How To Buy WhatsApp Data On MTN

How To Buy WhatsApp Data On MTN

One of the top telecommunications companies in Nigeria is MTN, which offers its consumers the best internet packages. People use social networks to interact online nowadays, and Whatsapp is one of their most well-known. Every internet user has the capacity to call or send a message via this social network. MTN has a data plan that is just for WhatsApp, which is known as the WhatApp plan. Today we’ll teach you how to buy WhatsApp data on MTN.


Overview Of MTN WhatsApp Data

One of the greatest and most economical data plans available is the MTN WhatsApp membership. You may use WhatsApp to connect and talk with your family and friends for as little as 25 naira per day. Not only that, but you can also speak and engage with them on a weekly or monthly basis at very flat-rate prices.

Anyone who has a smartphone will undoubtedly have WhatsApp loaded on their device since it is one of the most widely used social media applications in the world and has had over 1 billion downloads from the Google Play Store. It’s among the most popular, safest, and quick forms of communication.

As long as you have their cell phone number in your contact list, you may communicate and connect with anybody, anywhere, using WhatsApp. Whatsapp allows you to do more than just talking with pals; you can also exchange media assets like photos, videos, and other files with your contacts, as well as make video calls to them. 


Whatsapp uses its own data from your main data plan subscription, just as every other social app does. If you’re the kind that doesn’t spend a lot of time or exchange large files on Whatsapp, you’ll find that your Whatsapp’s overall data use won’t be as high as that of other social or online applications.

In that case, unless you also use other web applications, you may choose to sign up for the MTN WhatsApp bundle plan alone if you’re the kind that uses WhatsApp sparingly—like me, you probably just use it sometimes to talk with a few people before leaving the screen. In such a case, you may just choose the standard monthly or weekly MTN data plan; alternatively, you can subscribe to the MTN WhatsApp data plan.

If you’re presently penniless and unable to pay any MTN data plans, you may also choose this option. Simply sign up for the MTN WhatsApp social bundle membership and spend some time there with your pals until you can afford a monthly data plan again. Enough of the hype; let’s go right in and show you how to use the code below to activate any of the MTN WhatsApp data bundles.


How To Buy WhatsApp Data On MTN

Daily MTN WhatsApp

You may either dial the short USSD code or send an SMS to activate the WhatsApp daily plan. Simply open the messaging software on your phone and start a new message to subscribe. Now send the word “WAD” to the number 131. MTN will send you a confirmation message along with information about your remaining amount and expiration date.

To subscribe with USSD;

  • Simply use your phone’s dialer to enter *131#
  • For the Social Bundles option, enter “3,” and for the WhatsApp bundle, enter “1,” and for the Daily plan, enter “1.”
  • Select 1 to enable auto-renewal or 2 to disable it.

Weekly MTN WhatsApp

Similar to the daily plan, the weekly WhatsApp data bundle subscription procedure is straightforward. Yes, you just need to use the SMS shortcode or the USD method. This WhatsApp plan is good for roughly seven days or one week.

Open your phone’s messaging app, then start a new message to subscribe via SMS. After that, send WAW to 131 by typing it in the message box (as the recipient). As an alternative, you may purchase the MTN WhatsApp plan over USSD.

Simply use your phone’s dialer to enter *131#

  • To choose Social Bundles, enter “3.”
  • To choose the WhatsApp package, reply “1.”
  • To choose the Weekly plan, reply “2.”
  • Now choose option 1 for auto-renewal or option 2 for a one-time purchase.
  • Following this procedure, MTN will send you a message including the crucial details you want. You may discover the expiration date of the WhatsApp plan you recently purchased in that message.

Monthly WhatsApp MTN 


Funny how most people believe that purchasing the WhatsApp Monthly plan differs from purchasing the other bundles on the MTN list. This is an MTN 30 day WhatsApp bundle. If you want to use other social media platforms than WhatsApp for a longer period of time, this package is the ideal option for you. You may use WhatsApp for 30 days without spending more than 150 naira.

There isn’t much of a difference. To subscribe, you must apply a few inputs. Get the MTN WhatsApp plan subscription code, then phone the number as directed. Open the default messaging app on your phone, create a new message, enter “WAM” in the message box, and send the message to “131.” To activate the MTN WhatsApp monthly data plan, send the code WAM to 131.

Using a USSD code to subscribe;

  • Simply use your phone’s dialer to enter *131#
  • Type “3” to choose the Social Bundles option, “1” to choose the WhatsApp bundle, and “3” to choose the Monthly plan.
  • Select 1 to enable auto-renewal or 2 to disable it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Open your phone’s dialer app, call *131#, enter 3 to choose Social Bundles, respond 1 to choose WhatsApp bundle, and then choose the daily, weekly, or monthly plan from the menu that appears.

MTN also provides social media prepaid data bundles that work for Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter, in addition to its WhatsApp products.

MTN4ME is a data package that offers consumers 1GB for 200 naira. MTN created this unique plan to provide customers with access to premium data packages at a reasonable cost.

You may purchase an All Social Bundle plan to access Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, Ayoba, WeChat, and Eskimi for N50 daily, N100 weekly, and N250 monthly, or you can sign up for a social bundle plan for as little as N25 per day.

The amount of megabytes you get depends on the data package you choose. The weekly plan provides 200MB, the monthly plan 500MB, and the daily plan 100MB.




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