Top 10 Best Hospitals in Abuja

10 Best Hospitals in Abuja

Best Hospitals in Abuja-Abuja is Nigeria’s beautiful city where the capital territory is located. Since the shift of the capital from Lagos, Abuja has gradually transformed from a slum to a very beautiful city. Abuja would pass as the best city to live in Nigeria, except for the cost of accommodation.

Abuja has the best modern restaurants, hotels, hospitals and spa houses in Nigeria. Some of the hospitals in Abuja are the best you can find in West Africa. Many Nigerians often have to travel to the FCT to get the best treatment, when it comes to severe ailments.

These hospitals are some of the best in Nigeria, with the best doctors. Some of them are private hospitals so the cost may be higher but they offer the best medical services you will find anywhere in Abuja.

Best Hospitals in Abuja

The hospitals mentioned below have offered medical services to elite citizens of Abuja, including senators and ministers, so you can be assured of quality services.

  • Kelina Hospital
  • Cedar Crest Hospital
  • Alliance Hospital
  • National Hospital
  • Chivar Specialist Clinic
  • Nisa Premier Hospital
  • Hifi Hospital
  • Wellington Clinics Abuja
  • Nizamiye Hospital Abuja
  • University of Abuja Teaching Hospital

Kelina hospital

Kelina hospital has some of the best facilities you can get in any Nigerian hospital. According to various reviews, this hospital can compete with foreign hospitals in terms of standard and practices.

This excellent medical institution is private but has all necessary equipment, something that many other private hospitals lack. Normally, the situation in private hospitals is a shortage of doctors and nurses and good equipment.

According to the hospital, their mission is to preserve health and promote healthy lifestyle among families. The environment is quite nice and does not smell of sickness like most hospitals do.

The hospital has some of the best surgeons and medical doctors, with most of them being graduates of notable medical colleges in Abuja. Some people who have used this hospital will gladly name it the best hospital in Abuja.

This hospital was established around 2008 and has a well planned mission to become the best healthcare institution in Nigeria.

According to the hospital, their mission is to become the top medical and surgical treatment provider in Nigeria, with focus on patient servicing, care and healthy life promotion.

The hospital is also looking to innovate so as to increase the accuracy of reports and diagnoses. The doctors are also working hard towards achieving a near 100% surgery success and fast treatment.

The emergency room at the hospital is open for twenty four hours, while the pharmacy and hospital lab are also available throughout the day. Their surgeries are pain free and are conducted when the patients are awake.

Contact Information

Location: 123, 3rd Ave, Gwarimpa Estate, Abuja

Telephone: 08033309669, 07080837939


Chivar Clinic and Urology Center

This hospital is known for having some of the best testing equipment in Abuja, and their clinical services are top notch too.

The hospital has modern equipment in place of the outdated ones in most Nigerian hospitals, enabling them to run modern radiology treatments, surgery and in all, quality medical service.

Chivar Clinic is known to be the only hospital with a Shockwave Lithotripter, called ESWL in West Africa. The medical doctors are well trained and incredible, and the diagnosis system is just so good that it can compete with other private hospitals abroad.

The clinic specializes in Urology, so they open by 12:30 PM on work days. In order to schedule a meeting or have a discussion with the hospital, visit the website and fill the form. After submitting the form, you should get a reply as soon as possible.

On the website, Chivar Specialist Hospital says that it is a multi-specialty advanced clinic that looks to provide health care using world-class equipment and experience. Since its establishment in 2007, the hospital has climbed up the ladder to become one of the best hospitals in Abuja.

Since 2012, Chivar hospital has conducted free tests for prostate cancer and even free consultations. Without a doubt, the hospital is fast becoming a jewel to Nigeria.

Contact Information

Location: 68, Abidjan St., Zone 3, Wuse, Abuja

Telephone: 07031076227, 09038127803, 08081635222


Email Address: [email protected]

Nisa Premier Hospital

Nisa Premier Hospital is one of the old private hospitals in Abuja. The hospital was founded in 1996 by a successful gynecologist, Ibrahim Wada who was and is very interested in the health of women.

The hospital has been running for more than 25 years and has gradually grown to become one of the top hospitals in Abuja. According to patient reviews, Nisa hospital is rated 4.0/5, a review that is quite nice for a Nigerian hospital.

The hospital was started with a focus on gynecology, and the mission has not changed since then. Nisa Premier Hospital aims to provide safe healthcare and treatment to patients using international standards.

The hospital started with humble beginnings, with just three bedrooms and eight beds in Gwagwalada, Abuja.

After years of hard work from the staff members, the hospital is now in a storey building with modern equipment and more than a hundred beds. In 1988, Nisa hospital conducted a successful IVF and monitored to nursing mother till birth.

Today, the hospital has now conducted more than 1000 success IVFs, making it one of the best hospitals in Abuja and Nigeria. The hospital is focused on Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics.

Contact Information

Location: 15/21 Alex Ekuweme Way, Jabi, Abuja

Telephone: 08174209999, 08174209999


Email Address: [email protected]

Hi-fi Hospital Abuja

Hifi Hospital in Abuja offers services in general healthcare, ear, nose and throat care, family healthcare, Obstetrics and gynecology, trauma management, emergency medicine, dental healthcare, pediatrics, eye treatments, immunization, lab services, endoscopy, physiotherapy and cancer screening.

This hospital has inpatient and outpatient facilities and will give you fast access to doctors whether you are an insurance patient or a private patient. The hospital is equipped with world class facilities and state of the art equipment.

The doctors in this hospital are medical experts who are diligent in their service to the health of humanity. These are the requirements for a quality hospital, and Hifi has almost everything.

Hifi hospital is also investing heavily into research, with the hope of finding cures to currently incurable ailments and getting faster ways to good health.

The hospital is very beautiful and lush, a suitable environment for pediatrics. The reception of the hospital is quite good and comfortable. The rooms in the hospital for inpatients are comfortable and the beds are generally good, so you have no much to worry about as a patient.

The consulting room is lush and everything is fast, typical of private hospitals.

Contact Information

Location: Plot 1207, Trans Engineering Layout, No. 3 Alkali Silas Mai St., Dawaki, Abuja.

Telephone/Whatsapp: 08096398364/08054379771

Email Address: [email protected]

Twitter: @hifiabuja



Wellington Clinics, Abuja

Wellington Clinics in Abuja was established in 2011 and is a specialist hospital with focus on neurology. The hospital was established in the silent Maitama area of Abuja, a perfect location for neurological patients.

This hospital is yet to reach its peak, considering that the permanent site is still under construction. However, the hospital has achieved a lot within a decade of treating brain patients.

The private hospital treats everyone with different ailments using its modern technology, systems and professional expert doctors.

The hospital is equipped with the best medical and surgical equipment there can ever be in a Nigerian hospital. Since the hospital focuses on Neurosurgery, there is so much surgical equipment that allows it to work on spinal surgery and brain surgery comfortably.

Wellington Clinics also partnered with other specialists in medical fields like internal medicine, neuro-anaesthesia, Oncology and many others. The medical members of staff are well trained, and this hospital is without a doubt one of the best you will find in Abuja.

Contact Information

Location: No. 10, Vanern Crescent, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria


Telephone: 08168704327, 08055043889

University of Abuja Teaching Hospital

The University of Abuja Teaching Hospital is a large hospital that matches the quality offered by private hospitals in Abuja. Although the reviews from their employees do not look so good, this hospital provides one of the best healthcare services you can get in Abuja.

The hospital is located in Gwagwalada and is one of the best teaching hospitals in Nigeria. The hospital offers treatment for every ailment, and you can be sure of getting a solution to your problem.

UATH can house up to 350 inpatients at once, with rumours going around that the figure will be increased soon. The hospital treats infections, carries out surgeries, lab tests and offers consultation on gynecology and other ailments.

Contact Information

Telephone: 07040045614

Email Address: [email protected]


Location: University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada, PMB 228, Abuja, Nigeria

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about the best hospitals in Abuja:

The biggest hospital in Abuja is the National Hospital, established in 1999 and now having more than 800 bed spaces for patients.

Christopher Otabor is the owner of Alliance hospital, one of the best hospitals in Abuja.

Nizamiye is a hospital established in 2014 by a group of Turkish investors in collaboration with Nigerian investors. The hospital aims to replicate the high standards of medical services abroad in Nigeria.


Private hospitals in Nigeria are often short-staffed and offer poor services for their high costs. Teaching and general hospitals on the other hand are burdened by inefficiency, causing the patients to have a huge lack of comfort till their treatment is completed.

However, there are hospitals in Nigeria that happen to beat (or nearly) these circumstances to offer the best medical services and most of them are located in Abuja and Lagos. This article lists the best hospitals in Abuja.

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