How to Become a Teacher Without a Bachelor in Education

How to Become a Teacher without a Bachelor in Education

How to Become a Teacher without a Bachelor in Education – Is it really necessary to have a Bachelor in education degree before becoming a teacher? Many ministries and employers are known to demand specifically for Bachelor’s degree in education in order to become a teacher. However, is there a way to bypass this unjustified “discrimination” and become a teacher without having a Bachelor in education degree?

A fair percent of graduates who did courses in sciences and are interested in the teaching field after graduation usually find it very difficult to break into it, with some having to go for a bachelor in education degree. This will not be necessary if such graduate has the right information. It is very possible to become a teacher without a bachelor in education.

Using reviews from hundreds of people who successfully became teachers without having a degree in education, this article has been weaved to solve the problems of anyone who is trying to become a teacher but does not have a bachelor in education degree.

In every part of this article, you will find tips, points, and instructions that will help you easily become a teacher without a Bachelor in Education degree. If you have been trying to achieve this, read through this article thoroughly to find tips that work.

How to become a teacher without a Bachelor in Education

How do you become a teacher without a degree in education?

The first step is finding out where you would like to work as a teacher.

Where would you like to work as a teacher?

Every ministry or institution may have different requirements, and you need to find that out. If you are interested in applying to a certain institution, there are several teacher certification tests that you need to take.

For most employers, your degree is not always an issue. You must be certified as a teacher after taking any of the examinations. Some states usually require that you pass the state teacher certification examinations before you may be considered for employment as a teacher. Most times, the certification is only valid in that state unless the examination is a national one.

In many schools, teachers are required to be intelligent and communicative and have good teaching skills. However, you cannot be considered for employment as a teacher without any degree at all. If you studied Industrial Chemistry in the University and you got a BSc. Degree, it is easier for you to become a Chemistry teacher without having a Bachelor of Education degree in Chemistry.

To get employed to government schools as a teacher is however, a little more difficult as there are usually standards for recruitment. Applicants are almost always required to have a Bachelor in education degree.

This hurdle is most difficult to overcome in your teaching career, so it would be best to start your teaching career in a private school.

Private schools give opportunities to intelligent applicants who may not be certified teachers but are very qualified. After successfully spending some time creating a portfolio in a private school as a teacher, it will be much easier to gain employment in any place using your experience.

Get yourself certified as a teacher

There are one-year or two-year programs that train college graduates and university graduates for teaching, certifying them after completion. Some of these programs may not be enough to get yourself a great teaching job but they are very important in helping you become a teacher without a Bachelor in education.

You will be very lucky to get hired as a teacher if you do not have any certificate to show that you have good teaching skill. Most reputable schools are not interested in trial-and-errors, as students pay huge fees to get quality education.

Getting certified by either a state examination or teaching training colleges will help you avoid wasting your own time.

Understand what it means to become a teacher

Being a teacher is very different from going to a normal workplace. In both cases you have to meet different people every day. However, the huge difference is that you have to make sure that you teach everyone that is under you.

Being a teacher requires a lot of patience and understanding. The emphasis on patience cannot be exaggerated. A teacher has to understand students/pupils and think of ways to help. When you were at high school, you wondered why some of your teachers were dumb (or so it seemed).

Teachers get insulted by students and do not react violently no matter what. Teachers have to handle emergency occasions and face a lot of problems that must be solved.

The point of all these is that if you are naturally a hot tempered person, you will need a heavy change of character or it will be a deadly blow to your career when you start teaching.

 Volunteer for teaching

Remember that what you must do first is convince your employer that you do not need a Bachelor in education to become a teacher. To do this, you must have some history.

One way to gain experience is by volunteering to teach without payment for organizations or schools that need volunteers. If you are impressive during your volunteer period, you are very likely to be considered by schools for a teaching job. For a start, you may be asked to teach minors (in case you hope to start by teaching senior classes). It will be for some time only, as if you are impressive with your performance, you can easily get promoted.

Note: If you find all of these stressful or your country does not make provisions for any of the options mentioned above, all you have to do is get an advanced degree. If you have a Master’s degree or a postgraduate degree in the subject you wish to teach, you are all set to be employed as a teacher without having a Bachelor in education (in any school).

If you are not able to do this, you may want to consider alternative teaching careers.

If all of these do not work for you or in your country, there are many teaching-related careers you may want to get into. While doing these jobs, you will not be teaching high school or secondary school students. However, you will be helping people train themselves and improving their lives.

Alternative Teaching Careers outside the Educational System

There are so many alternative teaching careers that do not need you to have a Bachelor in Education degree. For some careers like fitness training, if you happen to be fit, you may not even need any certificate. You just need to share with beginners how you achieved your fitness level. There are many other alternatives to teaching like this, and some of them are listed below. The major advantage most of these jobs give is the flexibility in the schedules, which means that you have more time to spend on other things.

  • Fitness Assistant
  • Daycare teacher
  • Nanny
  • Teaching aid
  • Online tutor
  • Youtube tutor
  • Author
  • Personal development tutor
  • Museum guide

These and many others are interesting careers that are much related to teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are some questions you may have about how to become a teacher without a bachelor in education.

Yes. You can become a teacher if you have a degree in another field. For example, if you studied Engineering, you will be allowed to teach Mathematics in most countries.

If this is not allowed, all you have to do is get a Master’s degree in Mathematics. This way, you can become a Mathematics teacher if you have a Bachelor’s degree in another field.

To become a teacher, it is true that certain skills are required. Some of the most important skills you need to become a teacher are:

  • Patience
  • Discipline
  • Impressive communication skills
  • Understanding
  • Willingness to help students
  • Decisiveness


In most countries, you need a Bachelor’s degree in education to become a teacher. This is in fact the easiest way to become a teacher as it automatically certifies you after completion of the program (for most countries).

However, you can become a teacher without a Bachelor in education degree. Some of the ways mentioned in these posts include either getting a Master’s degree or a certification from colleges programs.

A teaching degree is not necessary to teach in many states. There are many lecturers and teachers in high schools and colleges who do not have a teaching certificate. However, all of them either have a Master’s degree or a doctorate degree.


To become a teacher without a Bachelor in education degree, one will have to cross a lot of hurdles, especially with the wrong information. This article will help make the journey easier and faster by giving tips on exactly how to become a teacher without a Bachelor in Education degree.

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