How To Get A Free Doctorate In Theology Online

How to obtain free doctorate degree online

How To Get A Free Doctorate In Theology Online-  Are you aspiring to obtain a doctorate in Theology? Do you want a program with flexible schedule that wont stress your bank account? Then you are on the right page!  In this article, you will discover how to get a free doctorate degree online.

You will also discover some career path to follow after obtaining a free doctorate in theology online.

How To Get A Free Doctorate In Theology Online

What Is Theology?

Theology is a subject that can be used to reform, propagate or justify a religious tradition. It is the study of God’s nature. Theology involves  the critical study of the nature of the divine. In theology, you learn about the relationship between humans and the divine.

There is really a whole lot to learn in theology . Theology can be studied at different levels. The highest level of study is the doctorate level. Doctorate in Theology is known as Doctor of Theology (ThD).

Requirements To Obtain A Free Doctorate In Theology Online

  • You must have acquired a bachelor’s degree in similar course from a recognized instituition
  • Have some years of experience as a minister e.g deacon, missionary, teacher, chaplains, etc.
  • Search for schools offering free doctorate in theology online and I guess this is why you are on this page.

So lets move straight to schools offering free doctorate in theology online

Schools Offering Free Doctorate In Theology Online

  • IICSE University
  • North Central Theological Seminary
  • St Christ University of Theology & Seminary
  • The Esoteric Interfaith Church
  • Northwestern Christian University
  • Trinity Graduate School of Theology

1. IICSE University

IICSE University is a tuition-free university. The school was set up with a vision to educate the aged and less privileged who can’t afford a decent university education. The school offers different online and distance learning programs.

Among the numerous programs offered is the Free doctorate in theology online program.

Procedures for admission

  • Download , fill and submit application form.
  • Include your educational qualification and past experience
  • Once your application has been received, processed and approved, you will receive an admission letter
  • No tuition fee required but you will be asked to pay an application fee of 45USD and also an exam fee of 50USD
  • All material, texbooks , notes for the course will be provided.

The program offered is the Doctor of Theology program that consist of 3 years of 2 semesters per year.

To learn more about ICSE University , visit https: // www. iicseuniversity. org

The program offered is the Doctor of Theology program that consist of 3 years of 2 semesters per year.

2. ISDET (International School For Distance Education In Theology)

It is a free seminary school that operates purely online. The school offers bachelor and masters program. All the courses are offerd via online distance studies.

Some features of ISDET include:

  • All books /materials are totally free
  • Studies can be completed in 2years
  • No tuition fees
  • A little amount is paid for registration
  • It is an online school
  • No residency required

Some of the courses offered include:

  • Doctor of Biblical Studies
  • Doctor of Christian Theology
  • Doctor of Christian Apologetics Program

Doctor Of Biblical Studies

To be qualified to study this course, you will need a MBS from a recognized theological seminary. Course curriculum includes:

  • Essential Apologetics
  • General Apologetics
  • Biblical backgrounds
  • Canon Ethics
  • History
  • Practical life & Theology

Doctor of Christian Theology Program

The program involves a deeper study and specialization in Christian Theology. The program is for those that want to make biblical theology as part of their ministry.

To qualify for the program , you need a master of Theology from a recognized seminary. Even if it is a secular master, you can still opt for it, you just need to take some extra theology courses.

Doctor of Christian Apologetics program

The program is for those who want to base their ministry majorly on Apologetics. The program is for 3 years

3. North Central Theological Seminary

The school offers Doctor of Divinity program. Both partial and full scholarships are available for the study programs. The program is between 14 to 24 months.

To apply for this program, you must have a master’s degree in a related field. On completion of course, you will be asked to write a 12-page essay . You will also write tests.

4. St Christ University of Theology & Seminary

Doctorates in Theology

St Christ university offers free doctorate in theology online with specializations in evangelism, the new testament, the old testament, pastoral theology and religious ministry development. Seminar’s Doctorates in Divinity with specialization in Pastoral leadership, Theology, Apologetics, Chaplaincy, Biblical languages and church history.

Program offered at the university are:

  • Fast-tracked
  • Career-focussed
  • Specific and strategically designed to meet your study interest

5. The Esoteric Inter-faith Church

It is one of the schools that offer free doctorate in theology online. To qualify for the doctor of Theology program, you will be required to write a 4000-word thesis on a spiritual topic of your interest. You will also be required to a write at least a 1-page spiritual history of yourself.

6. Northwestern Christian University (NCU)

The university offers Doctorate by dissertation. The course is tuition-free. At the end of the program, you will get a signed and sealed degree and also a transcript of the university.

7. Trinity Graduate School of Theology

Trinity Graduate School of Theology also offers a free doctorate in theology online in the following areas: apologetics, theology and Christian ministry.

What Can I do After Obtaining A Free Doctorate In Theology Online

There is a whole lot you can do with a doctorate in Theology. While studying for a doctorate degree, you will be trained and groomed to work in different positions in the religious field.

The certificate you will be earning is valid and can be presented to get some good jobs in Christian organisations.

Some of the job roles you can take up after obtaining  a doctorate in theology include:

  • Priest
  • Pastor
  • Minister
  • Youth Director
  • Religious Educator
  • Theology Professor, etc.

Other Schools Offering Doctorate In Theology Online At Affordable Tuition

Below is the list of schools that also offer doctorate in theology online though not free but at affordable tuition.

Theology SchoolsTuition Fee
Colorado Theological Seminary, Florida$5,044
Providence Bible College &Theological Seminary, Virginia$8,280
Trinity College of the Bible & Theological Seminary$8,748
Liberty University, Virginia$9,180
Luther Rice College & Seminary, Georgia$9, 480
Tie-Faith  International University, Washington$12, 000
Tie-Grace  School of Theology, Woodlands, Texas$12,000
Piedmont International University, North Carolina$12, 480
Apex School of Theology, North Carolina$12, 900
North Greenville University, South Carolina$13, 600
Phoenix Seminary , Arizona,$14,400
Knox Theological Seminary, Florida$15, 300
Southern California , Seminary , Florida$15,732
Amridge University, Alabama$16,300
Wesley Biblical Seminary , Mississippi$16,500
Baptist Bible Seminary , Pennyslvania$16,800
SouthEastern Baptist Theological Seminary, South Carolina$17, 345
SouthEastern Assemblies of God University, Texas$17, 250
SouthEastern University, Florida$18,000
Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster , Pennsylvania$20, 570
Luther Seminary$21,000
Portland Seminary (George Fox University)$21, 760
Regent University$23, 400
Bethel University$26, 400
Table credit: www. – 25 Most Affordable Doctorate in Ministry Online


So if your interest or desire in getting a doctorate in theology, you don’t have to break the bank to do so. You can take advantage of the the guidelines in this article to obtain a free doctorate degree online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor of Theology (ThD ) is not same as PhD. ThD focuses on Christian Theology while PhD focusses on academic work.

ThD is awarded by Theology schools, schools of Divinity & Seminaries while PhD is being awarded by a university.

This varies from one seminary to another. Averagely, it is required that you have a bachelor degree with GPA of 3.0 Some will require having a master’s degree in divinity.


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