside the United Kingdom, United States, China, Canada and Australia where international students flock to every year to study and research. This is because Australia can compete globally in terms of development and has some of the best universities and high schools.

One of the problems students have in highly developed countries is figuring what schools, colleges or universities are the best in the country. Students who have the means and wish to attend the best schools are usually boxed into a corner with more than fifty elite schools, unable to select the top best schools.

Australia has some of the best high schools in its continent, with some of these schools ranked among the top 150 best high schools in the world. This article screens the elite schools in Australia and selects the top best.

Best High Schools in Australia

The high schools mentioned below are a random selection of the best elite schools in Australia that are ranked internationally. The schools are also listed in no particular order of superiority but are the best high schools in Australia. Among these Australian high schools, there are only-boys schools, only-girls schools, catholic schools, private schools and other types of high schools. Below is the list of the best high schools in Australia arranged in alphabetical order.

  • Ascham School, Edgecliff 
  • Baulkham Hills High School, Baulkham Hills
  • Fort Street High School, Petersham
  • Girraween High Schools
  • Hornsby Girls High School, Hornsby
  • James Ruse Agricultural High School, Carlingford
  • Meriden School, Strathfield
  • North Sydney Boys High School, Crows Nest
  • North Sydney Girls High School, Crows Nest
  • Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Campus
  • NormanHurst Boys High School, Normanhurst
  • Perth Modern School
  • Reddam House, Woollahra
  • Sydney Boys High School, Surry Hills       
  • Sydney Girls High School, Surry Hills

Ascham School, Edgecliff

The concept of Ascham School is to instill the spirit of hard work and diligence in all of its students. This school is one of the oldest high schools in Australia, having been established in 1886. The Ascham School is a very beautifully designed school for girls, located in Edgecliff.

The school is non-denominational and is an independent boarding and day school. The Ascham school currently has an enrolment of about 1200 students, all girls and is located in the urban area of Edgecliff, a city in Sydney.

This school is one of the best high schools in Australia and is affiliated with notable Australian institutions like Australian Boarding Schools Association, Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia, Alliance of Girls’ Schools, Australia and many others.

Ascham School aims to develop a trait of leadership in its students alongside hard work, intelligence, and consistency. The school operates on a non-profit policy.

Established by Marie Wallis, the school was named after Queen Elizabeth I’s tutor, Roger Ascham. Under Headmistress Margaret Bailey, Ascham School became a company, a move that was for the better of the school.

To give the students exposure, Ascham has exchange programmes with other high schools in different countries. Some of these schools are Nightingale-Bamford School (New York), St. Mary’s Calne (United Kingdom), Havergal College (Toronto), City of London School for Girls (London) and many other schools.

Contact Information

Telephone: 612 8356 7000

Contact Address: 188 New South Head Road, Edgecliff, New South Wales 2027, Australia

Email: –


Baulkham Hills High School, Baulkham Hills

Baulkham Hills High School was established in 1971 and launched officially by ex-Governor Roden Cutler in 1974. In New South Wales, Baulkham Hills High School is ranked consistently as part of the top five schools and has also been ranked one of the best high schools in Australia.

The high school currently has an enrolment of about 1300 students, with the current principal being Wayne Humphreys. The school has once being ranked as the best in the state.

Students are taught to persevere, as the logo indicates. Through hard work and commitment, students can achieve personal academic goals. The students at Baulkham Hills High School are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities.

There is a wide variety of activities that students can participate in. Some of these are swimming, diving, cross country, track games and many others. Admission is through the SHST, and only successful candidates will be considered for admission.

The Baulkham Hills High School holds a couple of sports carnivals every year. The carnivals usually have students from other top Australian high schools. Some of the well-known alumni of this school are Greg Combet, Sam Dastyari, Jayne Jagot, Stephanie Schweitzer, Gordon Smith, and many others.

Contact Information

Telephone: 612 9639 8699

Contact Address: 419A Windsor Road, Baulkham Hills, New South Wales 2153, Australia

Email: [email protected]


Fort Street High School, Petersham

Fort Street High School is one of the best high schools in Australia, with the principal Juliette McMurray working hard to improve the school quality. The high school was established in 1849 and helps students understand that they are the maker of their own future.

The school has an enrolment of about 960 students with a staff size of about 80. People who are students or graduate from the Fort Street High School are called Fortians. There is a replica of Fort Street High in Japan, a kind of sister high school called the Suginami Sogo High School, Tokyo.

The students are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities; the school provides a lot of facilities for them. There are programs like skating, Frisbee, hockey, aerobics, rugby, water polo, squash, cricket, net ball, base ball, fencing, volley ball, bocce, quidditch, basketball, rock climbing and a few othes.

This way, students can develop deep interest in other activities apart from academics and learn better. The school has great history, a reasonable once regarding its age. Some of the alumni of the Fort Street High School are Edmund Barton (Australia’s first prime minister), Michael Kirby and four other Justices of the Australian High Court. A fortian has also been the president of the UN General Assembly, president of the ICJ (International Court of Justice), and Chancellors of renowned universities.

The most important part of a school, a parents association is integrated in the Fort Street High School system, enabling parents to be an important part of their child’s growth. This school is no doubt one of the most notable and best high schools in Australia.

Contact Information

Telephone: 612 8585 1600

Contact Address: Parramatta Road, Petersham, Inner West Sydney, New South Wales 2049, Australia

Email:  [email protected]


Girraween High Schools

Just like some other high schools in Australia, Girraween High School also has a sister school in Japan. Hisai High School, Mie, Japan is the sister school of Girraween High School.

This school was established in 1976 and is still a little young considering the age of some Australian high schools. Despite being founded many years after some of the top schools in Australia, Girraween High has grown to become one of the top best high schools in New South Wales.

When the school was established in 1976, it had an enrolment of only 300 students, a number which has more than doubled presently. The first principal of Girraween High was Colin Browser, and his efforts are part of what laid the foundation of this great high school.

In 1989, Girraween High School formed the alliance with Hisai High School, and it has been a rollercoaster since 2004. Girraween High School students are consistently part of the top students in the HSC, with the school rising in ranks to be among the top five in the state.

Since 2012, students at Girraween High no longer take the School Certificate and take the HSC instead. The students have been consistently exceptional in the exams, pushing the school ranks up yearly. To be eligible for admission, aspirants must score at least 235 in the SHST.

Some of the well known alumni of this school are David Brown (A neuroscientist), Nicole Da Silva (Actress), Jana Pittman (Athlete) and many others.

Contact Information

Telephone: 612 9636 7293

Contact Address: 110, Gilba Road, Girraween, New South Wales 2145, Australia

Email:  [email protected]



Australia is very popular with students and education in general. This is due to the quality of the colleges, universities and high schools in the country. For students who are just graduating middle school with excellent grades and wish to study at any of the best high schools in Australia, this article has compiled a list of the schools.

The schools mentioned above are the best high schools in Australia, with some of them ranked among the best in the continent and the world.


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