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How To Buy Data From MTN – Internet access today is worth having, it has become our daily need. One can barely do with go by the day without internet access it seems one is limited. Getting information, getting things done, paying bills all these can be done over the internet even buying groceries.


There are many service provider that provides internet service, in Nigeria all the known telecommunication companies have their special internet package in fact if you have a smartphone, you can barely do anything with it if you don’t have an internet connection. You can probably make it a basic phone.

Among all the well-known telecommunications companies in Nigeria, MTN is one of the largest communication service providers. Getting data is very easy as there are so many ways you can get it at ease.

We would be putting you through the process of getting data from the largest telecommunication service provider.


What Are The List Of Data Plans On MTN?

Mobile Telephone Network (MTN) is a South African-based multinational mobile telecommunications company that provides telecommunication services. It was founded in 1994 in Johannesburg, South Africa where its headquarter is located.

The telecommunication company operates in Africa and Asia, in places like Nigeria, Afghanistan, Ghana, Liberia, Rwanda, Sudan, South Sudan, Ivory Coast, Yemen, Iran, Syria, Zambia, Benin, Cameroon and many others.

In 2020 the telecommunication company recorded an increase in subscribers with around 280 million subscribers with Nigeria providing the highest with one-third of their revenue coming from Nigeria. The company is the 8th largest network provider in the world.


The communication company provides GSM, UMTS, HSPA+, HSUPA, VOIP, 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G services.

To make calls or do other activities on the network, you would need to have airtime or data, for data you can do any internet-related things while for the airtime you can make calls, and send SMS. To activate these services you would need to pay for them.

There are several data options you can go for, from daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly data plans.

Here is a list of all the available MTN Nigeria data plans;

  • Daily Data Plan
  • 40MB: #50 valid for 24hrs
  • Always-on Data 200MB: #60 valid for 24hrs
  • 100MB: #100 valid for 24hrs
  • 1GB: #300 valid for 24hrs.
  • 2-Day Plans
  • 2GB: #500 valid for 2 days.
  • 2.5GB: #500 valid for 2 days.
  • 3-Days Plans
  • 200MB: #200 valid for 3 days.
  • Weekly Plans
  • Always-On Data 450MB: #120 valid for 7 days.
  • 350MB + 350MB for Youtube: #300 valid for 7 days.
  • 750MB + 1GB for Youtube: #500 valid for 14 days.
  • 750MB + 1-Hour Youtube daily: #500 valid for 7 days.
  •  1GB + 1GB for Youtube: #500 valid for 7 days.
  • 2GB + 1-Hour (200MB) Youtube daily: #1000 valid for 7 days.
  • 6GB: #1,500 valid for 7 days.
  • Monthly plans
  • 1.5GB + 2GB for Youtube: #1000 valid for 30 Days.
  • 2GB + 3 Hour (600MB) YouTube weekly: #1,200 valid for 30 days.
  • 3GB + 4GB for YouTube: #1,500 valid for 30 days.
  • 4.5GB + 4GB for YouTube: #2000 valid for 30 days.
  • 6GB + 4GB for YouTube: #2,500 valid for 30 days.
  • 10GB + 4GB for YouTube: #3,000 valid for 30 days.
  • Always – on Data 15GB: #3000 valid for 30 days.
  • 12GB + 4GB for YouTube: #3,500 valid for 30 days.
  • 20GB + 4GB for YouTube: #5,000 valid for 30 days.
  • 25GB: #6,000 valid for 30 days.
  • Always-on Data 45GB: #6,000 valid for 30 days.
  • 40GB: #10,000 valid for 30 days.
  • 75GB: #15,000 valid for 30 days.
  • 120GB: #20,000 valid for 30 days.
  • 200GB: #30,000 valid for 30 days.
  • 2-Months Plan
  • 30GB: #8,000 valid for 60 days.
  • 100GB: #20,000 valid for 60 days.
  • 160GB: #30,000 valid for 60 days.
  • 3-Months Plan
  • 400GB: #50,000 Valid for 90 days.
  • 600GB: #75,000 valid for 90 days.
  • 6-Months Plan
  • 800GB: #80,000 valid for 90 days.
  • Yearly Plan
  • 1TB: #100,000 valid for 365 days.
  • 2.5TB: #250,000 valid for 365 days.
  • 4.5TB: #450,000 valid for 365 days.

How To Buy Data From MTN

Now that you have the different data options you can pick from and subscribe. How you buy data from MTN is the question the network provides you with a different choice.


One of the easiest ways to buy data on MTN is to use the USSD code. 

  • Dial *131# then you get a prompt message
  • From the message Prompt, you can select either 1 for Data Plans, 2 for Social Bundles or 8 for Hot deals which provides you with great deals.
  • If you select 1 it provides you with a subscription option whether daily, weekly, monthly or other, whichever you select it provides you with further choices follow the instructions to the end.

do note that you are to have airtime on your line.


You can as well use the SMS process by sending the subscription code to 131.

  • 114 to 131 for 40MB cost #50.
  • 104 to 131 for 100MB cost #100.
  • 106 to 131 1.5GB +2GB for YouTube cost #1,000.
  • 110 to 131 4.5GB + 4GB for YouTube cost #2,000.
  • 147 to 131 6GB + 4GB for YouTube cost #2,500.

You can follow this link for more codes


MyMTN app is another means to get data from MTN.

  • Get The MyMTN App on your phone
  • If you are not registered, register and log in
  • Select the data subscription option, select the data plan of your choice and select.
  • once done you should have your data plan on your line.

with these simple steps, you should be able to buy data from MTN.


Since the introduction of mobile phones in 2001, they have been demanded by various network service providers as there is practically nothing you can do with a phone without a network service provider. MTN one of the strongest and highly demanded telecommunication companies in Nigeria has worn the heart of many, up till now, the service provider has grown and still winning the heart of Nigerians.

Internet Service has made smartphones less basic because with the internet they are equally basic. The number of telecommunication companies has really given many Nigerians the opportunity to do more, which we have in our article explaining how you can buy data and enjoy your smartphones. We hope you find this insightful.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are different MTN data codes, here are some;

114 to 131 for 40MB cost #50
104 to 131 for 100MB cost #100
106 to 131 1.5GB +2GB for YouTube cost #1,000.
110 to 131 4.5GB + 4GB for YouTube cost #2,000.
147 to 131 6GB + 4GB for YouTube cost #2,500.

You can visit this link for more codes.

You can enjoy MTN 1GB data for just the sum of #300 and it lasts you for just 24 hrs.

There are several MTN Weekly plans you can choose from, just dial *131# and follow the instructions or click the link for more weekly data codes.



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