How To Buy On Jumia Black Friday

How To Buy On Jumia Black Friday

How To Buy On Jumia Black Friday – Jumia is one of the largest and most trusted e-commerce platforms in Nigeria. It is one of the biggest market squares as I would put it where buyers and sellers meet. Buying and selling online has become a big deal in Nigeria as many do not have to leave their houses to get things.


There are so many E-commerce platforms in Nigeria and many of them are trusted. E-commerce platforms like Jiji, Konga, Jumia and many others have proven to give the best. If you are a regular user of these platforms you should have some benefits from staying with them.

Jumia has constantly proven to many Nigerians that they are the best with their several offers, holiday promos, discounts and many others. Jumia Black Friday is one of the most sorted times on Jumia as one can buy things worth #50,000 as low as #10,000 and also gifts that come with buying. 

If you are wondering how and when this Jumia Friday occurs, never worry as we would be discussing that later in the article.


Black Friday Tradition

Black Friday is traditionally a busy shopping day. It originated in the United States of America where people go shopping at a cheaper rate. This tradition begins after Thanksgiving in the United States which is during the November period. This marks the shopping for Christmas.

It is also marked by other countries like Australia, Canada, Poland, Greece, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Brazil and many other countries. This tradition has become a thing that is acknowledged every year and widely participated by people. People enjoy the benefits of buying at a cheaper rate with discounts and even get bonuses.

Jumia Black Friday

Jumia Black Friday in Nigeria is a big deal as it is a tradition for many Nigerians to enjoy freebies and discounted products. In this sense, many people save so much to prepare for this period. Jumia Black Friday is normally observed every Friday of November, Usually runs from November 6th through 30th.


Jumia black Friday comes with different deals and flash sales with loads of benefits and also has the treasure hunt. On Jumia black Friday there are a lot of products that are sold with the inclusion of foreign brands from electronics, Laptops, Appliances, Fashion, Sporting goods, Video games and many others. You get the best price.

Buyers have to wait for the deals usually open Monday To Thursday for flash sales from 10 am, 12 noon, 2 pm and 4 pm while on Fridays at 12 am, 10 am, 12 noon, 2 pm, 4 pm, and 6 pm and also the treasure hunt which is set on a particular timing. With the treasure hunt, you usually get a discount of up to 90%.

How To Buy On Jumia Black Friday

Jumia black Friday is an opportunity for many to enjoy cheaper and discounted prices on any product. If you like gadgets or others, Jumia Black Friday should be your choice. However, you have to prepare for it to enjoy this opportunity. Also, remember to always be cautious of the timing so you don’t miss the best prices.

To start buying;

  • Download Jumia App from Google Playstore or Apple Store.
  • Register on the platform and Login
  • Select the Jumia Black Friday option
  • look out for products from brands and with the best price, if you have in mind what to buy go for it and look out for the best price
  • Select what you any to buy, you can modify your buying by number, colour (if available), size and others
  • Select buy now
  • provide delivery location or pickup location
  • Make payment 
  • and congratulation your product is set for delivery.

For Treasure Hunt, you have to search for the product around and probably be smart with the search, if you find it, be fast with payment and then have the product and an interesting discounted rate.

Jumia is Nigeria’s most successful e-commerce with a presence in other African countries. The company was founded in Nigeria in 2012 and has spread its tentacles to other countries with over 5,000 workers. Jumia is a brand that also focuses on other industries such as the internet, retail, logistics, market place and others.

It is a platform that facilitates buying and selling between sellers and buyers, there are over 110,000 sellers on the platform, and this is a result of the trust gotten. Many people prefer to shop on Jumia because of its hassle-free process.


Black Friday commences a day after thanks given marked in the United States holds a lot of opportunities for people to buy things at a discounted rate and cheaper rate. Buyers could be getting discounts as high as 70% on products or any goods. This a lot of people would find interesting.


To prepare for Jumia Black Friday means there are a lot you have targetted to get, Jumia Black Friday is one of those moments that people look forward to and enjoy getting things, authentic and legit. If you are wondering how you buy on JUMIA Black Friday we have explained how you can do that. We hope you find this insightful.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Jumia Black Friday, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy. Flash Sales, Discounted Sales and Jumia Treasure Hunt. You have to be available at the actual time, especially on Fridays. One important sale is the Jumia Treasure Hunt as you get up to a 99% discount so you have to search for the goods and pay immediately if found. it is always hidden.

Jumia Black Friday lasts for 30 days but happens every Friday in the month of November. Here you get discounted products on both foreign and local packages.

Flash sale is an interesting sale on Jumia where you get a great discount on products for a short period of time. It is usually time, you get great products at a very cheap price.

On Jumia Black Friday, buyers get discounts as high as 99% which is for the treasure hunt, but it is usually within 20% to 80%.


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