Top 40 Best Hotels In Ibadan

best hotels in Ibadan

Best Hotels in Ibadan- Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo state, is  the largest city in West Africa and also one of the beautiful cities in Nigeria. This beautiful city has some interesting sites of tourist attraction. So , in planning for your next holiday, you may want to choose this city. In this article, we have stated clearly 40 best hotels in Ibadan where you can lodge while on your vacation. You will also get to discover some areas of tourist attraction in this article where you can visit and have fun while on vacation in Ibadan.

40 Best Hotels In Ibadan

  1. Exclusive Hotels
  2. Premier Hotel
  3. Owu Crown hotels
  4. Orchard Hotel
  5. Kakanfo Inn& Conference Center
  6. Golden Tulip
  7. Olympus Hotel and Suites
  8. Cosmos City Suites and Apartments
  9. The Jericho Apartments
  10. Best Western Plus Ibadan
  11. Vacation Haus
  12. Wysdum Hotel & Suites
  13. Indices Suites
  14. Super K hotels
  15. Abal Hall and Hotels
  16. Sdm Tavern and Suites
  17. World Lilies Hotel & Events Place
  18. Labod Hotel
  19. Fawzy Hotel
  20. Addis hotels
  21. Check Inn Hotel
  22. Royal Cedars Hotel and Apartments
  23. World Lilies Events Place
  24. Sylvia’s Place
  25. Mikagn Hotel and Suites
  26. Grand Serene Hotel
  27. The Town House
  28. Mahogany Hotel and Suites
  29. Big Ocean Inn
  30. Koltol Paradise Inn
  31. Alheri Suites
  32. Koltol Guest House
  33. Ayaakaje Guest House
  34. House Eleven Hotels and Apartments
  35. D’Tavern
  36. Shugaland Hotel, Lounge& Conference
  37. Carlton Gate Exclusive Hotel
  38. Dreamwise Hotel & Suite
  39. Brighton Hotel and Suites
  40. Ashokaslimited

Exclusive Hotels

Exclusive hotel is one of the best hotels in Ibadan. It is a great place to relax and catch some fun whenever you are in Ibadan.  The rooms are well-furnished with Flat screen TV, air conditioner and other facilities that will make you feel at home.

There is a free Wi-Fi for guests to surf the internet all through their stay in the hotel. You can enjoy delicious meals at the hotel’s restaurant. Whenever you need to move from the hotel to other part of town, there is a free shuttle service to take you around.

Premier Hotel

Premier hotel is one of the most prestigious and best hotel in Ibadan. Over the years, it is the hotel that accommodates the high and mighty in the society. Dignitaries such as head of states, expatriates, etc love to lodge in this hotel.

Premier hotel is well-equipped with modern facilities to make your stay enjoyable and pleasurable.  The rooms are all en-suite, spacious and furnished with flat screen TV, smoke detectors, air-conditioners and bedside tables.

There is an outdoor swimming pool where you can plunge in the hot afternoons to cool off. You can get to have a soothing body massage at the Spa center. If you need to take some small chops, there is a pastry shop in the hotel. The restaurant at premier hotel will treat you to nice dishes with unforgettable taste.

Other facilities in the hotel include an exotic bar, a terrace garden and a coffee shop. You don’t have to worry if you are coming in your car, there is a free parking lot where you can safely park your car.

Owu Crown Hotels

Owu Crown Hotels is one of the best hotels in Ibadan. It is just about 20 minutes’ drive. It is one of the very few hotels in Ibadan that offers complimentary breakfast.

There is a poolside bar where you can relax with snacks, cocktails and some other soft drinks in the afternoon. There is free Wi-Fi for every guests to surf the internet all throughout their stay.

The rooms are well-equipped with facilities that will make you feel at home and comfortable too. Present in the rooms are air conditioners, en-suite bathroom, well-polished worktable, Flat screen TV.

The hotel has presidential suite which is well-equipped to receive royalties. It has a well-stocked kitchen, 2 bedrooms, master bedroom and a living room.

There is a standard swimming pool to plunge in and cool off in the afternoons. You can always exercise and keep fit at the Gym and fitness center. There is a parking lot for you to safely park your car. And peradventure you have an event or occasion, you don’t need to look far for space. The hotel has an event center to accommodate all your social and corporate events.

Orchard Hotel

Orchard hotel is one of the best hotel in Nigeria. It is located in the heart of Ibadan. The hotel offers accommodation services and quality dining.

In the hotel are luxury rooms and suites which are equipped with a wardrobe, a flat screen TV, a wardrobe, a bathtub and a walk-in-shower. Wi-Fi is available for guests to surf the internet throughout their stay.

There is a restaurant and bar in the hotel that provides delicious meals and drinks. You can always keep fit while on vacation with the gym services provided at the hotel. Maximum security is guaranteed at the hotel.

Kakanfo Inn & Conference Center

If you are searching for the best hotel for your vacation trip, business trip or even honeymoon, Kakanfo Inn & Conference center is the answer. The hotel is located in the city of Ibadan.

The hotel is equipped with facilities to make you comfortable and enjoy your time-out. There is an outdoor pool where you can get to relax in the afternoons. You can observe your fitness exercises in the gym at the hotel. Spa services are also available to attend to all your massaging needs.

The restaurant at Kakanfo Inn & Conference Center is outstanding when it comes to different kinds of cuisines ranging from Asian, Lebanese, European, American and a la carte Nigerian. The bar at the hotel also does well with its fast foods and beverages.

There is a conference center to take care of all your social and formal events. You can never be bored spending your vacation at this resort centre as there are so many places of interest around it. Shoprite, eateries like Domino pizza and coldstone, KFC, etc. are all close to Kakanfo Inn and Conference center.

6 Interesting Places Of Attraction Around Hotels In Ibadan

  1. University of Ibadan Zoo
  2. Ado Awaye Mountains and Suspended Lakes
  3. Agodi Gardens
  4. Odu’a Museum and Hall of Fame
  5. Bower’s Tower

University of Ibadan  Zoo

 If your family is on vacation in Ibadan, then you should visit this zoo. The zoo is located inside the University of Ibadan. You will find endangered species of animals at this zoo. Your kids will really love to see different kinds of animals at the zoo. The zoo is open 7 days a week between 8am and 6pm. In case you become hungry at the zoo, you can get to buy snacks and drinks. There are also spots under gigantic trees for you to relax and take your snacks. There are enough parking space at the zoo with maximum security.

Ado Awaye Mountains and Suspended Lakes

The small town of Ado-Awaye is one of the small town in Oyo that is fast gaining popularity. This is because of the suspended lakes, mountains and plains present therein.

Agodi Gardens

It is a botanical garden in the city of Ibadan that has generated a lot of tourist attractions over the years. The garden is located on a 150-acre land. Sites of attraction include water park, lake, mini zoo, picnic area, play area and rides for children.

Odu’a Museum and Hall of Fame

The museum is an innovation aimed at preserving the Yoruba cultural heritage. In this museum, you will find art and crafts relating to occupation and ingenuity of the past.

Bower’s Tower

This tower is located in Ibadan. It is a 60-feet tall colonial tower that was built in 1936 in honour of Captain Robert Lister Bower- the first British resident in Nigeria. The captain was appointed by Queen Elizabeth in 1893 to oversee and quench the wars between the different Yoruba kingdoms.

Final Word

I believe you have started packing your things by now ready to start out your vacation. Whichever of the 40 best hotels in Ibadan you eventually decide to settle in, don’t forget to relax and have some fun. Enjoy!

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