15 Best Hotels In Fort Myers

best hotels in Fort Myers

15 Best Hotels In Fort Myers – Fort Myers holds several interesting Hotels both luxurious and cheap hotels. The city in Florida is a tropical Savannah city with lots of interesting sites. Planning a vacation to the tropical city would certainly be a mouth-watering one that would bring a lasting memory.

In your bid to visit the city you want to consider a catchy and fancy Hotel that might bring that taste. In this article, we shall make a list of the best hotels to stay in on your next visit to the city or if that is where you reside then they are several hotels you can lodge in for the weekend.

Hotels In Fort Myers, Florida 

In Fort Myers, Florida you are ready to have a treat to one of the best tropical area hotel services. This is interesting because many of the hotels in the beautiful city are sited either close to the river or lakes.

This gives one that serene and beautiful view. A lot of people enjoy the waterside hotels. In Fort Myers, Florida you have the choice to pick from the numerous waterside hotels coupled with a tropical environment.

Fort Myers is a tropical Savannah city in the state of Florida that borders the Gulf of Mexico. Fort Myers is a historic city that serves as a place for European entry. This is because of its many sea shores areas.

One of the mainstays of the city is its tourism. Tourism contributes more than enough to the city’s revenue because of its many beautiful tourist resorts and hotels.

Fort Myers was formerly occupied by the Calusa Indians which later was replaced by the Seminoles in the 19th century. Fort Myers though was small in population, throughout the year the city has witnessed a great increase in population. 

The city might not be highly modernized but still, preserve its natural environment reason it attracts so many visitors.

In the late three months of 2021 Florida had around 30.9 visitors with at least 5 million visitors in 2021. Fort Myers is a place to visit from March to May.

Fort Myers is indeed a great place to have a great time unwinding with its white sand, tropical Savannah environment and beautiful palms.

15 Best Hotels In Fort Myers, Florida

There are great hotels in the city of Fort Myers, Florida with beautiful seaside views. These hotels are luxurious hotels that offer the best services.

If you are considering visiting Fort Myer, Florida then this list of best hotels in Fort Myers is for you. There provide great services such as Spa, Fitness Centre, Sauna, Pools, and others.

Here is a list of the best Hotels in Fort Myers, Florida, this list is based on US News and Report on a statistic of Guests’ ranking, Reviews and Recognition and Hotel Class.

  • Pink Shell Beach Resort and Marina

Thinking of a luxurious hotel that gives you a great sea view then Pink Shell Beach Resort and Marina is your choice. The hotel is a 4-Star Hotel with loads of amenities.

The Hotel was built in 1950 and has some great amenities such as a heated outdoor pool, Aquagen spa, free wifi, free parking space, free breakfast, a business centre and many more.

The Hotel boasts 205 rooms that are well equipped. Pink Shell Beach Resort and Marina is located at Estero Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach. The hotel cost around $277 per night. 

  • Marriot Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa

Here is another great hotel with wonderful amenities. The beautiful storey build hotel lies at the Harbour Pointe Drive of Fort Myers Beach. The hotel offers a great seaside view with a great spa, recreation centre, fitness centre, wedding venue and great dining rooms.

Also, guests get to enjoy free wifi, beachfront, restaurants, bars, indoor and outdoor pools, hot tub, grocery shop, gift shop, Tennis court, games room, scuba and many others. 

The hotel costs about $250 per night depending on your package. Marriot Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa is a great destination that is both pet and children-friendly. So you and your family can have a great time. 

  • Luminary Hotel and Co

Luminary Hotel and Co is a 3.5-Star Hotel located in the beautiful city of Fort Myers Downtown. It has a great riverfront view. The Hotel is a luxurious storey building hotel with over 243 rooms coupled with great amenities.

Hotels In Fort Myers

The hotel is young but provides one of the best hospitality services in Fort Myers. The Hotel has won one Critic award which is AAA/CAA Four Diamond Awards 2021. The Hotel provides free wifi to guests and has great restaurants, Bicycle Hire, Boutique Shopping, Wellness Centre, Bars, Pool, Parking courts and many other amenities that are provided.

Luminary Hotel and Co cost around $274 – $330 per night, depending on the room package. Luminary is a great place to have a memorable time with family and loved ones. The riverfront view is spectacular.

  • Edison Beach House

Beach houses are always a great deal for many guests as they provide natural views. There are a lot of hotels that provide beach house hotel service. Edison Beach House is a beautiful storey building hotel that is right on the beach f Fort Myers Beach.

Hotels In Fort Myers

Edison Beach House is a 4-Star Hotel that provides wonderful services such as an outdoor pool, easy access to the beach, and rooms with a kitchen and well air-conditioned. The Hotel is pet and children-friendly. 

Edison Beach Huse is a 4-Star Hotel and the fourth-best hotel in Fort Myers, Florida and costs $236 per night. With Edison Beach House you are sure to have a great time.

  • Diamondhead Beach Resort

As stated earlier, the coastal city has so many beach hotels, Diamondhead Beach resort is a 3.5-Star hotel that costs only $229 per night. The Luxurious hotel is equipped with the finest services and amenities.

Hotels In Fort Myers

It has an Outdoor Pool, Business centres, restaurants, bars and many other amenities. The hotel is the fifth best hotel in the city f Fort Myers, Florida.

Other great Hotels in the tropical savannah city of Fort Myers include;

  • Crowne Plaza, Bell Towers, Fort Myers (3.5-Star Hotel)
  • Pointe Estero Beach Resort, Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers (3.5-Star Hotel)
  • Gullwing Beach Resort, Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers (3.5-Star Hotel)
  • Hotel Indigo Fort Myers Downtown River District, Fort Myers, (3.5-Star Hotel)
  • Outrigger Beach Resort, Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers, (3.5-Star Hotel)
  • Mango Street Inn, Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers (3.5-Star Hotel)
  • Courtyard By Marriot Fort Myers Cape Coral, Fort Myers (3.5-Star Hotel)
  • The Hibiscus House Bed And Breakfast, McGregor Boulevard, Fort Myers, (3.5-Star Hotel)
  • Edgewater Inn, Estero Boulevard, Fort Myers, (3.5-Star Hotel)
  • Marina Village at Snug Harbour, Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers, (3.5-Star Hotel)

Fort Myers has lots of great hotels, we have been able to mention 15 great hotels in the city, you can follow this link for more info on hotels in  Fort Myers.


Fort Myers, Florida is a beautiful city in the United States of America. The coastal city is a tropical savannah region that attracts a large number of visitors thereby creating more presence around the country.

Most hotels are situated close to the beautiful seaside giving most hotels a great sea view. there are several hotels with excellent services and great amenities. These hotels are luxurious and also affordable. We have made a list of the 15 best hotels in Fort Myers. We hope you find the insightful for your next visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

As they are luxurious hotels so they are cheap hotels, here are some cheap hotels in Fort Myers, InnTown Suites Extended Stay, Travelodge by Wyndham, Beach Shell Inn, Manatee Bay Inn, and Sun Deck Inn and Suites.

Fort Myers Fl is a beautiful city with some historic siting, and because of the tropical savannah environment Fort Myers is a great vacation destination.

Over 5 million people visit the beautiful city every year. Fort Myers is known for its history and beautiful environment. The city is many people’s choice in Florida.

Fort Myers Beach sprang a wide length. Many hotels and resorts surround the beach, with lots of bars, restaurants and others, you should expect great time, such as parties, night parties and hangouts.


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