How To Check UBA Account Balance

How To Check UBA Account Balance


United Bank of Africa (UBA) is one of the prestigious banks in Nigeria offering exceptional banking services to its guests. And it has branches each over West Africa and in some corridors of the world. And at the moment, they give beautiful banking packages, both on the internet and through a mobile connection, icing satisfaction to its multitudinous guests.

This information contains a USSD code to check UBA account balance on your phone. And have you ever been in situations where you really need to check the balance of your UBA account but don’t know how to go about it?


Well, checking your account is now easy because UBA Bank has a mobile USSD code that allows you to check your UBA account balance directly on your phone. And there’s absolutely no need to visit any UBA bank branch to interrogate about your balance, you can get your account balance online and in real time.


So you don’t have to worry about the absence of Internet connection on your phone to use the Mobile Banking service to check your account balance. For now, you can use the United Bank for Africa USSD code to check your account balance. And you can check your UBA account balance at any time of the day anywhere in Nigeria. So all you need at your disposal is a mobile phone with an active mobile network provider.

In this information, you’ll learn how to check your UBA account balance using your mobile phone, be it Android, Windows, or iOS etc. Just know that there are two ways to check your UBA account balance and they are option1 which is to use UBA magic banking USSD code, while option2 is to download the UBA mobile banking application.


So whichever  way you decide to use, just know that this information explains everything you need to know.

The Two Method of Checking UBA Account Balance

The checking of UBA balance using USSD code

To check your account balance using USSD code, just dial *919#. And this should take you to the main banking homepage.

So from there, you have to select 6 and also follow the instructions. And alternately, you can just dial  *919*00#

and it will incontinently display the balance of the account linked with that SIM. And first, you need to make sure that your SIM card is linked to your bank account.

But still, just go ahead and visit any UBA branch near you and request for it to be done, If you haven’t linked your SIM card to your bank account.

Then How to disable UBA USSD Code

In cases where you or anyone around you lost the phone linked with your UBA account, there’s a way to avoid losing the funds in your bank account. Just simply dial *919*911# to deactivate the USSD code from working on your device.

The transaction type | Magic Banking Code;

To check balance is  *919*00#

To Top-Up for Self  is *919*amount#

To op-Up for Others is *919*Phone number*amount#

To transfer to UBA Account  is *919*3*account number*amount#.

To the UBA Prepaid Card is  *919*32#

To transfer to Other banks  is *919*4*account number*amount#.

To pay bills is *919*5#

For ATM cardless withdrawal is  *919*30* amount#.

To buy Data for Self is *919*14#

To buy Data for 3rd Party is 

*919*14* Phone number#

To get Data Top-up  is *919*23#

So note that using magic banking doesn’t bear internet connection. And in other words, indeed if you aren’t presently subscribed to a data plan it’ll work just fine. And also, using this service attracts a fee of 30 naira only. And as we previously promised, you can still check your account balance for free. 

Check UBA balance using mobile banking app


But first you must make sure your account is activated for mobile banking. And it can be done by visiting any UBA branch near you. And this is easy, all you have to do is download the mobile banking app for either android, windows or Apple products.

And after downloading and installing the app, just log in to your account using your secure word. And your account balance should be displayed in the app homepage. And using the app to check your account balance is fully free, but still, you need an internet connection to be suitable to login to the app.

The Conclusion

So that’s how to know your UBA account balance anytime, any day. And still, do let your friends and families using UBA get this tip by participating in it on your social media accounts, If you find this helpful. And however, questions or additions, please contact the UBA customer fulfillment Center through [email protected], If you have complaints or call 234-7002255-822.


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