How To Attract Clients On Facebook And Make Sales

Are you looking for how you could attract more clients on Facebook so as to boost your sales, then you are on the right webpage as we are going to show you everything you need to know about Facebook ads and sales.

In setting your Facebook account to get more sales, you will have to consider the following:

  • Profile Picture
  • Bio data
  • Cover Picture
  • Timeline
  • Post

Let’s discuss each of these components in details

Profile Picture

When putting a profile picture, it should be studio picture or try to use a good phone to snap. Make sure you don’t use a poor camera to snap the picture you want to use as your Facebook Profile picture.

Your profile picture is your first selling point as it is the first thing your potential clients get to see about you. Let your profile picture speak well for you.

Try as much as possible to use your profile picture to brand yourself in the eyes of your potential clients.

There is an old saying that first impression matters and so you will have to sell yourself well with your Facebook picture.

Bio Data

In addition to your profile picture, your information also matters. When people see your profile picture, they also want to read good things about you. 

When someone sees your post on Facebook, the first thing that comes to mind is to look up your profile and read your Bio Data.

Your Bio Data speaks a lot for you and so it must be enticing to your potential customers.

Try as much as to sell yourself well through your Bio Data and this will surely bring a lot of clients to your DM.

People want to do business with people that are professional, trustworthy and ready to deliver and they believe that the information you put out on your Facebook tells a lot about who you are.

So try to treat your Facebook profile as a professional one.

If you are a hair stylist, you can put information like this one your Facebook profile:

  • I can style your hair and make you extremely beautiful.
  • Women, your hair is your pride
  • If you need a stunning hairdo, stop here and let me style you.

Your Facebook profile is your shop and so you will have to treat it professionally and be consistent with what you do.

Cover Picture

Never put your product as your cover picture. It might be tempting to do so but don’t try it. The reason is because when you potential client sees your product from your cover picture, they might decide to go to Google and sometimes Google might give them positive response and that could chase your potential clients away.

If you want to have massive sales on Facebook, you will have to set up your Facebook profile very well so that it can be attracting to your potential customers or clients.

In anything you are doing, make sure your potential clients don’t find out what you do themselves but instead make them come to you.


Be mindful and careful of what you post on your timeline. If you are looking for sales on Facebook, your timeline must look professional and always talk about what you do and why clients should patronize you and your products.

When people see your profile and timeline, let them see authority and consistency in what you offer.


Your post is the content that you put out on your Facebook wall. Let your post always have a “call to action” and also have value.

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