How To Find Your Instagram User ID

As a blogger, you will certainly need your Instagram user Id for so many things. Ranging from API settings for your social count to app settings. You will learn how to Find your Instagram ID in a few seconds today.

It used to be very easy to get Instagram ID. But the story changed after Instagram changed the API Terms of Service. Since then, so many persons have found it very difficult to get their ID.

The story even gets worse when you try using WordPress social plugins to generate Instagram ID. It just displays an error.

This has been a major challenge to so many persons for some time now. However, after a series of research, I have found out how to get your Instagram Id for user as simple as ABC.

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New Way To Get Your Instagram User ID

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Access your Instagram
  • Visit
  • Enter your Instagram username
  • Click Find Instagram User ID button.
  • Your Instagram User ID will appear
  • Done

Congratulations. You have successfully found what you have been looking for.

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