How To Check Data Balance On 9mobile

Etisalat has now been modified to 9mobile but this 4gb information plan and activation code should work in your 9mobile line without any troubles. And allow me now not to anticipate all of us knowing what cell records are, still don’t know how to check it too. And for the sake of those that don’t know what mobile data is, I will start by giving a brief explanation of what mobile data is.

How to transfer data on your etisalat (9mobile), the 9mobile community offers their subscribers the occasion to partake statistics with loved ones on moreblaze. So this permits you to give information to cherished ones with further blaze family plans, switch part of your statistics bundle with the data balance transfer point, and use your airtime to buy a information plan for.

To explain more, 9mobile Nigeria was formerly Etisalat, converted back in the year (2017). And thus, the two names are used interchangeably. And when one says Etisalat, they also talk about 9mobile, because the name etisalat is what people are used to.

So checking your 9mobile data balance or Etisalat data balance isn’t a big task at all. And you can get this done in four ways, which includes the (USSD code, Using the Etisalat app, Via SMS, or calling the customer service. And actually, I wouldn’t  like to use client service since it’s not as good as other styles.

Whatever 9mobile data plan you subscribed to, these styles will get you your data balance in less than a few seconds. And you should study the system you ’d love to use in order not to forget. So checking your data balance lets you know the amount of data you have left and tells you when the data expires if not used up.

And without further ado, these are the simple ways you could check your 9′ mobile or Etisalat data balance on your smartphone.

Different Ways to Check Data Balance On 9mobile

Checking 9mobile data balance via USSD code.

The most effective way to check your data balance is through USSD code. And to check your data balance through USSD code, all you need do is;

On your smartphone, just dial *228# and send. And you’ll receive a short communication containing all your remaining data balance or volume on every subscription you’re presently on after many seconds.

The Checking Etisalat data balance via SMS

This system is the alternate most accessible system and is veritably analogous to the one over. So to check your Etisalat data balance through SMS;

Just send  BAL to 288 from your smartphone.

And again, after many seconds you’ll receive a short message showing you your data balance and their expiration date


Then how to check Etisalat data balance using the 9′ mobile app

The use of the 9’mobile app has a lot of advantages. And you can subscribe to any data plan via the app and check your data balance with just a click. And you can also pay for a data subscription or airtime with your  card. And to check your data balance via the 9′ mobile app;

The first thing you have to do is download the 9mobile app if you don’t have it installed on your phone. Then install the app then, via Android or iOS.

And after your installation is complete, open it for the first time. And you’ll be requested to input your phone number and an OTP will be transferred to your phone to corroborate if it’s actually you.

Again, enter the OTP transferred to you as requested. And you might need to set your password. So after doing all this, you’ll be transferred to the homepage, where you can see everything the app offers. And you’ll see your data balance just below where it says data balance.

The checking Your Data Balance by Calling the 9’moblie Customer Service.

The last system to check your Etisalat data balance is by calling their customer service. And I don’t suppose anyone will love to use this system, but you’ll have to resort to this if every other system fails. And another thing that might make you call the customer service is if you can’t find a specific data balance which is presumably free, and you don’t know what plan it is.

So, to get this done, you’ll have to call their customer care by dialing 200. And whichever phone you’re using, follow the instructions. And in most cases, you’ll want to press the number that tells you about the data plan, followed by data balance.

The Summary

To test 9mobile statistics balance through sms simply dial send data to 228. And after transferring, you will also send an sms displaying your information stability and expiry date. And the below record is for checking statistics stability on 9mobile.

So this fashion works impeccably on android, windows, iphone and different feathers of phones. And with an easy use code, you could check your remaining data balance on 9mobile. The 9’mobile information balance code, just dial *228# to test your mb information balance.

So take note that here are four ways you can check your 9mobile data plan;

  •  By using USSD code,
  •  By sending SMS,
  •  By using the 9mobile app, and
  •  By calling 9’mobile customer care line
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