How To Buy Data On Airtel

Hope you know that Airtel is one of the largest telecommunications service providers in Nigeria. And it’s also popular because it has a large number of affordable tariff plans with internet services for its users. Below is how to buy an Airtel data plan right now.


Guideline on how to buy an Airtel data plan

We are to help you, If you’re a new user or have plodded with how to buy data on Airtel. Generally, when it comes to Airtel data, there are numerous internet plans and packets to choose from and they include:

  • The weekly/ daily
  • The Yearly
  • The Mega plans and Every Day-On plans
  • The Streaming plans
  • The Binge data plans
  • The Airtel data
  • The Social plans
  • The Instagram packets
  • The  Facebook & Whatsapp packets

The weekly and daily plans

These plans are the most affordable. And however, How can one get 1 GB of data on Airtel? It is the easiest option. If you’re searching for an answer to a question like that, all you need to do is to get started. And you’ll need to dial the Airtel data plan code  which is *141#  on your mobile phone

The daily plans offer the the following options below:

  • The 40MB for N50  *141*50#
  • The MB for N100  *141*100#
  • The GB for N300   *141*354#

You can also buy a 3- day:

  • The 200 MB pack for N200 *141 *200#.
  • And a 2- day 2 GB pack for N500  *141*504#.

The weekly plans come as follows

  • For 350 MB for N300 *141*300#
  • For 1 GB 1 GB YouTube night streaming for N500 *141*502#
  • The 6 GB for N1500  *141*1504#

And a 2-week 750 MB 1 GB YouTube night streaming packets are available for N500  *141*500#.

The monthly  plans

These plans are perfect for those people who enjoy spending a lot of time surfing the web on their mobile phones.

  • For GB for N1000  *141*1000#
  • For 2 GB for N1200 *141*1200#
  • For 3 GB for N1500  *141*1500#
  • For GB for N2000  *141*2000#
  • For 6 GB for N2500  *141*2500#
  • For 10 GB for N3000  *141*3000#
  • For 11 GB for N4000  *141*4000#

All of the yearly plans offer a fresh 4GB for YouTube night streaming except for the N1000 plan that offers 2 GB. And you’re welcome to choose among any of the offers mentioned above that are valid for 30 days.

The Mega plans

You may presumably need more offers than regular packs can offer you, because you’re a heavy data user. So for the most active users of the internet, the company has special mega packs and they are valid  valid for 30 days….check them below:

  • For 20GB, 4GB YouTube night streaming for N5000  *141* 5000#
  • For 25GB,  N8000  *141*8000#
  • For 40GB for N10,000  *141*10000#
  • For 75 GB for N15,000  *141*15000#
  • For 120GB for N20,000  *141*20000#
  • For  200GB for  N30,000  *141*30000#
  • For 280GB for N36,000  *141*36000#

For those that are valid for more than 30 days includes:

  • For 400GB for N50,000  *141*50000# valid for 90 days
  • For 500GB for N60,000  *141*60000# valid for 120 days
  • For 1TB for  N100,000  *141*100000# valid for 365 days

The ‘EveryDay-On’ plans

This package lasts for 30 days, and it’s meant to help you stay connected every day.

  • For 15GB for N3,000  *141*3002# (500 MB per day)
  • For 45 GB for N6,000  *141*6002# (1.5 GB per day)

The Streaming plans

These plans come with terms and conditions because they’re only meant to be streamed on specific platforms.

They’re valid for 30 days except for the 500 MB, which is valid for 3 days.

  • For 500MB for N100,  *141*106#
  • For 7GB for N2,000  *141*2001#
  • For 15GB for N3,000   *141*3001#
  • For 30GB for N5,000   *141*5001#

The Binge data plans

The binge data plans for Airtel are ideal for anyone interested in downloading pictures or watching TV shows and they includes:

  • For 1GB for N300,  *141*354# valid for 1 day
  • For 2GB for N500,  *141*504# valid for 2 days
  • For 6GB for N1,500  *141*1504# valid for 7 days

The Airtel data

This order is designed to satisfy your data and voice demands.

Just Dial  *154*2*amount#, or simply just dial  *154*2# and choose your asked option

  • For 300MB for N300 valid for 7 days (N600 voice value).
  • For 750 MB for N500 valid for 14 days (N1000, voice value)

For those that are valid for 30 days includes: 

  • For 1.5GB for N1,000 (N2,000 voice value)
  • For 4.5GB for N2,000 (N4,000 voice value)
  • For 15GB for N5,000 (N10,000 voice value)
  • For 30GB for N10,000 (N20,000 voice value)
  • For 50GB for N15,000 (N35,000 voice value)
  • For 70GB for N20,000 (N45,000 voice value)

For Social plans

So in case you need access to the internet substantially to use social networks, you’ll enjoy these  so- called special social plans because they give access to (WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter).

  • For 20MB for N25, *948*4# valid for 1 day
  • For 40MB for N50, *991*4# valid for 1 day
  • For 200 MB for N100, *688*3# valid for 5
  • For days 700 MB for N300, *688*1# valid for 25 days .

For Facebook and WhatsApp packs

There are three available options for those who need access to Facebook and WhatsApp only and they includes:

  • For 100 MB for N25 valid for 1 day, *141*254#
  • For 200 MB for N50 valid for 7 days, *141*54#
  • For 500 MB for N100 valid for 30 days, *141*104#

So in a nutshell, this plan gives you an opportunity to use mobile internet at an affordable charge of just 3Naira per 1MB. And to start using this service, you’ll need to dial  *400#.


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