Top 30 Best High Schools in Canada

Best High Schools in Canada

Best High Schools in Canada – Canada is known for being one of the top locations with the highest number of foreign entrants who came into the country for studying. Canada has some of the best student cities and provinces like Calgary and Alberta. The maple leaf country also has some of the best institutions and high schools, and colleges in the world.

This is apart from several tourist attractions that bring foreigners into the country. The lower cost of fees compared to countries like the United States and the UK despite offering almost the same educational experience is even more endearing. Canada is also one of the countries with the most scholarship programs. In some colleges or universities like the University of Alberta, one out of every five students is on a scholarship.

These explain why so many citizens and foreigners who are interested in attending the best high schools in Canada. High Schools in Canada are just like the Canadian universities, with many ranked among the top in the continent and in the world.

These high schools located in Canada are well known internationally and are spread over different provinces and cities of Canada. Some of these high schools are all-boys, all-girls, Christian schools, Jewish schools, private schools, public schools, international high schools and a few other categories.

They all have one thing in common. The Canadian high schools mentioned below are excellent, produce quality students (who proceed to excel in universities worldwide), have great teaching staff, follow standard curricula, have standard facilities and encourage extracurricular activities.

This article is for middle school students who are in Canada or abroad and wish to attend the best high schools in Canada or guardians who wish the same for their wards. The schools listed below are the best high schools in Canada according to international standard and several ranking factors like teacher-to-student ratio, alumni, teaching staff, environment and many others. However, the high schools are arranged below in no particular order.

Best High Schools in Canada

Here is a list of the best high schools in Canada:

  • Albert College, Ontario
  • Old Scona, Edmonton
  • York House, Vancouver
  • Rundle College, Canada
  • Columbia International College, Ontario
  • Little Flower, Vancouver
  • Crofton House, Vancouver
  • Unionville, Unionville
  • BayView, Richmond Hill
  • London Central, Ontario
  • Southridge, Surrey
  • Brentwood College School, Mill Bay
  • Lakefield College School, Lakefield
  • Pickering College, Ontario
  • St. George’s, Vancouver
  • Webber College, Calgary
  • West Point Grey, Vancouver
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Markham
  • West Island College, Canada
  • Appleby College, Ontario
  • St. Michaels University School, Victoria
  • Ridley College, Ontario
  • West Carleton, Dunrobin
  • Bur Oak, Markham
  • St. Michael, Kemptville
  • Brentwood College School, Cowichan Valley
  • Western Canada High School

I will talk about some of these excellent Canadian High Schools in the next section. Note that these schools are a random selection among the best high schools in Canada.

Albert College, Ontario

Albert College in Belleville, Ontario was established in 1857 and is one of the oldest high schools in Canada. This school is the only boarding school run privately in Belleville. The diversity of students in this high school is most impressive, with more than three hundred students coming from over 17 countries.

Albert College also runs a day school and is well known for emphasizing peace. The college is made up of kindergarten classes, lower school, middle school, and high school and is one of the best high schools in Canada. The motto of the Albert College is a unique one that sticks easily, “I favor peace and the arts of peace”.

As the motto of the school implies, Albert College in Belleville teaches the students to be persons of peace and avoid violence in whatever way possible. The current head of the Albert College is Mark Musca, a person who works diligently with other members of staff to improve the quality of education offered in the school.

The school has different types of students from different countries, and is non-denominational, meaning students can learn to co-operate with other students of different beliefs and character.

Albert College encourages students to participate actively in extracurricular activities by providing a wide variety. There are facilities for swimming, diving, rugby, soccer, lacrosse, basketball and many others. The school is full of students who are mostly from Belleville, neighboring Canadian cities and provinces, and international students.

Albert College was very impressive after it was founded and was soon names after Prince Albert, barely ten years after its establishment. This was largely due to the school’s academic performance, courtesy of the hard work of its founders and early staff members.

Contact Information

Telephone: (613) 968-5726

Contact Address: 160 Dundas Street West, Quinte Bay, Belleville.

Email: –


Webber Academy

The Webber Academy is a model private high school in Canada that has a mission to mold its students into leaders and heroes of the society using education and discipline.

This high school is also known for being a leading arts high school. Students are encouraged to participate in arts and other extracurricular activities.

The Webber Academy was established in 1997 and was named after its founder, Dr. Neil Webber. The teachers are very supportive and are determined to help the students achieve life goals.

The average class in Webber Academy contains only about twenty students, making it easier for students to have personal connection and understanding with their teacher. There is one teacher for every twenty students in the Webber Academy.

However, the school is known to be a little sensitive to religion. In 2012, the Webber Academy reportedly harassed Muslim students and did not allow them perform their religious duties freely. Many organizations find fault with this as the school claimed to be an academy that admits students without bias or discrimination.

However, in terms of academics, the quality of education is equal to what you can get in any of the best high schools in Canada.

Contact Information

Telephone: 403-227-4700

Contact Address: 151593 St Southwest, Canada, Alberta T3H 4A8

Email: –


Western Canada High School

The Western Canada High School is known as one of the top best high schools in Canada and Alberta. What excited most students about Western Canada is the variety of extracurricular activities made available to the students.

The Western Canada high school follows the Alberta curriculum and has extra courses to make its students elite and world standard. The teachers are a very qualified set and always work hard towards developing the students and helping them work hard to achieve their goals.

There are more than fifty clubs where students can participate in exciting activities and develop interest in new vocations. The Western Canada High School prepares students for university and the world. The lessons learnt at school are used for life, giving students a life-long wealth of knowledge.

Contact Information

Telephone: 403-228-5363

Contact Address: 64117 Ave Southwest, Canada, Alberta T2S 0B5

Email: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are some answered questions about the best high schools in Canada:

What are the best high schools in Canada?

Here is a list of some of the top best high schools in Canada, in no particular order:
Southridge, Surrey.
Little Flower, Vancouver.
Lakefield College School, Lakefield.
Columbia International College, Ontario
Little Flower, Vancouver
Crofton House, Vancouver
Unionville, Unionville
BayView, Richmond Hill
London Central, Ontario
West Point Grey, Vancouver.
St George’s, Vancouver.

Which province in Canada has the best high schools?

Provinces like Alberta and British Columbia have the best high schools in Canada. The high schools are evenly spread across all the Canadian provinces, but looking at the national rankings, British Columbia comes top.

Which city in Canada has the best high schools?

Vancouver, Ontario, Calgary and a few others are the cities with the best high schools in Canada. These cities are also very suitable for students, and have some of the best colleges and universities in Canada.

Are high schools in Canada free for international students?

There is a misunderstanding among international students that makes them think that schooling is free for international students. For Canadian citizens, some public schools offer education free of charge. However, high schools in Canada charge school fees for international students, although there are various scholarship programs available to aid the students.

What city in Canada has the best education system?

Alberta is considered one of the Canadian cities with the best education system, considering the high rankings of its institutions, colleges and high schools in the world. An example is the University of Alberta, considered one of the top in the world.


High schools in Canada have a very good reputation for training students who go on to become leaders and successful people in their careers. These high schools have bred business men, basketball players, successful soccer players, medical doctors, researchers and successful pharmacists, and many others.

This article lists the best high schools in Canada according to international rankings.


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