Top 10 Best High Schools In Brisbane

Top 10 Best high school in Brisbane 2Top 10 Best high school in Brisbane

Top 10 Best High Schools In Brisbane – High school provides students with enough knowledge for a higher level. It is at this level that pupils practically pick what they would want to be doing in the future.

The high school level is a crucial aspect for many pupils, in many countries this level of education is free. Governments of several countries spend heavily on education. It is important this level gets the best.

Australia is a highly advanced country on the Australian continent. The mega city is one of the oldest and the largest city w in the world. Australia has one of the best education systems in the world. 

They are so many schools in Australia to choose from, however. Brisbane has quite several great high schools to enroll your kids with. With great teaching, a beautiful environment, advanced and highly technologized learning environment.

The megadiverse city of Brisbane is a great place to leave and learn.

Here we would be making a list of the best high schools in Brisbane.

Brisbane, Australia 

Talking of a megadiverse city, Brisbane is one of the most highly advanced cities in Australia. Brisbane is the capital city of the state of Queensland. It is one of the largest and most populated cities in Australia with over 2.6 million people.

Brisbane is a megacity that is known for its landmarks which attract several people yearly. Brisbane is also famous for sports, zoos, Koalas, and lamingtons.

It also has strengths in Medicine and Biotechnology, Brisbane is a global city. In a recent ranking, the city was ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world with great foods, nightlife 100% great, affordable, friendly citizens, an eco-friendly environment, and a safe place.

Brisbane is not just referred to as a megacity because of its technologies or highly advanced environment. The city houses the tallest buildings in Australia. Brisbane has. The highest numbers and tallest skyscrapers in Australia.

Many of its citizens speak English as this is Australia’s national language. However, many others do speak Mandarin, such as Vietnamese, Cantonese and many others.

The Megacity city has been listed to be among the cities with the highest GDP in the Asia Pacific. Brisbane has strength in Mining, Finance, Transportation, Food, Insurance, Information Technology and others. It is also known for Tourism. This sector guarantees the city a lot of income.

Australian education is one sector that is highly sorted after by international students. In 2018, over 95,000 International students enrolled on Universities and other tertiary institutions in Brisbane. This tells that the system is one of the best in the world.

Education in Brisbane is overseen by the Queensland Government, under the jurisdiction of Education Queensland, as the are several popular Universities, five with multiple campuses around Australia and loads of primary and secondary. Whether private, public or independent schools.

Brisbane is a beautiful city that offers the people of Brisbane many opportunities to explore and enjoy. Brisbane is a lovely, safe, friendly and loving people and, has loads of side attractions to keep you going.

List of 10 Best High Schools in Brisbane

There are several high schools in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. Queensland has around 1,770 high schools that provide students with competitive learning and learning environment.

Here is a list of the top 10 best high schools in Brisbane;

Albany Creek High School

Albany is a state secondary school located in the north of Brisbane. It was established in 1982. The school is divided into four houses, which include Apollo, Hercules, Pegasus and Vulcan.

The School is one of the best schools in Brisbane that provides students with several subjects and extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs and societies, computers and Internet and Religious Instructions.

The co-educational school has great learning facilities, a library, advanced classrooms and others, it enrolls over 1430 students. The school is a safe place to study.

All Hallows’ School

This is one of the few private catholic schools for girls only. It was established in 1861. The school is located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. The institute is a day school that is affiliated with the Roman Catholic church.

All Hallows’ school is one of the oldest girls’ schools in Australia with an enrolment of around 1,550 students. The School is structured into different houses in which staff and students are placed. it has eight houses.

All Hallows’ school is a great place for learning. It provides students with several subjects and extracurricular activities such as sports. The school is affiliated with the Catholic Secondary School Girls’ Sports Association.

Aboriginal & Islander Independent Community School

Located in the Suburb of Brisbane’s High gate Hill. The Independent co-education school was established in 1981. The school is a multi-diverse school that accepts all. it is popularly known as The Murri School. 

The Independent school is in association with top institutes such as The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service Inc. University of Queensland and The Institute of Urban Health.

The school has been ranked one of the best in Queensland, as it caters for students from Prep to Level 12, with a wide range of subjects in Mathematics, English, Science, Arts, History, Geography, Indigenous Studies, Technology and many others.

Its extracurricular activities cover a wide range as well, such as Sports and Exercise, Dance, and Art Exhibition. The school is a safe and perfect place for learning.

Agnew School

Agnew School is an Independent School located in Wakerley, Brisbane. The school runs multiple campuses, at the moment it has four campuses. In Brisbane, Nambour, Toowoomba and Maryborough. The school caters for students from Prep to Level 12. 

The school was established in 1990. The Co-education school equips students with marketable skills, via its advanced learning curriculum, and highly digitalized learning environment. Agnew is built on building students to a professional level. and also a safe place for learning.

Rivermount College

Rivermount College is an independent school that is a non-denominational Christian School. It caters for students from Prep to Level 12. The school is a co-education school and one of the best in Brisbane. Rivermount was established in 1992. The school sharpens students to excellence.

The school is structured into four houses. The school has some great facilities as it is located on the bank of River Albert at Yalata. Its facilities include; Early training Centre, beautiful primary and secondary school rooms, a well-equipped library, Colin Young Community Centre, Outdoor Learning and Recreation, sports facilities and others.

The School provide students with a wide range of subject and extracurricular activities. it is a safe and great place for learning.

  • Ormiston College, Brisbane.
  • Redeemer Lutheran College, Brisbane.
  • Balmoral State High School, Brisbane.
  • Victoria Point State High School, Brisbane.
  • Woodridge State High School, Brisbane.

Other best High Schools in Brisbane include;

  • Aspley Special School, Brisbane.
  • Kelvin Groove State College, Brisbane.
  • Australian Trade College North Brisbane.
  • Hillbrook Anglican School, Brisbane.
  • Staines Memorial College, Brisbane.
  • Prince of Peace Lutheran College, Brisbane.
  • Westside Christian College, Brisbane.
  • The Lakes College, Brisbane.
  • Iona College, Brisbane.
  • Ambrose Treacy College, Brisbane.
  • Carmel College, Brisbane.
  • Tennyson Special School, Brisbane.
  • Sunnybank Special School, Brisbane.
  • Everton Park High School, Brisbane.
  • Cleveland District State High School, Brisbane.

Education in Brisbane, Australia.

Education in Australia is run by the State and region administrative, however, the Australian government also place its part in the contribution. Education is compulsory for pupils of age, four, Five to Seventeen. 

The Education structure comprises Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education. The tertiary education level is not compulsory. in 2015, the government budgeted 5.9 per cent of the Australian GDP.

 There are several schools in Australia which include, State schools, Private, Christian Schools, Independent schools and special schools, all of which the school framework is designed by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority.


High Schools in Brisbane, Australia are highly advanced and provide standard teaching. There several schools in Brisbane, state, private, independent and clothes which are for day and boarding, for girls or boys and co-education.

There are over 1,770 schools in Brisbane. Brisbane is a perfect destination for learning as, in 2018, over 95,000 international students enrolled on a school in Brisbane. here we have provided you with a list that might direct you to the selection of schools for your children.


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