How To Check Your BVN On MTN Network

Are you using an MTN network and you are looking for how you can check your BVN on MTN network, then you are at reading the right article as we are going to be discussing how you can do that.

The Central Bank of Nigeria has made it compulsory that all commercial banks ensure that their customers have BVN (Bank Verification Number) to help identify each customer.

The BVN is a unique ID number that is issued to every bank customer and connected to your bank accounts and so even if you have multiple bank accounts in different banks, you are only entitled to one BVN which is connected to all your bank account.

So if at a point you forgot your BVN and you are looking for how to check it, this article will guide you especially if you are using an MTN network.

Without further ado, let’s proceed…

About The BVN

Like we mentioned earlier that the BVN is a unique ID number which is issued to every bank customer as mandated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and it is linked to every bank account.

To do your BVN registration and get the BVN, you will be required to submit a valid means of identification as prescribed for enrolment in any bank you have an account in. your fingerprint will be needed during the registration.

The BVN gives you a unique identity and it helps to protect your account(s) against unauthorized access that is why it is always advised that you shouldn’t disclose your BVN to anyone.

How To Check Your BVN Using MTN Network

If you are using MTN network and you want to check your BVN, you can simply dial *565*0# and send.

You will receive your eleven digit BVN in your phone and you should know that you will be charged N20 for this service and do well to copy the BVN and keep it well so you would have a need to check it again.

Note: if you are using Glo, Airtel or 9mobile, you will still have to dial *565*0# as this is the general USSD code for BVN.

How To Change BVN Phone Number

You might  have misplaced the SIM Card for the phone number you used to register your BVN and might need to change the phone number and this is because if the misplaced SIM Card gets into the wrong hands, your private banking information are not safe.

The thing is when you misplace your SIM card and you didn’t retrieve the line, the network provider (MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile) may reassign the number (SIM card) to another user and this could become an issue for you. That is why you see where someone will receive Bank SMS alert from another person’s bank account.

There is no need to panic when you misplace your SIM card as you can follow the steps we will be highlighting here to change your BVN phone number.

·      You will have to get a sworn Affidavit

This is the first step to take as this proves that you are the owner of the phone number tied to your BVN. You will have to find a reputable court close to you and swear an affidavit that you are the owner of the lost or stolen SIM card with the phone number.

·      You will have to get a valid government-issued ID card

After you must have sworn the affidavit, you will have to get a valid government-issued ID card that has the same name as the one in your bank account.

·      Go to the BVN Bank

After you must have sworn the affidavit and gotten a valid ID card, you then proceed to your BVN bank.

Your BVN bank may be different from the bank you maintain an account with because the Bank where you registered your BVN is the bank recognized as your BVN bank.

·      Request for change of BVN phone number

You will have to request for change of your BVN phone number and this might be different from phone number for your bank account.

·      Validating BVN identity at the Bank

You will be asked to validate your BVN identity at the bank through a fingerprint scan. So it is only when you are the owner of the bank account that you can change your BVN phone number.

Nobody can help you change your phone number no matter how close you are to them or how much you pay.

You will then have to wait for 24 hours for the change of the BVN number to be effected.

Then you check if your new phone number has been linked to your BVN by dialing *565*0#.

If the BVN shows, then it means the new phone number is now your BVN number.

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