How To Be A Stripper

How To Be A Stripper

How To Be A Stripper-Have you been searching for how to be a stripper for a long time without getting valuable tips or guides on how to go about it? Do you know you can make a large amount of money from being a stripper? You probably do not have any idea about how much strippers earn. This article will guide you on all you need to know about being a stripper and how you can earn from it. The job of a stripper is not an easy job or a bed of roses, you will need to work for it before you earn it.

Apart from your salary, you can get tips from your clients whenever you perform if your performance pleases your clients. Before going further, this article covers how to be a stripper, types of strip club jobs, expectations in the course of working as a stripper, and frequently asked questions you need to consider before applying for the job. We all know how judgmental our society can be, but if you decide to listen to what people say, who will then pay your bills, let’s proceed to the business of the day and show you how to be a stripper.

What Does It Take To Be A Stripper? 

  • Physically Fit

From my observations, if you want to be a stripper, you need to be physically fit, have an attractive body, and look good. Physically fit may also include being healthy. You can’t be sick or infected with diseases and be allowed to work as a stripper; some clubs may decide to run a test on you before employing you.

Although I am not disputing the fact that some men prefer plus-size ladies over those who look physically fit, most club owners will only consider physically fit ladies except for special requests.

  • Build Confidence And Self Esteem 

You need to have self-esteem and confidence because you’ll be performing in front of so many people, and if you’re not confident enough, you might not be able to carry out your duties. Your audience will include people you know and some you don’t know, except for a club that may give room for a mask to be won by the stripper.

  • Dancing Skills

Ensure you have exceptional dance skills; this doesn’t mean you need to be a professional dancer; you just need to know how to move your body in a sexy way to look attractive to your client and make them feel special just by your movement. 

If you can entertain them and make them feel aroused, then you are a step ahead and have a high chance of receiving tips compared to your colleagues.

  • Age Factor

Age Factor is usually considered for strippers, and most club owners will specify between the ages of 18 and 30, except for special requests where they need older ladies. The game of stripping is wide and can accommodate anyone regardless of size. If you possess the above-listed, then you can probably go for the job because nobody is going to pay your bills except you.

Sorry to break your heart, but not every stripper will be able to make lots and lots of money. It all depends on your commitment to the job, and you might be the best dancer and be at the wrong club. It’s advisable that you also consider the club before dropping your application.

How to Become a Stripper

Becoming a stripper is fun if you’ve made up your mind and know about the payments involved. Below is a step by step processes you need to follow if you want to be a successful stripper.

  • Research The Club

Different clubs require the services of strippers; all you have to do is to search online for clubs that need strippers and compare their pay and terms of service if you check the reviews written online concerning your preferred club, although while searching, make sure to work on your performances and never give up if you don’t hit your target on the first audition.

  • Create A Name

This is important and should be something short and easy to remember by your audience and also unique such that once your name is mentioned, it will be recognized. You should select a name that best describes you.

  • Go For Auditions

Most club owners will always audit their stripping in the absence of their customers. Try to know the type of songs these clubs play and be prepared for whatever roles you are asked to perform as it relates to stripping.

Make sure you practice enough and also bring your music for the addition. While performing, most clubs will be focused on your body moves and confidence to check if their customers will be pleased by what you do. If you’re lucky enough, you might be hired on the spot, while some might ask you to go until they get back to you.

  • Type Of Clothing

Choosing the right outfit is advisable as not all clubs want to provide your clothing. You could always ask if the club has a dress code or use lingerie or any easy-to-get-off clothing that won’t stress you when you need to take off your clothes on stage.

  • Shoe Type

The type of shoe should be considered since you might be on the pole, your footwear is something your audience will notice easily, and some men are attached to secret foot fetishes. When you wear high heels, you perform miracles in terms of showing your calves and cleavages, and you become more intentional about your walking steps; therefore, choose shoes that are comfortable for you. Many people typically prefer open to high heel sandals, which have a track and are designed specifically for strippers.

  • Body Maintenance

Always make sure you take care of yourself by always doing your manicures and pedicures. Make sure you always smell fresh and make sure you take care of your skin, and eat a balanced diet.

  • Accessories

If your stripping job has to do with props, you should get familiar with these items before going onstage. They may include whip, pedals, and hand fans. Just ensure you use them for your regular practice before your performance.

  • Hair and makeup

The process of dancing may make you sweat. Therefore, always put into consideration the type of makeup, so it doesn’t wash off during a performance. You should always make your hair and know how to use it in a sexy and effortless movement while dancing.

How Much Money Can Strippers Earn?

Strippers make quite a lot of money depending on the club and their payment agreements. Apart from their monthly income, they can make money from several tips that are being offered to them by their audience.

Types Of Strippers

There are different types of strippers,’ and It all depends on your preferences as to which of the following activities you choose to participate in.

  • Gentlemen’s Club 
  • Outcall strippers/Strip O gram
  • Cam Stripper
  • Burlesque Performers

Deciding To Become A Stripper

If you’re ready to face the judgemental issues once, then you can be a stripper. Apart from people talking about you, you might also encounter an audience that may be aggressive, or that tends to get on your nerves, and then you may lose different physical relationships that you built over the years.

The rules of not being touched by your audience might be set by the club, but there are people who would always break the rules, and you will need to get used to it. Being a stripper can also have psychological effects on you if you are not able to control yourself, not to mention the process of dealing with stigmatization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Strippers earn a lot of money; although we cannot specify the exact figure, it is estimated to be $400 or more, in addition to other tips from your client.

It all depends on you, but strip dancing can be risky because if you’re not carefully trained or not a professional when you dance on those poles, there’s a probability that you may fall off and get injured.

It is quite possible to get sexually transmitted diseases from stripping because if you give a lap dance to someone who is affected, you can transfer infections like herpes and genital warts through skin contact.

Yes, you can, because most strippers are self-employed and do the job in their leisure time. They can go to their daily job and come back at night to do their striping job at a club.

Ensure you have the right clothing, makeup, and shoes to use. In addition, make sure your clothing is an easy-to-take-off type. What this means is that you should not be wearing something that will stress you while dressing on stage or during the audition process.




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