How To Buy Shares Online In Nigeria

How to buy shares online in Nigeria 4

How To Buy Shares Online In Nigeria – Investments are great to deal with for many to take advantage of. There are several investment types which you can leverage on. Many people are now looking into trading options, buying stocks and others. If you understand the trading process, you should leverage it as it comes with its benefits.


To penetrate into a company’s structure, to be able to enjoy some benefits and make some decisions buying shares is a great way. However, there are several shares and their benefits and limitations, So when you are buying shares you have to understand the kind of shares you are buying.

In the Nigeria market shares have become the next big thing, we would be discussing how you can buy shares in Nigeria that would benefit you as well because there is no point buying a share and not enjoying the benefits.

Investors And Shares In Nigeria

The Nigerian stock market is quite rewarding in recent days as some big companies are rewarding their investors with great dividends. Many big Nigerian companies have listed their companies for investors to invest in.


In the year 2022 so far, as released by daily trust, the oil and gas company has been doing well and the rewards for investors have been really great. Other sectors such as the financial institutes have also been great.

It is always advisable to check properly before you buy into any companies’ shares as there have been records of some companies’ losses. Meanwhile, telecommunication, Oil and Gas, and Financial Sectors are great choices.

Airtel, MTN, Nestle Nigeria, Dangote Cement and BUA Cement have been great though in recent days. For example, Airtel’s Share price remains at 2,040 per share with a market capitalization of #7,67 Trillion leading MTN and others. The point here is to understand what you are investing in so you can limit the risk of losses. 



Shares are more linked to investments in a business while shareholders are expecting a share from profit accumulated by the business. In this sense, there is no interest but a share that would be given to investors depending on the profit accumulated by the organisation,

Shares are units of equity ownership in a corporation. in other words, equity represents the sum of the amount of money that one gets when an organisation pays off all its debt and liquidates its assets. Usually, shares come in financial assets.

As an investor, once you invest in an organisation’s equity the return is divided and you get dividends as a partial owner of the organisation. remember this is different from loans that come in as interest. whatever the profit of the organisation it is shared among its shareholders.

How To Buy Shares Online In Nigeria

Buying shares online, then you have to know how to trade because you would need to open a trading account. Thanks to the internet many companies now have their business listed online for the public to buy from their shares and enjoy the dividends.

The question now is how do I buy shares online in Nigeria there are several trading platforms you can register with to start buying shares. Remember you have to understand and know the companies you would love to buy their shares.

  • To start trading or buying shares online in Nigeria, you would need a broker. A broker is one or firm that stands as a middleman who buys and sells on behalf of the investor thereby collecting a commission. There are several brokers you can register with, once you find one then you open a Nigeria brokerage account where you put your money.
  • Once you get a broker, complete your Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) account. The  CSCS helps regulate all transactions, clearing, storing and settlement of securities transactions.
  • Once, this is then you have to fund your account, then research the share you want to buy, remember buying a share is not something you should pour all your funds into. So do your research, on which is best and how many shares you want to buy. 
  • Once this is determined then you place your order. When you place your order, it indicates your interest to buy from their shares.

Once the transaction is completed you can monitor your shares and wait for the dividends, some organisations give out their dividends every quarter or yearly. As an investor, you have to be patient and not greedy with your trading.

What Are The Types Of Shares You Can Buy Online

It is important you know the class of shares you are buying because these shares come with benefits and limitations. So when buying you probably need advice on what kind of shares they are selling. Here is a list of the types of shares available.

  • Ordinary Shares:

These are the most common shares most companies have these types of shares that give shareholders to have one vote in an organisation and also get dividends from the company income.

  • Management Shares:

Management shares give shareholders extra voting rights, say two votes in a general meeting. There are also other benefits to the holder.

Other shares include Alphabet Shares, Redeemable Shares, Non-Voting Shares, Deferred Shares, and Preference shares. You can visit this link to get a better view.


Shares are interesting investments especially when you buy into the right business the reward can be very interesting, as there are times it might not be as you have wished. When you buy the shares of an organisation it simply means you are partially owning the organisation.

To buy shares in Nigeria is very simple, we have been able to provide you with a step-by-step process for buying a share in Nigeria so buying shouldn’t be that difficult also we have explained the types of shares available that can buy. we hope you find this insightful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, trading online is one of the best options. There are several brokers you can register with to start trading. Many companies have their business shares listed online for buyers.

There are several apps that yo can use to buy shares online such as Bamboo, Risevest, Passfolio, Chaka and many others. Your can visit this link for more.

As September 7th, 2023, the price of Dangote shares is at NGN 245.


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